Sophie Parienti

Sophie Parienti's journey into the world of art, media, and communication began with her foundational education in France. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the prestigious University of Bordeaux, Sophie's passion for connecting people led her to explore the dynamic field of Media and Communication with a Public Relations Certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), setting the stage for a diverse career that bridges the gap between yoga, art, wellness, and communication.

Holistic Health and Yoga Philosophy

Sophie's transformative experience in the United States during the 90s ignited a profound interest in holistic health and yoga philosophy. Training with some of the most respected yoga and spiritual teachers in Los Angeles, she has seamlessly integrated the principles of yoga into her businesses, lifestyle, advocating for a balanced approach to health and well-being.

Leadership Expertise in Yoga and Coaching

With over 25 years of yoga teaching experience, Sophie, who co-founded YOGI TIMES in 2001, is a pioneer at the forefront of curating content that inspires and educates the yoga, self-development, and wellness community. Her yoga journey began with Bryan Kest's Power Yoga teacher training in 1992 and has been enriched by sessions with leading instructors, workshops, and retreats. Sophie's deep understanding of yogic philosophy and holistic health has allowed her to connect with numerous yoga experts and incorporate their insights into YOGI TIMES. Simultaneously, Sophie has formed a thriving practice of Relationship and Communication coaching over the past 20 years, reflecting her commitment to wellness and personal growth. She guides students and clients towards harmony through live workshops, books, and online courses available at Under her leadership, YOGI TIMES has become a revered platform for those seeking insights into yoga, holistic health, and sustainable living. Alongside a team of entrepreneurial spirits, she expanded the brand globally through,, and, making it a cornerstone for the yoga community worldwide.

Contributions to Writing

Sophie's expertise and insights into holistic mental and physical health have made her a sought-after contributing writer for platforms such as,, and Through her writings, online courses, and books, she continues to spread knowledge and inspiration related to yoga, wellness, and personal development.

Personal Life

Sophie currently enjoys a fulfilling life between South of France and her travels with her husband, Jean-Christophe Gabler (co-founder of YOGI TIMES), and their son.Her personal and professional lives are a testament to her commitment to bringing people together, fostering community, and promoting a holistic approach to life.

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