cellpower hydrogen water bottle review by lumivitae

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The Future of Hydration

Over the last 20 years as the YOGI TIMES founders, delving into wellness innovations has always interested us. But what matters to us is sharing those personal experiences with you. That’s why, when we received by mail all the way to Bali our box containing the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle by LumiVitae, we were eager to test it out and understand the story behind it.

Our interest in this bottle began with a chat with Nuno Nina, the creative force behind it. It wasn’t just a meeting; it felt like a deep dive into the passion and science behind this product, launched in November 2023. Nuno’s vision and commitment to wellness struck a chord with us, aligning perfectly with what YOGI TIMES stands for.

We didn’t stop there. We’ve also been in touch with the folks behind LumiVitae, a team as passionate about wellness as we are. Their enthusiasm and dedication have impressed us and excited us even more about the CellPower bottle’s potential.

We’re just starting to weave this bottle into our daily routine, taking it to the gym, next to the yoga mat, refilling it at restaurants, learning and discovering as we go. We look forward to sharing our insights and updates, giving you a real peek into our experience with this intriguing wellness innovative tool.

cellpower hydrogen water bottle reviews
Brand : LumiVitae

#1. CellPower – Hydrogen Water Bottle


  • Advanced Hydration Technology: The CellPower bottle infuses water with a high concentration of molecular hydrogen, offering a superior hydration experience. It transforms water into an antioxidant-rich elixir.
  • Holistic Wellness: Integrating five distinct frequencies and chromotherapy, the CellPower Bottle which promote overall physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Innovative Design: Features like the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) ensure maximum hydrogen infusion.
  • Natural-like Magnetic Field: Mimicking the Earth’s core, the magnets at the base offer a unique condition for the water.
  • Credibility and Durability: Backed by Nuno Nina’s expertise and made with high-quality materials, the bottle is both credible and durable.
  • User-Friendly and Portable: Easy to use and perfect for on-the-go hydration.


  • Offers unparalleled access to high-quality hydrogen-rich water (HRW) based on extensive research.
  • Calibrated magnets in the base mimicking the magnetic field of the Earthʼs core – Feature not found in other hydration bottles
  • Promotes holistic wellness through advanced technology.
  • Durable, easy to use, and portable.
  • Educational aspect as the company continues to release valuable research and educates users about the benefits of Hydrogen-Rich Water (HRW)
  • Integrating 3 imprinted frequencies and chromotherapy features
  • High tech design and choice of color.
  • Backed by the credibility of Nuno Nina and a strong management team.
  • Possible implementation of recycling procedure in a near future.


  • Potential for high demand within households, leading to additional purchases.
  • Unclear recycling process for aging or damaged bottles at the moment.
  • Higher price point due to advanced technology.
  • Requires careful handling due to its sensitive technology.
  • Possible need for regular charging or battery replacements.

Overall Impression:

This bottle offers unparalleled access to high-quality HRW (hydrogen-rich water), a comprehensive approach to wellness, cutting-edge design, and the endorsement of Nuno Nina, a visionary in the field.

Our extensive discussion with Nuno clarified that this bottle could be a game-changer, especially for athletes, health professionals, and anyone deeply invested in wellness through a transformative experience in hydration.

For those seeking to quench their thirst for high performance and turn back the clock on aging, the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle stands as a beacon of hope and innovation.

In-Depth Analysis – Strengths And Considerations

Our discovery of the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle started with an enlightening virtual meeting with Nuno Nina, the esteemed scientist and pioneering mind behind this groundbreaking product. This interaction was instrumental in deepening our comprehension of the bottle’s core purpose and the genuine innovation that has characterized it since its launch in November 2023.

During this in-depth discussion over a couple of hours, Nuno Nina provided valuable insights into the meticulous research and advanced technology that form the foundation of the CellPower bottle. It allowed us to appreciate the product and the dedication and expertise that went into its creation.

The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle distinguishes itself through its exceptional features and the significant health benefits it offers. These characteristics directly result from the visionary work of Nuno Nina and his team, who have successfully merged cutting-edge science with practical, health-enhancing functionality. The bottle represents a significant advancement in health and wellness, standing as a testament to innovative design and a commitment to improving individual well-being.

In our commitment to providing a comprehensive review, we didn’t stop at just praising the CellPower Bottle’s innovative features. We delved deeper, critically examining both its strengths and potential areas of improvement.

While the bottle undoubtedly brings a plethora of benefits to the table, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Our exploration into these aspects ensures that our readers get a holistic understanding of what the CellPower Bottle truly offers.

Technological Innovation and Wellness Integration

Beyond its sleek design, the CellPower Bottle’s core strength lies in its leading-edge technology. It ensures that users are consuming clean, safe and molecular hydrogen rich water. Their rigorous tests consistently showed high concentrations of molecular hydrogen (1.2-1.4 ppm) without altering the pH level of the water.

In a market flooded with wellness products, the CellPower Bottle carves its niche. With the goal of creating conditions similar to those found on Planet Earth, it integrates three distinct sets of frequencies designed to resonate with the body’s natural rhythms.

One of them, LumiVitae – meaning Light of Life – serves to replicate the invigorating and life-giving effects the sun has on water, bridging the gap between natural processes and modern technology. The magnet at its base, which mirrors the magnetic field of the earth’s core, is an innovative touch that underscores the brand’s commitment to holistic well-being.

While the market offers various hydrogen-rich water bottles, the CellPower Bottle’s all-encompassing approach to wellness sets it apart. Whether you’re an athlete seeking optimal hydration, a busy professional looking for a health boost, or someone keen on daily wellness, this bottle caters to all.

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cellpower hydrogen water bottle review nuno nina

The CellPower Bottle isn’t a mere iteration of existing models, it represents a significant leap forward in both technology and design.

The emphasis on magnets that mimic the Earth’s natural magnetic field and unique frequencies isn’t just a design choice; it’s a commitment to enhancing the user’s overall well-being, making hydration a holistic experience.

If you’re contemplating the CellPower Bottle, consider its unparalleled ability to offer hydrogen-rich water, the plethora of wellness features it integrates, and the credibility and expertise of its founder, Nuno Nina.

For those keen on understanding the science behind HRW and the myriad benefits of hydrogen-rich water, we recommend reading this article on  alkaline ionized water.

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Molecular hydrogen stands at the forefront of wellness innovation, captivating us with its remarkable ability to enhance the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Research shows it boosts the production of the body’s antioxidants and helps regulate inflammation, critical factors in maintaining health and vitality.

Backed by more than 2,000 scientific studies, molecular hydrogen is a powerful ally in promoting well-being, with potential implications for treating and managing a wide array of health conditions. Its broad-reaching benefits position it as a pivotal element in the quest for optimal health.


As modern science delves deeper into the wisdom of ancient practices, it’s beginning to reveal that water might hold the ability to carry and communicate information.

With the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle, we discovered that you can tailor your hydration to your specific needs, choosing a frequency that aligns perfectly with your body’s unique rhythm.

In exploring this latest wellness innovation, we’ve encountered a fascinating feature: frequency imprinting on the lid of the Cellpower water bottles. This intriguing concept suggests that water can “remember” and retain vibratory frequencies, potentially altering its properties. It straddles the line between ancient wisdom and modern speculation, invoking a sense of mystery around water’s true capabilities.

Critics and enthusiasts alike usually dive into this debate, with some suggesting that frequency-imprinted water could carry therapeutic benefits reminiscent of practices seen in homeopathy and chromotherapy.

Yet, it’s crucial to note that such claims stand on the periphery of established scientific validation. The scientific community remains skeptical, pointing out the lack of concrete evidence to support the therapeutic claims of frequency-imprinted water.

As editors and curious minds, we’re drawn to the potential of such alternative wellness approaches, even as we acknowledge the gaps in scientific endorsement. For those of us intrigued by the unconventional, the frequency imprinting feature represents a bridge between the mystic and the empirical.

It invites us to consider the unseen influences on our health and well-being, grounded in personal belief and anecdotal evidence rather than the rigid frameworks of conventional science.

In sharing this, we encourage our readers to approach frequency-imprinted water with an open mind and a critical eye. It’s an opportunity to explore the fringes of wellness innovation, where personal experiences and beliefs paint a broader, more colorful picture of health.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, the journey into the unknown realms of water’s potential promises a fascinating exploration of what might be possible.

There are 3 frequencies available in cycles of 3 minutes, 6 minutes and 9 minutes (9 min cycle being only for larger water bottle)


The Lumivitae feature in CellPower Water bottles represents an innovative approach to hydration, merging the principles of Chinese medicine with modern technology. It involves the emission of specific wavelengths of light from the bottle’s Lid-Integrated Device (LID), aiming to create a dynamic interaction that mirrors the beneficial relationship between sunlight and water observed in nature. This feature is designed to enhance the harmony between these natural forces, reflecting the balanced principles of Yin and Yang.

Energy Frequency: The Essence of Vitality

The Energy frequency, inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine’s concept of Yang, embodies the essence of vitality, warmth, and oxidation. This innovative approach utilizes the CellPower Water’s unique capacity for “frequency imprinting” to enhance water with the dynamism of day-time energy. By engaging the “Energy” cycle, water is believed to adopt properties that stimulate vigor and activation within the body, aligning with Yang’s energetic principles. Each 1-minute cycle aims to invigorate and energize, offering a sip of rejuvenation. While this method steps beyond conventional scientific validation, it presents an intriguing exploration of water’s potential to resonate with our body’s energetic needs, drawing from age-old wisdom to infuse your hydration with an energetic boost.

Recovery Frequency: Harnessing Restorative Tranquility (Yin)

Parallel to the invigorating Energy frequency, the Recovery frequency is a testament to the serene and restorative aspects of Yin in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This frequency aims to imprint water with qualities of coolness, tranquility, and reduction, mirroring the peacefulness of night and the essence of recovery. Engaging in a 1-minute Recovery cycle with the CellPower Water is intended to enhance water’s capacity to support the body’s natural restorative processes, fostering a sense of calm and rejuvenation. While the scientific community remains skeptical about water’s ability to retain and transmit vibrational information, this practice offers a novel way to align your hydration practices with the principles of balance and wellness, embodying the harmonious dance between activity and rest.


Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is a complementary medicine method that uses color and light to balance energy wherever a person’s body be lacking, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels.

The practice is rooted in the belief that colors evoke physiological responses and can be used to heal imbalances. Different colors correspond to different frequencies and vibrations in the body, with each color purportedly offering its own set of healing properties.

For example, red is thought to stimulate energy and alertness, blue is believed to be calming and soothing, and yellow is said to stimulate mental clarity and optimism. Chromotherapy is often used as a supportive treatment alongside other health practices.

Is the use of hydrogen water safe?

Hydrogen’s safety profile is well-established; it has a long history of use in deep-sea diving gas mixtures and various clinical studies, showing no adverse reactions or toxicity concerns.

Literature reviews do not indicate any risk associated with its use or long-term exposure. *Nicolson, G. L., and colleagues highlighted in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine in 2016 that any excess hydrogen consumed would simply be exhaled, suggesting hydrogen-enriched water holds significant promise for medical applications.

Kitamura, A., and his team provided experimental evidence in The British Journal of Radiology in 2010, supporting hydrogen-rich water’s ability to protect against cisplatin-induced kidney damage in rats. Moreover, Qin, L., and associates proposed in Medical Science Monitor in 2016 that hydrogen could serve as an effective, non-toxic antioxidant, potentially offering new therapeutic avenues for conditions like cataracts.

Final thoughts

As we continue to incorporate this water powered by hydrogen and Frequencies into our daily lives, we’re keenly observing the tangible benefits it brings to our health. It’s becoming clear that this water bottle is an essential upgrade to enhance and improve our healthy lifestyle, and we’re committed to exploring its full potential.

We will keep you tuned in by regularly updating this review with our findings and experiences. If you’re seeking a transformative approach to hydration and beyond, the CellPower Bottle is undeniably worth considering.