Interpersonal Relationships

While we have an innate ability to be in a relationship, what is not is to make healthy, inspiring, and lasting connections. Indeed, being in a loving, blossoming, and stable marriage sometimes takes work on ourselves and always requires the ability to maintain a certain level of awareness.

But despite the occasionally needed efforts we have to make, the obstacles and difficulties we face, the painful breakups we experience, we continue to desire and hope for an extra(ordinary) relationship.

We have dedicated a space to our writers to talk about marriage counseling, communication, relationship values, online couples therapy, conflict in the relationship, etc. Thus, you will find answers to your questions, advice, information that will allow you to move forward on the path of your couple’s transformation.

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everything you need to know about online marriage counseling

Transforming your relationship positively through online couples therapy By saying ‘I do,’ you have committed…

Photo of couple holding each other spiritually awake connection with someone awakened dating awakening marriage problems spiritual awakening marriage problems being in a relationship with someone who is not spiritual dating someone on a different spiritual level why spiritual awakening breaks your relationships spiritual awakening ruined my life spiritual awakening relationships spiritual awakening dating partner how to connect spiritually with your partner my girlfriend is too spiritual
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how well do you know your partner?

Have you ever participated in a ‘how well do you know your partner’ quiz, ‘how…

conflictual versus benevolent relationship

Non Violent Communication (NVC – Marshall Rosenberg) as an opportunity to create a deeper connection…

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The foundations of a healthy love relationship Love can be assumed to result from a…

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how couples therapy could save your relationship

Let’s be clear; there can be no relationship without conflicts. Conflicts are helpful (even if…

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I never ever wanted to have a baby…!

Navigating unwanted pregnancy Yes indeed, I never ever wanted to have a baby…Like forever. I…

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7 advice to inspire your partner to go to couple’s therapy

When you tell your partner that you want to go to couple’s therapy, they may…

what does taking a break mean in a relationship?
what does taking a break mean in a relationship?

Taking a break in a relationship How to deal with taking a break in a…

Healthy Relationships

You are looking for an extra(ordinary) relationship. We connect you with passionate relationship therapy authors, marriage counselors, therapists, and other coaches to find answers to your questions: How do problems crop up in the relationship?

How to get out of conflicting relationships? How to transform difficult situations into opportunities for healing and growth? Why do I keep experiencing the same difficulties? Why am I in a relationship with my partner and not another?

How to better communicate with my partner? How to express my needs rationally? How to put my boundaries? What to know about relationship counseling? Does marriage therapy or online couples counseling work? We hope you enjoy reading their articles and live your relationship to its highest infinite potential.