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Bali, the Island of the Gods, stakes a serious claim to be paradise on earth. With its varied landscapes of mountains, rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, lush rice terraces, and barren volcanic hillsides, the island is a picturesque backdrop for its colorful, deeply spiritual, and unique culture. But for the sweet-toothed wanderers, Bali’s delightful array of chocolate shops makes it extra heavenly.

In Bali, the rich dark chocolate is not just a treat; it’s an experience: a journey of flavors and a reflection of the island’s rich culture and traditions. Each shop offers its unique twist to the universally loved delicacy.

Chocolate’s rich, creamy texture blends with exotic local ingredients. Whether you are a casual chocolate lover or a devoted chocophile, the chocolate shops in Bali promise a sweet adventure that seduces the taste buds and soothes the soul.

From the artisanal boutiques amidst the lush green landscapes, offering handcrafted chocolates infused with tropical fruits and spices, to the chic, modern chocolatiers presenting innovative and bold creations, Bali’s chocolate scene is diverse and vibrant.

Traditional recipes meet creative ideas, creating chocolates that are not just delicious but tell a story of Bali’s heritage, its people, and its land.


South Bali 


Step into the enchanting world of JungleGold Bali, where cacao’s journey from lush Balinese farms to exquisite chocolate takes center stage. For over a decade, JungleGold has been on a mission to create premium bean-to-bar chocolate by working directly with farmers in Bali to cultivate the finest cacao beans. 

In 2010, they partnered with local cacao farmers who had abandoned their farms due to pests, low-quality beans, and insufficient prices.

Through sustainable farming practices and improved post-harvest techniques, they doubled production within two years and significantly increased farmers’ income, paying them double the previous rates.

Proximity to the farms allows JungleGold to maintain the highest quality standards while ensuring farmers receive a fair price premium for their hard work. Their entirely plant-based chocolate is a delightful treat suitable for everyone.

No stranger to innovation, In 2014, JungleGold collaborated with local coconut sugar farmers, enhancing the quality of this natural sweetener and incorporating it into their dark chocolate recipes. In 2017, they created a dairy-free milk chocolate called ‘Creamy Chocolate,’ using a proprietary blend of coconut, cashew milk, and cocoa butter.



Krakakoa’s mission is to improve how food is produced, starting with cocoa. They value fair compensation for their farmers and seek to reduce their environmental impact. They also believe in economic growth through manufacturing and processing.

Initially founded in 2013 as Kakoa and later rebranded as Krakakoa in 2016, their name draws inspiration from the volcanic island in the Sunda Straits, symbolizing their pride in being an Indonesian chocolate brand.

Their cacao beans are sourced from sustainable, organic farms, where partner farmers receive above Fairtrade Minimum prices for their harvest. 

In their café, Krakakoa offers a unique experience of Indonesia’s flavors and aromas. A mini-factory in one corner is dedicated to demonstrating the chocolate-making process with a complementary tasting.

Here, you can discover original products and specialties of Krakakoa, such as frozen chocolate drinks and cocoa tea. After chilling at this welcoming place, bring home your favorite chocolate discoveries.


Slab Crafted Chocolate Bali: A Chocolate Lover’s Delight

Recently opened and already a buzz on Instagram (@Slab_bali), Slab Bali is a chocolate boutique that stands out in Bali’s culinary scene. Spearheaded by UK’s Chef James and backed by the same minds behind Tiger Sushi and Lush Kitchen Restaurant, this spot is a fusion of expertise and passion.

The ambiance at Slab Bali blends modern with rustic, creating a welcoming space for chocolate enthusiasts. The chocolates themselves are a testament to Chef James’ skill – each piece is not just a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

The flavors are rich, balanced, and sophisticated, reflecting the quality of ingredients used.

While the variety could expand to cater to a broader palate, the current selection still impresses. The knowledgeable staff adds to the experience, making it both enjoyable and informative.

In summary, Slab Bali is a must-visit for anyone in Bali craving high-quality, artisanal chocolate. It’s a delightful experience that promises to evolve, and I highly recommend it for a unique taste of culinary artistry.

Keep an eye on their Instagram for the latest offerings!

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.55, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351 – MAP ME
– Opens: 9am to 9pm Everyday


Primo Bali

Nestled between Seminyak and Canggu in Kerobokan lies Primo Chocolate. 

It is a haven of organic, single-origin cocoa craftsmanship. Guided by an Italian visionary and local farmers, it is a symphony of sustainable practices and flavors.

From roasting beans at low temperatures to delicate curation, Primo orchestrates every step. 

Even better, Primo Chocolate isn’t just a factory; their chocolate-making class offers hands-on tempering and bean sorting – an artistic indulgence. The Cacao Temptation Tour is a four-hour mountain excursion where farmers share the art of sustainable harvesting and fermentation.

It is an irresistible journey of taste, culture, and passion waiting for your participation.



bali bon bon

Back in 2013, Yenny Iskander, renowned for her bakery in Sanur, joined forces with Lanny Lembong, a seasoned tourism expert. They shared a question: why was exceptional Indonesian chocolate inaccessible, even if the nation was a cocoa powerhouse?

Premium European brands decked supermarket shelves, yet these offerings were costly and ecologically questionable, tracing a convoluted path from Indonesia to Europe and back.

The solution seemed obvious – why not craft outstanding chocolate here in Indonesia? This vision would nurture the local economy and deliver premium quality without the extravagant price tag.

With determination, Yenny and Lanny immersed themselves in local workshops, refining their skills. A fortunate turn arrived when Jos den Otter, a celebrated Dutch chocolate artisan, entered the scene.

His expertise guided the creation of a cutting-edge production facility and birthed an array of superior chocolate recipes, blending culinary finesse with local essence.

As the dream took its final shape, a name emerged – Bali BonBon – encapsulating the spirit of their creation. Here, a world of flavors awaits. Step in for a taste, a conversation, and a connection. 



Michel Clément’s success as a chocolatier has expanded throughout Europe and abroad over the past 13 years. His Belgian-influenced cacao concoctions will satisfy even the most refined palettes.
Each piece is specifically crafted to ensure the luxurious chocolate experience for its customers by innovatively combining local flavors to create a truly unique and intriguing selection: Chocolate with chili, salty, infused with coffee, almonds, cashews, with raisins, or orange, etc.

Step into the air-conditioned establishment and order a coffee, hot chocolate, or chocolate-infused milkshake while tasting a wide range of BE Chocolat products.

Products that can be bought by the kilo are packaged in biodegradable cellophane, a material made with natural cellulose. If you are looking to personalize your choice of chocolate, just order.




Aagney Cocoa Bali

Established in Bali’s breathtaking Tabanan region, surrounded by rice fields, Aagney Cocoa stands out as a beacon of ethical chocolate production. Their unwavering commitment extends to sourcing cacao solely from small local farmers, championing transparency and ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

At the heart of Aagney Cocoa is a diverse and nurturing workplace culture. They go beyond making delicious chocolates; they advocate for their principles, provide top-notch customer service, and continuously strive for product excellence.

Aagney Cocoa’s excellence lies in their bean-to-bar approach, which ensures traceability in production and processing, giving customers insight into the origins of their chocolate.

Together with local farmers, they organically cultivate cacao, ferment the cacao beans, and process them with unique methods to present delicious handcrafted chocolate that isn’t just a treat but a testament to quality raw materials and the love of a close-knit community




Founded in March 2013 by siblings Irvan Helmi and Tissa Aunilla, this bean-to-bar chocolate venture, Pipiltin, emerged from Tissa’s corporate law career.

Sourcing cocoa beans from Pidie Jaya in Aceh and Tabanan in Bali, their vision encompasses cocoa beans from across Indonesia. 

Pipiltin’s creations grace Jakarta’s finest hotels, including the Grand Hyatt and Fairmont.

With stores in Menteng, Barito, and Senopati of Jakarta, they even welcome visitors to their Barito chocolate factory. 

map of Indonesian chocolate locations diversity



cau chocolate

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Tabanan, Bali, a haven of cacao-inspired delight awaits – CAU Chocolate.

From its humble beginnings, CAU Chocolate has flourished into a testament to the passion, sustainability, and artistry of chocolate making. Born in 2014 from the vision of a child of a cocoa farmer, this enchanting establishment not only crafts exquisite organic chocolates but also stands as a beacon of positive change for cocoa farmers and the Balinese agricultural community.

With a heart firmly rooted in the well-being of both consumers and farmers, CAU Chocolate embodies the essence of ethical indulgence. Every luscious creation is meticulously handcrafted from scratch on its sprawling 10,000-square-meter expanse.

Here, amid the rustling cocoa trees and verdant rice fields, the chocolate journey comes full circle – from the organic cultivation of Cacao using sustainable practices to the delicate artistry of turning these treasures into delectable treats.

CAU Chocolate isn’t just a shop; it’s an immersive experience. Guests can stroll through lush rice fields, delve into the intricacies of cocoa cultivation, and witness the alchemy of turning raw cacao into a symphony of flavors. The creation of organic chocolate can also be witnessed firsthand, from garden to workshop.

This holistic approach intertwines the narratives of agriculture and chocolate-making, inviting visitors to embrace the rich cultural tapestry of Bali’s farming heritage.




Bearing the mark of a dedicated chocolate artisan, this homegrown brand shines as a beloved treasure within Bali’s cocoa scene. A passionate creator, Adriana began her journey in a humble kitchen and has since evolved into a renowned figure with her iconic establishment in Ubud, redefining the art of chocolate indulgence.

Adriana’s offerings encompass a delightful spectrum, featuring delicacies like dehydrated local oranges and velvety ganache bonbons, all part of her diverse and refined collection of premium chocolates. With a reputation as a trusted purveyor of organic chocolate, her brand captivates the hearts of both locals and visitors, delivering an enchanting chocolate experience that is truly exceptional.




Falala Chocolate is a premium Balinese chocolate with a Japanese flair. This delectable treat offers an immediate melt-in-your-mouth experience, boasting a harmonious blend of sweetness and bitterness characteristic of dark chocolate. Presented in elegant and exclusive packaging, Falala Chocolate doubles as a perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Founded in 2020 by a young couple in Ubud, Falala Chocolate embodies a year-long journey of meticulous ingredient selection and recipe development. This artisanal chocolate is lovingly crafted with cocoa sourced from local Balinese plantations. The result is a signature product, Falala Dark Chocolate, renowned for its soft texture and unforgettable flavor.

Falala Chocolate prides itself on being 100% homemade, passionately created with the best ingredients and an abundance of love. 

Whether you indulge in their Dark Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, or Extra Bitter Chocolate variants, you’re guaranteed a premium product suitable for all, devoid of preservatives and enriched with the essence of fresh ingredients.



UBUD RAW Chocolate is a masterpiece of simplicity, crafted from raw cacao and coconut, two superfoods. The raw cacao infuses the chocolate with robust flavor, while the addition of cold-pressed coconut milk imparts a luxurious creaminess. Hand-harvested coconut sugar provides the perfect touch of sweetness.

This unique blend results in a uniquely creamy, delicious, 100% vegan chocolate that will captivate your taste buds.

Unlike traditional roasting methods, their freshly harvested cacao beans are fermented and dried at low temperatures, preserving essential nutrients, live enzymes, and an array of minerals and vitamins. With the highest antioxidant content of any natural food, raw cacao offers various health benefits, from improved cardiovascular function to enhanced physical and mental well-being. 



mason chocolates

As the founders of Mason Adventures, the Mason family has played an integral role in Bali tourism, hosting millions of visitors over the last several decades. Their latest venture includes a chocolatier harbored in a stunning bamboo structure in Taro. 

Endless adventures are to be had here, with one of the Island’s safest fleets of Jungle Buggies, ATVs that follow a track through the jungle, the Koko Bamboo poolside restaurant, and their gourmet chocolate factory on site. 

The Masons traveled to Italy to watch the masters at work and purchased high-end equipment to create their signature filled chocolates.

The smooth chocolates are packed with delicious fruity, spicy, or exotic flavors; they add another dimension to the adventures in the hills and jungles in this unspoiled pocket of Bali.



At Caramel Patisserie & Cafe, Jessica Lestariana and Hermawan Tanjung have embarked on a culinary odyssey that fuses tradition with innovation. To them, Indonesia is more than a simple location; it’s a muse that ignites their inner senses and fuels an abundance of inspiration.

With an ethos that places “pleasure as the only guide,” they have redefined the realm of pâtissiers, infusing their creations with an originality that awakens sensations.

In this haven of confectionary ingenuity, Jessica and Tanjung wield their craft in a manner that disrupts even the most entrenched pastry norms.

A symphony of tastes, sensations, and pleasures unfolds as they dare to challenge conventions. With an artistic approach that employs sugar as a seasoning to elevate flavors, they reshape the very essence of patisserie.

When they hear “Delicious!”  from customers  with their mouths full of pastries and a smile, they always say: “Good, but we can do even better!” “Delicious” is just the beginning. They cherish simplicity, for in the intricate world of pastry, the simplest creations often demand the most intricate mastery. 




Charly’s Chocolate Factory weaves its tale around the enigmatic Charly himself. No Golden Ticket here, just a heart brimming with love for natural chocolate and a quest for a slice of paradise. 

Surrounded by coconut groves near the ocean, humble wooden huts birth the most delightful creations by village artisans.

Dark chocolate lovers, rejoice! Choose from 69% or 85% cocoa, or savor raw chocolate and sweet, crunchy rice bars.

A swing suspended just a hop away promises whimsical fun and a touch of magic.

Charly’s Chocolate Factory is an immersion of senses, and if distant shores keep you away, fret not; their treasures grace stores across the Island, like Bali Buda, Sari Organic, Zula, Kafe, and more.


Chocolate Bali

Chocolate workshop at Sorga Chocolate. Photo credit: sorgachocolate on Instagram

Amidst the lush landscapes of central Bali, SORGA is a strong defender of dark chocolate. Their artistry shines in every chocolate bar, embarking you on a journey through the history of cacao, the art of chocolate making, and the delightful flavors that dance on your palate.

The result is a range of exciting and euphoric chocolate, which locals call “happy chocolate”: ginger crunch, orange spark, salty cashew, sea salt, Kopi Bali, and Bali Bliss, 

Whether you’re a seasoned chocolate connoisseur or new to dark chocolate, SORGA offers factory tours to witness chocolate making firsthand and chocolate crafting classes to become a chocolatier yourself. 



Intriguing and irresistible, Bali’s many chocolate shops offer a fusion of flavors and cultures. From traditional artisans to modern boutiques, this Island is a haven for chocolate lovers. Start a journey of taste and discovery, immersing yourself in Bali’s rich traditions as you savor each exquisite creation. Your chocolate-filled adventure awaits – explore Bali’s hidden cocoa gems and experience a truly unique culinary escapade.

Note: I have made every effort to provide a comprehensive overview, but there may be some chocolatiers that I need to look into. Email if you know any other bean-to-bar artisans in Indonesia that haven’t been highlighted in this piece.