hiro health drink

A Refreshing Addition to Bali’s Beverage Scene

As someone who navigates the bustling lanes of Bali’s health-conscious community, discovering the Hiro Health Drink was intriguing and promising.

I’ve spent the past few weeks integrating Hiro into my daily routine.

I’m excited to share my firsthand experience with this unique beverage, its impact on my health, and how it compares to other health drinks in the market.

First Impressions and Taste Experience

From the first sip, Hiro impressed me with its vibrant taste and smooth texture.

It presents a unique flavor that was initially unfamiliar to me, but after acclimating to its distinctiveness, it’s become a taste I eagerly anticipate and repeatedly enjoy.

Unlike many health drinks that struggle to balance taste with health benefits,

Hiro finds a sweet spot—making it a pleasure to drink daily. Its consistency is perfect for on-the-go consumption, neither too thick nor too watery, which suits the fast-paced lifestyle of many expats.

Nutritional Content and Health Benefits

Each bottle of Hiro is packed with ingredients that support a range of health benefits:

Hiro Focus

The Focus option contains coffee fruit, passion fruit, blue butterfly pea flower, jungle sugar, dragon fruit, and spring water.

It offers sustained energy and sharp focus without dependency.

The energy boost from the Hiro Focus is noticeable and reliable, without the crash associated with sugary alternatives, which is a considerable advantage.

The fruity flavor gently tantalizes your taste buds, leaving you eagerly anticipating the next sip almost immediately after the first.

Hiro Sleep 

The Sleep version is composed of cinnamon leaf, vanilla, jungle sugar, nutmeg fruit, nutmeg flower, nutmeg seed, and spring water.

It eases your transition from alertness to a peaceful, deep sleep with a natural, safe, and non-habit-forming sleep aid. It is also effective in smaller doses as a remedy for anxiety and as a relaxation enhancer.

The subtle hint of nutmeg is not overpowering but adds a distinctive note that enhances the overall flavor profile.

The drinks’ effectiveness in delivering these health benefits without compromising taste is a significant plus. What’s particularly commendable about these two drinks is Hiro’s commitment to maintaining a low sugar content, making it a healthy addition to any diet. 

Packaging and Sustainability

In line with global environmental consciousness, Hiro’s packaging stands out for its sleek and eco-friendly design. Using glass bottles, which is a recyclable material, reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability and resonates well with Bali’s eco-aware audience. In addition, consumers returning their empty bottles to Hiro get bonus drinks!

I like the packaging because I find it practical and aesthetically pleasing, featuring vibrant colors that catch the eye and communicate the drink’s healthful properties.

Value for Money and Customer Service

Considering the quality and range of ingredients, Hiro offers good value for money. It’s priced competitively with other health drinks, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Additionally, the customer service provided by Hiro is noteworthy; they are responsive and informative, ensuring that all my inquiries about the drink’s nutritional benefits and ingredient sourcing were satisfactorily addressed.


Beyond individual health benefits, Hiro is also dedicated to a broader mission.

A key part of their mission is to enlighten consumers about the health benefits of coffee fruit, emphasizing choices in beverage consumption.

Coffee fruit, often overlooked, is not only rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients but also enhances brain health and protects against oxidative stress.

In addition, this company attracted me because Hiro is committed to supporting local farmers by purchasing coffee fruit, which is traditionally a simple byproduct in the coffee production chain.

Previously sold at low prices or wholly discarded, these fruits are now creating an additional revenue stream for farmers.

Hiro’s initiative offers financial benefits to these communities and promotes sustainable practices by utilizing every part of the coffee plant.

This approach helps maximize the economic potential for farmers, allowing them to reap more benefits from their harvests.


I find that this drink seamlessly aligns with the dietary habits of those conscious about their health, complementing nutritional goals and providing a pleasant indulgence.

Integrating Hiro into my daily routine has been transformative because my job demands long hours of sustained focus. Historically, I’ve steered clear of commercial energy and focus-enhancing drinks, but Hiro Focus offers a valuable alternative that I genuinely appreciate.

Before Hiro, my only go-to was green tea, which I continue to alternate with the Hiro Focus drink.

While I find the sleep-enhancing variant less impactful for myself than my husband, who really reaps its benefits, nonetheless, the feedback from coworkers, friends, and guests (I enjoy serving it in a wine glass for a fun twist!) has been overwhelmingly positive.

It reinforces Hiro’s broad appeal and effectiveness as a healthier beverage choice.

Final Thoughts

Hiro Health Drink is worth trying for anyone in Bali or visiting the island looking for a healthful boost to their daily routine.

Its benefits go beyond mere nutrition, offering a sensory experience that delights and invigorates. 

Whether you’re a seasoned health enthusiast or simply curious about integrating wellness-focused products into your lifestyle, Hiro offers a compelling choice that supports both your health and the planet.