breathwork healer: niraj naik and soma breathing

,”You have two options. You either get your colon removed, or you can be a guinea pig for an untested drug”. That was what the doctor told a community pharmacist from the UK. Niraj Naik is now a breathwork healer with the technique of Soma Breathing.

Niraj was suffering from an autoimmune disease called ulcerative colitis. This colon disease left him housebound for almost a year.

After months of failed treatments, the doctor told him to have his colon removed or take an untested pharmaceutical drug.

Healing through Soma breathing with Niraj Naik

At 30, Niraj did not like the idea of possibly spending the rest of his life with a colostomy bag.

On the other hand, as a pharmacist, he was aware of the high risk associated with an untested drug’s clinical trial. Both options terrified him equally.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Niraj Naik spiraled into depression. He felt defeated, and little did he know that this disease would be the best thing that had ever happened to him.

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Soma Breathwork – A Gift Of Desperation

In desperation, Niraj Naik went inward. Then, he was inspired to explore a life-changing path in what he calls God’s act (gift of desperation). 

The first glimpse of hope came in from a dear family friend, Swami Ambikananda. She said to him,

“You have a gift. If you can heal yourself from this situation without needing drugs or surgery, you will be an amazing role model to other people. “

Going deep into your roots, studying Indian arts of Pranayama and Ayurveda, you may have a good chance to go back to full wellness.”

Her words struck Niraj hard. It pulled him out of the depths of depression and stress and he finally had a sense of hope. 

Niraj was willing to give it a go. However, he was also very skeptical. As a medically trained person who has spent years in a career as a community pharmacist, Niraj Naik tends to lean towards science and logic. So he made a pact with himself. 

He decided to suspend his doubts and really dive into this alternative route of healing modalities. And if he is healed from the autoimmune disease, he will make it his mission to find the scientific reasons and proof of why and how it works. Then, he will spread what he has learned as far as possible.

An Entirely New Perspective for Niraj Naik

Breathwork healer Niraj Naik’s journey began with learning ancient Pranayama, which translates to “energy control.”

He delves into studying Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system that takes a holistic mind-body approach to wellness and treats food as medicine.

Through Ayurveda, he understood that disease results from an energetic disturbance that can result from a combination of environmental factors such as diet, lifestyle, and emotional baggage.

These energetic disturbances affect your immune system’s ability to heal itself. Over time, this can lead to various autoimmune diseases.

This gave Niraj an entirely new way to view his autoimmune disease. This approach addressed the root cause, while his pharmaceutical training only looked at how to treat symptoms.

He realized that to support his body’s healing, he had to go deep and change the energy within his body. This is where he began to understand why Pranayama breathing techniques are such a powerful tool. 

He also dove deep into scientific research.

There are, in fact, numerous studies on why specific Pranayama techniques can influence the physiology of healing and heightened states of consciousness.

Eager to see if it could work for him, Niraj began practicing breathwork combined with meditation.

A few months later, Niraj Naik had significantly reduced tcolitis symptoms, and surgery was out of the question.

The doctor who treated him coined it as a medical mystery, but Niraj knew what was happening and what he had to do next.

Niraj Naik is Transforming Lives One Breath at a Time with Soma Breath.

Using his personal experience and research, Niraj Naik formed the curriculum of SOMA Breath and launched it as a global school, empowering people to take charge of their healing through breathwork. 

As a passionate musician who has experienced deejaying at music festivals, Niraj used his creative side to add a modern twist to ancient breathwork. He specially crafted his EDM-like music tracks that sync brainwaves to peak states of meditation.

By combining this ecstatic music with dance, breathwork, and meditation, SOMA Breath became known as the dynamic and fun way to achieve the benefits of meditation and overall wellness quickly.

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What is SOMA breath?

SOMA Breath is a holistic system of Pranayama techniques, usually arranged into different sequences. These sequences are created keeping the client’s needs in mind and the practical workshop intent.

The number one benefit of SOMA Breath is to make your breathing more slow and steady. Usually, after some practice, your normal rate of breathing at rest should go down to 5-6 breaths per minute.

The SOMA breathing technique works physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Not only it improves our physical health, but it also helps to work on emotional blockages and unresolved trauma.  Furthermore, consistently practicing breathwork leads to a higher state of vibration, where healing on all these levels starts to happen.

These are some of the other specific benefits:

  • Increased mind-body awareness
  • Reduce inflammation
  • More intense meditation sessions
  • Less stress and calmer mind
  • More oxygen intake
  • Increased self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Improved cardiovascular system

This breathing technique is also used with related practices like yoga, affirmations, self-hypnosis, and guided mental imagery technique.

SOMA Breathing Master Certification

If you:

  • are not satisfied with your life or your career
  • need to overcome thoughts of self-doubt, crushed confidence, and little certainty about the future.
  • want to create a better, more authentic, fulfilled life while helping others
  • want to learn the practice of breathwork and share this knowledge with others

..then this can be the course for you!

Niraj has launched a SOMA Breath Master Certification that certifies instructors worldwide to teach SOMA Breath

The course is divided into levels:

  • SOMA Breath Foundations Instructor: in this level, you can hold meditation classes and retreats, and you can act as an ambassador of the practice, sharing the science and the philosophy of
  • SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor: take your practice to the next level, leading more conscious and classes with a focus on psychotherapy and creating a more customized breathwork journey for your clients
  • SOMA Breath Transformational Coach: you will learn how to combine SOMA breathing with other practices like yoga, nutrition, and music therapy. At this level, you will also be able to facilitate the 21-Day Awakening Journey.

You can reach level 1 in just two weeks, and by adding level 2, you will be a certified SOMA Breathing Advanced Instructor, one of the most requested figures in SOMA breathing.

The course includes:

  • Pre-recorded and live online classes
  • Weekly live group calls
  • Access to special masterclasses and risorses
  • Access to the Instructor Community
  • Discounts on new products, events, and retreats

You can always book a Discover Call with a certified SOMA Brathing teacher if you have doubts.

With these courses, anyone can empower their local communities to achieve wellness and create a more significant impact.

Live events & retreats

Niraj Nik still hosts some retreats and events both online and in person.

These include Teacher Trainings, weekly breathing meetings and other community events.

The community

Today, SOMA Breath with breathwork healer Niraj Naik is a global tribe of thousands of breathwork practitioners and over 2000 breathwork instructors, who have all benefited from the mental, emotional, and physical healing benefits of breathwork.