High commission based. We offer a 30 % straight commission on any sales in your attributed territory or category.


Social-media savvy and proficient individual to maintain and manage YOGI TIMES social media channels.  Responsibilities will include: 

  • Community Management
  • Help identify and create engaging social content 
  • Community Moderation and responsiveness
  • Engaging with fans and followers
  • Staying up to date with latest trends, social platforms, trending hashtags etc. 

Main social media objective for YOGI TIMES: Generate social engagement, build and enhance community.


Yogitimes.com is a continuous work in progress, made FOR and BY the community itself!

We are currently inviting knowledgeable coders/programmers to join our volunteer team. Let’s make YOGI TIMES an even more esthetic, user friendly, and fun site. 

Yogitimes.com is a custom made CMS system, not built on Joomla nor WordPress. You are passionate about our mission and want to participate, donate some time, use your programming skills to help us grow yogitimes.com as a solid independent media

Contact us at info@yogitimes.com


YOGI TIMES invites you to express your talents, passion, enthusiasm, skills 
as a “YOGI TIMES Volunteer Contributor.” All of our regular contributors are individuals that range from casual readers to professionals and experts.

Our concept is – The whole community shares, participates, contributes and, in fact, our (new) marketing campaign is “Yogitimes.com is YOUR media. “Start doing it!” 

It is all about YOU, the member of the yoga and wellness lifestyle community, creating the website!  You share information and updates about your favorite teachers, studios, workshops, retreats, and wellness events. You write articles and reviews. You contribute travel ideas and upload your favorite yoga and wellness pictures. You connect with your community worldwide. YOU are doing it!

What can you do immediately as a Volunteer Contributor.

We opened LA, SF, NYC, and Bali as separate home pages in addition to an international home page (where all other cities, nation & worldwide are regrouped).
Think about whether you have valuable content: information, photos, audio, and/or videos that you’d like to contribute.

Our subjects are organized into the following categories:


LIVE HEALTHY (everything about health & nutrition) 

COOK YUMMY (recipes) 

DO BUSINESS (providing support to conscious business owners in various fields: legal, marketing, finance, consulting, etc.)

CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS (everything about family, kids, couples, relationships)

BE SPIRITUAL (wisdom & scriptures)

START TRAVELING (eco-travel & green hospitality)

GO GREEN (everything for home green living)

PRACTICE YOGA (everything about yoga)

READ REVIEWS (reviews of products, media, places, teachers)

STAY IN FASHION (all about eco-fashion)


Ready to start “doing it” now   Click here

Maintaining the overall quality and accuracy of its content.

We deeply trust our community to catch shills and point out things that look dubious, and yet – we invite YOU to take your involvement a little step further. This is where the “YOGI TIMES Volunteer Editor” participation comes in.


We are opening up the opportunity for writers/editors to become a YOGI TIMES Volunteer Editor.  Consistently and actively contribute high quality content and help us to self-police the site to keep YOGI TIMES a global independent media with a trustworthy voice and as a resource for connecting people with great positive inspiring and valuable information.

Policing the content submitted by the internet community. 

YOGI TIMES Volunteer Editors are invited to regularly edit the site and help to maintain a consistent style throughout. 

As the title Volunteer, implies, there is no compensation or remuneration for your participation as a YOGI TIMES Volunteer Editor. You are part of the team and motivated by the opportunity to participate in the growth of YOGI TIMES as a conscious independent media to better serve the wellness community.

Once you become a YOGI TIMES Volunteer Editor we welcome your help and participation for:

• Inviting any content submission to further discussion. 

• Editing, and/or revision of an article 

Reviewing articles to determine if they should be approved or blocked from being published. 

Send us a short note letting us know why you want to be a Volunteer Editor, 3 writing samples and we will write back to find out more about you!  

Write to editors@yogitimes.com


We invite you to express your talents, passion, enthusiasm, skills 
as a Yogi Times Intern.
Our intention is to provide you with the opportunity to explore and express your unique talents and gain experience and editorial skills. 

The ideal YOGI TIMES Editorial Intern has a passion for the written word, strives to make a difference, loves to inspire, contribute and be of service to the yoga and wellness lifestyle community. An interest and knowledge of yoga, holistic living, environmental issues and socially responsible business is a plus but not a requirement.

What you do as an editorial intern.

YOGI TIMES Editorial Interns assist the editorial department with tasks ranging from administrative to creative as well as the opportunity to attend community events, visit restaurants, spas and local businesses as well as conduct music, book and DVD reviews. 

This is an excellent way to obtain writing credits and build a writer’s portfolio. 

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

• General administrative tasks

• Editorial research

• Blog monitoring

• Product scouting

• Contact database upkeep

• Writing articles, reviews and web content

• Additional projects, as needed

Qualifications and Expectations

• Minimum commitment of 3 months and 5-20 hours per week.

• Excellent research, writing and communications skills

• Independent work style requiring minimal supervision

• Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and knowledge of In Copy, In  Design and Photoshop a plus

• Proficiency in conducting internet research

To apply please email a resume and cover letter to editors@yogitimes.com with “(city you live in) Editorial Intern” in the subject line.

We are also welcoming Marketing and Graphic interns. 
Please contact us at editors@yogitimes.com