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Yoni Eggs have been around for a while now, and they are only getting more popular. Thousands of women worldwide have been using them for various reasons, notably their mental and physical health properties. They are commonly combined with yoga to make yoni yoga. This article explains the “yoni egg” and “yoni yoga” as concepts so as to help you make an informed choice and potentially deepen your practice.

What’s all the fuzz about the yoni egg?

What Is A Yoni Egg?

Essentially, a yoni egg is an egg-shaped crystal with a very smooth surface. Why is it called a yoni egg, you ask? Well, “yoni” is a fancy word for your vagina.

It could also refer to the female reproductive organs’ entirety, but it is most commonly used to refer to the vagina.

It is a Sanskrit word that refers to the feminine parts as physical and spiritual – the yoni is considered sacred and is seen as the origin of life. It is also seen as the center for physical pleasure, making it essential to attain satisfaction and happiness in life.

Yoni eggs, also called Jade eggs, are usually very polished. The stone originated from ancient Chinese civilizations where it was the in-thing with concubines and empresses.

The yoni egg was believed to add to a woman’s youth and ability of satisfaction in physical pleasure.

What Are Yoni Eggs Used For?

The purported benefits of the jade egg are endless. They are said to enrich the woman emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. Here are some of the benefits of the jade egg as reported by sellers and users:

i. The jade egg forces the pelvic and vaginal muscles to hold it in place and even squeeze it when pressure is applied. This results in Kegels, which may help to tighten the pelvic floor. As a result, the woman enjoys:

a. Better grip in penetrative sex which may increase pleasure
b. Better chances of achieving an intense and longer-lasting orgasm
c. Reduced risks or symptoms of incontinence and leakage
d. Better healing after a vaginal birth
e. Reduced chance of getting uterine prolapse

ii. A myriad of spiritual benefits mostly when used with yoga and meditation. These include faster healing from trauma, more intense sexual energy, a spiritually renewed heart and womb, and a better understanding of one-self.

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Those are some of the most common reasons why women use jade eggs. However, it has been said that the benefits will differ from one individual to the other depending on a variety of factors, such as the type of stone, the type of exercise done, the person’s needs, and their openness to spiritual healing.

Are Yoni Eggs Safe?

Yoni eggs have not been medically approved for use. However, sellers claim that they are safe as long as they are used as per their suggestions.

Yoni eggs with rough, cracked, or even surfaces are not safe for use. They may tear the vaginal walls and muscles when being inserted or removed.

Yoni eggs should be cleaned very thoroughly before and after each use. Some crystals, especially if porous, may gather harmful bacteria that could cause infections in the vagina, cervix, urinary tract, and even in the uterus. It is also advisable not to share yoni eggs – if they are not cleaned well, they may transfer STIs through bacteria and viruses.

The sizing of the yoni egg is essential. When too large, they could cause soreness and tears on the vaginal muscles and give counter-effects.

The users should also be careful about the duration of use – holding the yoni egg in place for too long may strain the vaginal and pelvic muscles, leading to problems such as pelvic floor tension. It is symptomized by pain in the pelvic area, pain during sex, pain in the bowels, and lower back pains.

It is also important to check the reputation and authenticity of the manufacturer. Yoni eggs that are made with harmful materials or fake crystals may cause itching, burns, wounds, irritation, and chemical poisoning — which could be fatal.

Types Of Yoni Egg

In terms of size, there are a variety on the market. Most commonly, there are large, medium, and small. Your choice will depend on your specific need – post-maternal mothers, for instance, are usually advised to start with larger sizes before sizing down.

The primary determinant of the type of yoga eggs on the market is the type of crystal used to make it. Here are some of the most common:

1. Amethyst

Amethyst purple yoni stone how to use eggs Yoga Are Safe Poses Definition Benefits

Amethyst is considered the most responsive to the crown chakra. As per its name, this chakra is thought to be located on the head and has to do with every spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental aspect of our lives, just as the brain is.

The amethyst yoni egg will be your ideal choice if you want to get in touch with your inner self in terms of contentment, spirituality, transformation, and growth.

2. Rose Quartz

Pink quartz yoni stone how to use eggs Yoga Are Safe Poses Definition Benefits

The quartz is closely associated with the third-eye chakra, one of the most integral yoga and meditation concepts. Due to its clear nature, it is seen as a great help in bringing about clarity. The rose quartz yoni egg is particularly popular as it is said to help one get in touch with inner feelings of love, kindness, and pleasure.

3. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine yoni stone how to use eggs Yoga Are Safe Poses Definition Benefits

Green Aventurine is a particular stone that promotes the physical body’s healing and promotes wealth and prosperity. In a practical sense, the crystal reduces electromagnetic pollution, transmutes negative energy into positive energy, and stimulates power and confidence.

4. The Jade Crystal

light green jade yoni stone how to use eggs Yoga Are Safe Poses Definition Benefits

This is perhaps the most sought after and, resultantly, one of the least common. The jade stone, particularly the green jade, is said to do with the heart chakra. This crystal is said to help one open up to the world and get through their fear. It represents youth, strength, and vitality, making it a good remedy for anyone struggling with traumas.

5. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian yoni stone how to use eggs Yoga Are Safe Poses Definition Benefits

Obsidian is a hard, non-porous, and smooth volcanic glass. It is formed by the rapid cooling of lava from volcanoes and is said to have a close connection to the earth and the root chakra. Crafted as a yoni egg, this stone supports grounding, security, connection to self and the world, and activates and balances the first chakra.

These five crystals are the most common but certainly not the only ones on the list. Others include the bloodstone, the red agate and the lapis lazuli.

How Do I Use A Yoni Egg?

The yoni egg is fairly easy to use. You only insert it in the vagina and hold it in place for a given duration the squeeze or pull it out.
They can be used simply for Kegel exercises or could be incorporated with yoga.

The duration of times of use will vary depending on your needs or the manufacturer’s instructions, but most women prefer to use them on an as-needed basis.

It is considered most effective when used daily. Some women use it for a few minutes, and others could have it in place for hours.

What Is Yoni Yoga?

Yoni yoga is often loosely and incorrectly seen as similar to Kegel exercises. The two are rather similar, but there are essential differences between them. Yoni yoga is a practice involving yoni eggs that are made from crystals and with the use of weight, provides the effect of resistance training.

The characteristics of a yoni yoga practice usually include:

  • Integrating exercise with yoga
  • Using a yoni egg
  • Usually done alone
  • It can be done with a yoni egg OR extra weights
  • Mixes physical workout with spiritual exercises

Yoni yoga is a blend of various physical, spiritual, and emotional exercises that help one to focus the energy of their vagina and reproductive parts with their mind. It usually involves a variety of yoga poses that aim at the pelvic musclesIt also combines these with meditation and breath work.

Yoni Yoga Exercises

Some popular exercises in yoni egg yoga are:

To conclude

Yoni eggs are egg-shaped crystals with a smooth surface used by insertion into the vaginal canal. Although not scientifically proven, they have been claimed to give several physical and spiritual benefits. They have also been said to have been traced back to ancient Chinese civilizations, where they were used by royal women for the same benefits.

Yoni yoga is a type of yoga that targets the pelvic floor muscles using a combination of the yoga egg and a variety of yoga poses. There are different poses in yoni yoga that can be done depending on the target benefits of an individual’s practice. There are also a variety of different yoni egg types, with different crystals used to make them. They are available in different sizes to suit different women’s needs.


The yoni egg, a crystal egg-shaped object, has gained popularity among women worldwide due to its purported mental and physical health benefits, especially when combined with yoga in practices like yoni yoga.

A yoni egg, named after the Sanskrit word for the vagina, is an egg-shaped crystal with a smooth surface. It is believed to have originated from ancient Chinese civilizations and is associated with the female reproductive organs, particularly the vagina, which is considered sacred and the centre of physical pleasure.

Yoni eggs are used for various purposes, including tightening the pelvic floor muscles, enhancing sexual pleasure, reducing incontinence, aiding in postnatal recovery, and providing spiritual benefits such as healing trauma and enhancing self-awareness.

While yoni eggs have not been medically approved, they are considered safe when used correctly. It’s crucial to use smooth-surfaced eggs, clean them thoroughly, avoid sharing them, choose the appropriate size, and be mindful of duration and authenticity to prevent adverse effects.

Yoni eggs come in different sizes and are made from various crystals, each offering unique benefits. Common types include Amethyst for spirituality, Rose Quartz for love, Green Aventurine for healing, Jade for vitality, and Black Obsidian for grounding.