7 best online yoga classes & streaming subscriptions in July 2024

Imagine this: it’s early morning, and as the sun spills into my room, I unroll my yoga mat, ready to start the day with a stretch and a deep inhale.

Yet, amidst the solitude, I long for a yoga class’s communal spirit and expert guidance.

Have you ever felt this desire to connect and grow in your practice but find yourself limited by personal space?

Navigating the digital yoga world can be overwhelming, and I understand the challenge of finding the right fit for your at-home practice.

Today, I want to share a compilation of the best online yoga classes I’ve discovered.

These platforms offer the perfect blend of flexibility, diversity, and the essence of connection we seek.

Whether you’re after a subscription service or streaming content to suit your schedule and mood, your search ends here.

Let’s embark on this journey together, discovering a world where the perfect yoga practice is just a click away.

Looking for the best online yoga classes? Watch your favorite ones at home with one of these best yoga streams

In any case, you can stream the best online yoga courses to support you with your yoga at-home practice!

Nowadays, place, time, or convenience are not required to practice with experienced and knowledgeable teachers and take well-taught online yoga streaming classes and yoga online training.

So, how do you practice yoga at home?

There are many quality Online yoga classes streaming platforms and yoga programs for yoga students to choose from, varying in quality, length, various video channels, yoga subscription models, etc.

We have selected the best streaming yoga classes for you to pick the one that best suits you.

Here’s what we found as far as your next virtual yoga class.

Best Online Yoga Classes & Virtual Streaming Subscription Platforms

1. Omstars

Diving into Omstars, I was immediately impressed by its comprehensive approach to integrating yoga with daily life. Omstars isn’t just a yoga platform; it’s a portal to a world where yoga merges with daily life. As a yoga practitioner who has explored multiple online resources, I found Omstars to be uniquely enriching due to its authentic content meticulously designed by passionate yogis.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers a breadth of content that caters to a wide spectrum of practitioners. Often dubbed the “Streaming Service for Yogis,” Omstars provides whether you’re embarking on your yoga journey or are a seasoned practitioner seeking to deepen your practice, there’s something here for you.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because it was sleek and user-friendly. It was straightforward for me to find classes that suited my mood and physical needs. Each course is categorized not just by style, but also by the specific benefits they offer, like stress reduction or improved flexibility.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including a reverence for the practice. What sets Omstars apart is the platform features over 5000 sessions across more than 20 distinct styles of yoga, live sessions, meditative guides, and even enlightening podcasts. It rekindles a sense of the divine, turning each session into a spiritual experience rather than just a physical exercise.

Membership Insights:

  • Complimentary Membership: A 7-Day Trial at no cost.
  • Monthly Commitment: Opt between US$18/month or US$24/month.
  • Yearly Commitment: $148.50 annually.

Web: omstars.com


2. poweryoga.com

Upon my first visit to Poweryoga.com, I was struck by the depth and authenticity that the platform offers. Diving into Poweryoga.com, I was immediately impressed by its comprehensive approach spearheaded by Bryan Kest, known for his engaging and insightful approach. This platform has become a significant part of my daily practice, offering a balance of physical exercise and mindfulness.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers Bryan Kest’s personal touch, which sets Poweryoga.com apart. His classes are not just workouts; they are profound experiences that engage the mind as much as the body. His approach to “real yoga for real people” resonates deeply with me, making yoga accessible and relatable.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because it is straightforward yet effective, focusing on the content rather than flashy design. I found it incredibly easy to pick a class that matched my energy level and time constraints, which is crucial for maintaining a consistent practice amid a busy schedule.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including a commitment to making yoga a tool for overall well-being. What I admire about Poweryoga.com is its platform offering a variety of classes that incorporate elements of mindfulness, moderation, and meditation. Additionally, their free yoga classes online for all levels and the donation concept to support different charities amplify the platform’s community-centric ethos.

We love their donation concept, where a portion of the proceeds from Poweryoga is given to three different charities.

So by subscribing, not only you keep yourself healthy, but you also help give something back to the world!


  • Free Membership (18 free classes)
  • Monthly fee: $22/month.
  • Annual fee: $180/yearly.


  • 24/7 access
  • Pre-recorded videos with a library of over 1,000 videos.
  • Hand-picked yoga instructors with a diverse offering including, but not limited to, Prenatal, Yoga Nidra, Tai Chi, Restorative and Power Yoga Flow.
  • Subscription including monthly and annual options at an inexpensive price.
  • Access to a FB community for active members only and new free classes each month.


  • Technology is necessary; one must have access to a computer or phone.
  • Lack of interaction with the instructor and personalized feedback for variations.

IG: @bryankestpoweryoga

Web: poweryoga.com


3. Bodhilive.Com

When I first explored Bodhilive.com, the quality of the video and audio immediately stood out. Diving into Bodhilive.com, I was immediately impressed by the high-definition clarity of the 4K videos and the excellent sound quality, making me feel as though I was in a live class. This deeply enhanced my at-home yoga experience.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers a broad spectrum of classes that cover not just yoga but also pilates, fitness, and meditation, catering to all levels of practitioners. This variety allows users like me to blend different types of workouts for a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because the user interface of Bodhilive.com is remarkably user-friendly. Classes are well-organized and easy to access, making it simple for me to find exactly what I need, whether I’m in the mood for a quick pilates session or a deep meditative practice.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including specialized content. Bodhilive.com excels in offering from tailored fitness routines to guided meditations. Each class is designed to fit specific needs and goals. I particularly enjoyed the pilates classes, which are a great complement to my yoga practice, offering strength and core training that enhances my yoga poses.

Follow them on Instagram @bodhi_live or visit their website Bodhilive.com to start your journey towards wellness today.

Invest in your health and practice anywhere anytime with Bodhilive.com


  • Free Membership (7 Day Free Trial)
  • Monthly fee: $15/month.
  • Annual fee: $99/yearly.


  • Hundreds of top-notch yoga, meditation, pilates, and fitness videos available.
  • Expert instructors guiding you throughout.
  • Stream anytime, anywhere on your iPhone, PC, or smart gadget.
  • High quality audio, visuals, and studio setup.
  • Affordably priced at $15 monthly or $99 annually.
  • Courses for all levels, from novice to expert.


  • Lacks the community feel of a live group session.
  • No real-time teacher oversight as sessions are pre-recorded.
  • Only auditory cues and visual aids, no physical assistance.
  • Potential technical issues with online content.

IG: @bodhi_live

Web: Bodhilive.com

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4. youaligned – Online Yoga Classes

Exploring Youaligned, the first thing that caught my attention was the platform’s commitment to sustainability. Diving into Youaligned, I was immediately impressed by how, for every class taken, a food-producing tree is planted. This not only adds a unique motivational aspect to the practice but also aligns with my values of environmental consciousness.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers a vast array of yoga styles and training programs, catering to fitness needs ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Youaligned stands out as it covers traditional yoga lineages like Ashtanga and Vinyasa and offers specialized training such as fitness and various yoga styles. This diversity ensures that everyone, regardless of their yoga experience or fitness level, can find something suitable.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because it is designed for ease of use. It allows users to filter classes by duration, difficulty, instructor, or category, making it incredibly simple to tailor the yoga experience to my daily needs and schedule. This user-centric design has made it one of my go-to platforms for daily practice.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including a sustainable initiative that enhances the user experience by adding an element of purpose to each session. Youaligned also excels in providing detailed, clear, and informative tutorial videos on advanced yoga poses, which are especially beneficial for someone like me looking to deepen their practice safely and effectively.


  • Trial: 14 Days Free.
  • Monthly fee: $14/month.
  • Annual fee: $120/yearly ($10/month).


  • Accessible offline, making it ideal for journeys or areas without internet.
  • A vast library of over 700 top-notch classes and programs at your fingertips.
  • Compatible with all leading platforms like Apple, Android, Amazon, and more.
  • Every completed class contributes to planting a tree that yields food.
  • A diverse range of instructors offering yoga, meditation, Breathwork, fitness, and beyond!


  • Limited offerings for advanced fitness enthusiasts.
  • Features only a handful of renowned instructors.
  • No alternatives might be more budget-friendly.

IG: @you.aligned
Trees Planted: Trees Planted: 250,000k and counting!?
WEB: youaligned/classes

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5. yogadownload.com – Online Yoga Classes

Upon exploring Yoga Download, I was instantly struck by its comprehensive and flexible approach to online yoga. Diving into Yoga Download, I was immediately impressed by the platform’s offer of not just a reasonable monthly fee but also free 20-minute videos, making it accessible regardless of one’s budget. This inclusivity is something I personally value highly.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers a vast library of over 1500 classes that users can either stream or download. This feature is particularly beneficial for me as it allows for flexibility in my practice; I can choose classes that fit my schedule and even practice when I’m offline.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because the user interface of Yoga Download is straightforward and functional. I found it extremely easy to navigate through the various options and select classes based on length, style, or teacher. This hassle-free navigation enhances the overall user experience by making it simpler to get started and keep coming back.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including a wide range of yoga styles and levels and integrating other fitness elements, making it a holistic platform for overall well-being. Yoga Download not only offers diversity in yoga practices but also includes pilates and meditation sessions, providing a well-rounded approach to health and fitness that I find particularly valuable.


  • Trial: Free classes available.
  • Standard Monthly Fee: $12/month w/ 2 monthly downloads included.
  • Unlimited Monthly Fee: $18/month w/ unlimited downloads.
  • Unlimited 3 or 6 months Fee: $40 or $70 yearly.
  • Annual Fee: $120 yearly ($10/month).

IG: @YogaDownload
Web: yogadownload


6. alomoves

From the moment I started using Alo Moves, the quality of their video production and the expertise of their instructors stood out. Diving into Alo Moves, I was immediately impressed by the immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re in a studio class, even from your living room.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers tailored content to create the perfect yoga practice for each individual. Alo Moves excels with options to sort videos by duration, style, difficulty, intensity, and category such as Yoga, Fitness, Mindfulness, or Skills like arm balance and mobility. It provides a personalized experience that truly caters to my personal fitness goals and yoga interests.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because the interface of Alo Moves is clean and modern, which I found very appealing. The “Explore” tab allows for effortless access to the wide array of content, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing has been a game-changer for maintaining my practice while traveling or when I’m away from reliable internet access.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including a variety of fitness and mindfulness practices into its catalog. Alo Moves doesn’t just offer yoga classes; it integrates mindfulness and meditation series that have helped enhance my mental clarity and focus—both essential for a balanced lifestyle. This holistic approach has been instrumental for me, providing a well-rounded approach to health and fitness.


  • Trial: 14-Day Free Trial.
  • Monthly Fee: $20/month
  • Annual Fee: $199/yearly (~$16/month)

IG: @AloMoves
Website: alomoves

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7. Yoga Streaming Classes with myyogaworks

My initial exploration of MyYogaWorks revealed a platform that offers an extensive range of premium yoga classes, designed to cater to yogis at all levels. Diving into MyYogaWorks, I was immediately impressed by the vast library and the meticulous categorization of classes according to style, duration, and instructor, offering an easy way to tailor my daily practice to my specific needs.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers classes that target specific areas and needs. One of the standout features of MyYogaWorks is its focus on providing yoga for relaxation, energizing morning routines, or sessions that focus on particular body parts. The platform ensures that every aspect of my yoga journey is covered. This specificity is something that sets it apart in a crowded field of online yoga services.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because it is notably straightforward, making finding and following along with classes a breeze. The search functionality is robust, allowing me to filter options not just by the type of class but also by the specific benefits I’m seeking. This has been invaluable for integrating yoga more effectively into my daily routine.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including guided programs that help track progress and development over time. MyYogaWorks doesn’t just stop at offering yoga classes; it extends its offerings to include structured programs like “30 Mornings of Yoga” or “Mastering Anxiety,” which have provided a clear path toward achieving my wellness goals. The inclusion of educational content about yoga poses and the philosophy behind the practice has deepened my understanding and appreciation for yoga beyond just the physical benefits.


  • Trial: 14-Day Free Trial
  • Monthly Fee: $15/ month for unlimited access

IG: @YogaWorks

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8. grokker.com – Yoga Class Online

Are you looking for yoga classes near me online and a platform with experts to personally answer your questions and provide you with the information you need for your practice? Certainly, if you are a person who desires 1:1 communication and advice, Grokker is the best choice.

With a rich website with a variety of content, Grokker users can not only access yoga videos but many other workouts and articles related to health. For example, HIIT workout sessions, plant-based diets, and delicious vegan recipes.

Above all, Grokker is free during the COVID-19 outbreak until further notice! The registration process is simple and it can be cancelled at any moment..

It also provides business plans formats for firms.


  • Free during COVID-19. Usually, 14-Day Free Trial.
  • Monthly Fee: $14.99/month unlimited.

IG: @GrokkerInc
Web: Grokker

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9. gaia.com – Yoga Class Online

My initial engagement with Gaia was transformative. Diving into Gaia, I was immediately impressed by how the platform goes beyond traditional yoga classes to offer content that empowers the evolution of consciousness. With over 8,000 films, shows, and classes related to yoga, transformation, and seeking the truth, Gaia offers an enriching experience that aligns with my deeper spiritual pursuits.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers a focus on spiritual growth and self-discovery. What truly sets Gaia apart is the content, which is not only about physical yoga practices but also includes extensive materials on metaphysics, ancient wisdom, and personal development. This holistic approach has been instrumental in broadening my understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because Gaia’s interface is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. It allows me to explore content related to different aspects of wellness and spirituality without feeling overwhelmed. The categorization of videos based on style, teacher, level, duration, and focus makes it simple to find exactly what I’m in the mood for, whether it’s a yoga class, a documentary, or a deep dive into spiritual teachings.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including a vast and deeply informative variety of yoga videos and related content. From traditional yoga styles to unique offerings like Kundalini and Yoga for Anxiety, Gaia provides extensive resources that cater to a wide range of interests and needs. This has been crucial for me as I explore different facets of yoga both on and off the mat. The platform’s commitment to producing high-quality, thought-provoking content makes it a valuable resource for anyone serious about deepening their yoga practice and overall well-being.


Choose your best online yoga!

  • Trial: 7-Day Free Trial
  • Monthly Fee: $11.99/month or $8.25 if billed annually (with bonuses). Special 3 Months for 29 US$.
  • Live Access Annual Fee: $299/yearly ($24.92/month).

IG: @WeAreGaia
Web: Gaia

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10. practyce

modern video library & hard-to-find classes

Practyce is one of the newest yoga streaming platforms sister company to the online yoga retailer YogaOutlet.

They offer a two-week free trial plus a monthly price of $9.99, which gives you access to its entire video library. To help you incorporate your practice into everyday life, Practyce has video recommendations and accessible search capacities to give you a more curated experience.

We like Practyce because they focused on hard-to-find online classes such as Kundalini, Acro, Aerial Yoga, and, coming soon, Bhakti. Regularly, Pracyce team adds new classes and new videos. An additional perk is that Practyce members get a 10% discount on all YogaOutlet purchases as part of their monthly subscription.


  • Trial: 14-Day Free Trial
  • Monthly fee: $9.99/month.

IG: @Practyce

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11. ekhartyoga.com – Yoga Online Classes

When I first logged onto EkhartYoga, what struck me the most was the passionate commitment to creating positive change and transformation through yoga. Diving into EkhartYoga, I was immediately impressed by the platform’s incredibly diverse range of over 3,500 classes led by more than 40 world-class teachers, making it a treasure trove for anyone serious about deepening their practice.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers a blend of traditional yoga practices with modern approaches, ensuring that both the novice and the seasoned yogi find valuable resources. EkhartYoga uniquely blends these practices with a strong community-oriented approach, providing a supportive environment that feels much like a global yoga studio.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because the user interface of EkhartYoga is clean and inviting, facilitating easy navigation across various styles and programs. The ability to filter classes by teacher, style, duration, and specific focus areas helped me personalize my practice and explore new dimensions of yoga at my own pace.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including special guided programs like Yoga for Beginners, Mastering Anxiety, and Balanced Body & Mind. Beyond the vast array of yoga classes, EkhartYoga offers these programs, which have been instrumental in my personal yoga journey. The platform also includes a wealth of educational content, such as articles, pose tutorials, and a glossary of yoga terms that enrich the learning experience. Their detailed breakdown of each pose, common mistakes, and corrections have been invaluable for refining my technique and deepening my understanding of yoga’s benefits.


  • Trial: 14-day free trial (you can cancel anytime)
  • Monthly Fee: € 16/ month
  • Annual Fee – € 160/ year +1 month gift voucher for a friend +Discounts on yoga wear and accessories.

IG: @ekhartyoga
: ekhartyoga.com

12. yogainternational.com – Online Yoga

My initial experience with Yoga International was captivating due to its extensive selection of classes and courses that cover every conceivable aspect of yoga. Diving into Yoga International, I was immediately impressed by the platform’s deep commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience. This is evident in its detailed courses on anatomy, yoga therapy, and more, making it a standout resource for those looking to deepen their knowledge.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers a wide-ranging focus on both the physical and therapeutic aspects of yoga. Yoga International differentiates itself with its robust selection of yoga therapy classes and specialized content like self-massage and chakra balancing, which are rare finds on other yoga platforms.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because it is thoughtfully designed, making it easy for me to navigate through their vast content library. The search functionality is particularly effective, allowing me to filter classes by style, teacher, duration, and specific health concerns. This feature has been incredibly helpful in tailoring my practice to my daily needs and long-term wellness goals.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including full-fledged courses on topics ranging from anatomy to philosophy. Yoga International goes beyond providing just yoga classes; it also offers challenge programs and digital courses, enriching the user’s journey with motivational support and expert guidance. What impressed me most was the platform’s commitment to holistic education, helping users pursue their interests with depth and rigor.


  • Trial: Limited time special offer of 30-Day Free Trial. Usually, 14-Day Free Trial.
  • Monthly Fee: $19.99/month.
  • Annual Fee: $119.88/yearly ($9.99/month).

IG: @yoga_international
Web: YogaInternational

13. yogateket.com Virtual Yoga Streaming Yoga from Sweden

Exploring Yogateket was like discovering a hidden gem. Diving into Yogateket, I was immediately impressed by its unique combination of yoga classes, health programs, and wellness resources, all curated to act like a “pharmacy” for healthy living. It’s a clever and refreshing approach that immediately piqued my interest.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers an innovative concept of merging a yoga practice library with wellness solutions tailored to specific health and lifestyle needs. Yogateket stands out with its integration of programs like “From Flexibility to Mobility” and “Prenatal Yoga,” which are thoughtfully designed to address the diverse needs of its users, aligning closely with its pharmacy theme.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because it is straightforward yet effective, making it easy to search and filter through the vast array of offerings based on specific body parts, focus areas, or desired outcomes. This user-centric design has made it my go-to resource for targeted yoga sessions and health-related content.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including unique challenges and wellness programs. Yogateket’s diverse offerings extend beyond traditional yoga classes to include engaging programs like the “21-Meditation Challenge” and the “Yoga for Surfers” series. These cater to niche interests and support an active lifestyle. Each program and class is meticulously crafted to ensure that users not only meet their physical health goals but also enhance their overall well-being.


  • Trial: 14-Day Free Trial
  • Monthly fee: $18/month.
  • 6-months fee: $99/once ($16,5/month).
  • Annual fee: $180/yearly ($15/month).

IG: @Yogateket_

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14. yogisanonymous – Virtual Yoga anytime!

From the first session, Yogis Anonymous offered a distinct and engaging experience that made me feel as though I was part of a live class in Santa Monica, California. Diving into Yogis Anonymous, I was immediately impressed by the dynamic filming of real classes, which conveys the energy and interactivity of being in a studio.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers the integration of the community atmosphere of a physical yoga studio with the flexibility of online practice. Yogis Anonymous uniquely integrates streaming live classes and offering a library of past sessions, allowing users like me to choose between participating in the current energy of a live session or diving into the archives to find a class that fits my schedule and mood.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because the platform is user-friendly, emphasizing ease of access to both live and recorded classes. I found the feature that allows users to select classes based on their current mood or specific needs—like “I’m feeling anxious” or “I need relief from back pain”—particularly helpful. It tailors the experience to my immediate state, enhancing the personal relevance and effectiveness of each session.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including a broad range of classes that cater to different levels of yoga practice, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Yogis Anonymous excels in providing this range and also offers a unique way to engage with the content through user-driven selections based on emotional and physical states. This personalized approach, coupled with high-quality teaching and a vibrant community feel, makes Yogis Anonymous a standout choice for those who miss the studio atmosphere but need the convenience of practicing with the best online yoga platforms.


  • Trial: 15-Day Free Trial.
  • Monthly Fee: $15/month.

IG: @YogisAnonymous

15. monyogavirtuel.com Yoga Streaming services in French

Exploring Mon Yoga Virtuel was like stepping into a virtual yoga studio that speaks directly to French-speaking yogis. Diving into Mon Yoga Virtuel, I was immediately impressed by the platform’s complete immersion in French, from navigation to instruction, offering a unique and valuable resource for native speakers and those seeking to practice their language skills alongside yoga.

Unlike any other platform I’ve used, this one uniquely offers a service that caters specifically to the French-speaking community, making it a standout platform for those who prefer to receive yoga instruction in their native language. Mon Yoga Virtuel uniquely focuses on cultural relevance and linguistic accessibility, setting it apart by providing a comfortable and effective learning environment that enhances the yoga experience.

Navigating through the app, I appreciated the intuitive layout because the site is thoughtfully designed with user experience in mind. It facilitates easy access to a wide range of yoga styles and themes. The ability to select videos by style, theme, studio, teachers, levels, and length made it exceptionally straightforward for me to tailor my practice to my current needs and deepen my engagement with the French language.

The comprehensive content available goes beyond basic tutorials by including an extensive library of yoga sessions that cover various styles and cater to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Mon Yoga Virtuel also emphasizes educational content, providing detailed descriptions of each lineage and practice, which enriches the learning experience. This educational approach is particularly beneficial for those looking to understand the deeper aspects of yoga while improving their French.


  • Trial: 7-Day Free Trial.
  • Monthly Fee: $19/month
  • Annual Fee: $199/yearly (~$16,50/month)

IG: @Mon_Yoga_Virtuel

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16. yoga anytime – one of the best online yoga sites

Yoga Anytime is unique in its approach to cultivating a relationship between the yogi and their teacher, practice, or topic. Also, not only does this platform have online yoga classes videos to stream, but it also created the Yoga Show.

There are over 70 themed Yoga Shows tailored to your needs including subjects like “Yoga for Anxiety: help ease anxiety with simple movements, restorative yoga, meditation, and breathing practices” or “Good Morning Yoga: Vinyasa sequences designed to awaken the body, inspire the heart and prepare the mind for the day.”

With unlimited access to 2,600+ yoga and meditation videos, Yoga Anytime is comprised of various opportunities for at-home yogis looking to satisfy a range of needs.


  • Trial: 15-Day Free Trial.
  • Monthly Fee: $18/month.

IG: @YogaAnytime

17. yogajournal – best online yoga from the famous yoga magazine

Yoga Journal is a great site to visit if you want to get many uses out of one platform. They are a media company with information on poses, meditation, life, people, blogs, yoga studios, events, teachers, AND online yoga classes videos! You can choose the best video for you through categories of how-to, level, culture, or lifestyle.

Trying a new pose, but unsure of how to go about it safely? Make sure to check out the ‘how-to’ yoga videos for great tips and advice. Subscribe for ad-free Premium experience, or go online to get information and videos for free.


  • Trial: 30-Day Free Trial and free yoga videos.
  • Monthly Fee: $3,99/month.
  • Annual Fee: $39/yearly ($3,25/month)

IG: @YogaJournal

18. doyogawithme

Do Yoga With Me is an online yoga video website for yogis of all needs and levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The best part? It’s FREE. This website offers hundreds of free yoga videos, relying on subscriptions and donations to keep the platform running. Do Yoga With Me offers ad-free, new videos, exclusive programs, and challenges to monthly and yearly subscribers.

This platform is perfect for someone who finds they don’t have the funds to pay for classes at the studios or to subscribe to access such content. College students who want to begin or continue their yoga practice without the bonds of fees might consider this platform.


  • Trial: Free unlimited.
  • Monthly Fee: FREE or subscribe $5/month for bonus videos.
  • Annual Fee: $55/yearly for bonus videos.

19. glo

If you are concerned about not having a personal element to practicing at home, this website is for you. That is to say, the Glo team prides itself on having world-class, experienced teachers to guide you through your practice. For instance, you can search through their profiles and find a teacher whose practice style matches your needs.

Also, make yourself more comfortable in your practice by becoming familiar with the setting of Glo’s real yoga studio located in Santa Monica, CA. Online Yoga classes are taught and filmed there at the same time! In short, if you want the feeling of being in a group setting from your own home, Glo is an incredible site to explore.


  • Trial: 15-Day Free Trial.
  • Monthly Fee: $18/month unlimited.

IG: @YogaGl

20. reflexionyoga

This is your chance to start practicing yoga! Reflexion Yoga offers you the foundation and a gentle start to learn and begin your practice. Entirely focused on yoga for beginners, the digital portal is designed for different devices and profiles.

Also, they offer power yoga, yoga with weights, and workshops for prenatal, chakra, hand-stand, and much more. Amongst their programs, you can choose to focus on flexibility, weight loss, or waistline, plus several yoga classes that will help you reach fitness and begin your yoga journey. Anywhere, anytime.


  • Trial: Not available.
  • Monthly fee: $9/month.
  • Annual fee: $89/yearly ($7,50/month).

IG: @Reflexion.Yoga

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21. Streaming Yoga with zenward

The School of True Yoga focuses on community support and yoga classes for all levels. With an educational approach, their community of yogis offers not only yoga classes but also work in empowering their students to live a healthier life.

Formed by 200 educators from 40 different nationalities, participants have the opportunity to join discussions and forums and even upload their yoga videos! Yoga classes vary from 10 to 60-min to fit your schedule better.


  • Trial: Not available.
  • Monthly fee: $14/month.
  • Annual fee: $120/yearly ($10/month).

22. yoga today – Online Yoga Classes

Yoga today streaming yoga classes are divided into what they call “series”, which are a collection of carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized classes that address a unique focus within the realm of yoga, meditation, and pilates. They range from classic yoga styles such as Ashtanga and Hatha Blend to more differentiated ones such as Self-Massage, Kundalini, Chair Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt.

Their classes can also be divided into mood or intent, such as “For the Family“, “Energizing“, “Calm the Mind“, “Back relief“, and many more. They are one of the only platforms that present yoga for men, focused on injury prevention, introduction to meditation, and vinyasa for athletes – which, of course, can also be taken by women.

Last but not least, one of their exclusive offers are bite-size classes on specific asanas (poses), which allow the energy to flow better within the body, enhancing the practice with more fluidity whilst building proper alignment.


  • Trial: 14-Day Free Trial.
  • Monthly fee: $15/month.
  • Annual fee: $119/yearly ($9,90/month).

IG: @YogaToday

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23. Best Streaming Yoga with yogavibes

In this platform, you are able to tailor your practice according to styles, levels and class times. Yoga Vibes offers over 5,000 yoga and fitness videos and new yoga classes are added weekly.

Their difference is the availability of the alternative techniques such as Inversions, Anusara, Detoxification, Myofascial Release, ParaYoga®, Athletic Conditioning, and many more. The subscription plan gives unlimited access to their video library and the annual plan comes with a Free Jade Yoga Mat.


  • Trial: 15-Day Free Trial.
  • Monthly fee: $19,95/month.
  • Annual fee: $199/yearly ($17/month).

IG: @YogaVibes

24. Best Yoga Class Online with yogagreenbook.com

Yoga Green Book was launched by Carla Christine, who saw the positive impact yoga had on her own wellbeing and wanted to expand its impact on her entire community. She says that though yoga had been profoundly helpful in her own life, she knows how challenging it is for yoga pupils to locate and interact with asserting yoga instructors.” So she made an entire online community to connect people with yoga teachers from their cultural backgrounds.

The 30-day free trial includes unlimited streaming yoga and meditation classes, optional one-on-one video consultations, and other types of content to uplift and support mental and physical health.


  • Trial: Free 30-Day Trial
  • Monthly Membership: $19/month
  • Annual Membership: $199/annually

IG: @yogagreenbook

25. Best Yoga Online with r20.com/yogatoday

In this platform, you can watch LIVE Online Classes every weekday at 8:30 PT hosted by Tommy Rosen. The classes are donation-based and open to all.

Tommy is teaching powerful yoga techniques to detox, tone and strengthen the lungs coupled with movements to build immunity and meditation to calm the mind. He will move the energy through the body, calm the mind and help us connect with our spiritual center.


  • Cost: donation-based, with a suggested donation of $10.

FB: @Recovery2point0

Best Online Yoga Apps

1. Elementa

Yoga Classes on line

This interactive app encourages its viewers to be a part of choosing their journey. You can select classes based on your skills level, video length, category (Mind, Body, and Self) and – here’s where it gets interesting – Elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Ether).

So, for example, if you need help with Grounding and Centering yourself, you’d choose Earth Element. For activating and igniting your inner energy, then you’d go with Fire. Use the platform to help curate your experience. Lastly, choose a presenter and your episode. See Be Now – the creator of Elementa – is a platform with a small team that strives to have its viewers experiencing more connection.

Trial: 7-Day Free Trial.
Monthly Fee: $10/month.
Annual Fee: $50/yearly ($4/month).
IG: @Creatore.io

2. Down Dog App

Online Yoga Classes

Down Dog is an app that features around 10 different types of Yoga, such as Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, and Ashtanga. It allows you to choose classes according to sequence type, level, and length. Also, the user can select a Boost in a specific area (Glute Strength, Standing Balances, Hamstring Stretches).

Although free to download and use, this platform also offers a paid pro-membership for access to more options such as changing the music style, voice, or pace of your practice. Easy to access on multiple devices, if you want an app with fantastic accessibility and the choice to save practices, check out Down Dog.

Yoga for Beginners – Down Dog App
Trial: Free

For students, teachers (K-12 and college) and healthcare professionals, free access until July 21st.
Monthly Fee: ~$7.99/month
Annual Fee: ~$49.99/yearly ($~4/month)
IG: @DownDogApp

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Best Free Online Yoga Classes on Youtube

Sifting through thousands of yoga videos can feel overwhelming, and the last thing you want to feel is frustration during your precious Zen time. The yoga channels below are my personal favorites and won’t disappoint you. There are various types of yoga practice depending on various styles, approaches, and purposes. You can find them on various websites and YouTube Channels.

1. Best Online Yoga Classes with The Playful Modern Yogi: Adriene

YouTube Channel: Yoga with Adriene
Website: Yogawithadriene.com

Adriene Mishler is the yoga teacher you want to be best friends with, whose online yoga classes videos include the occasional slip of an F-bomb, admittances of drinking too much coffee, and her genuine, down-to-earth good vibes.

Adriene is an Austin-based actress and yogi who has 550+ videos under her belt and an impressive following base of more than 6 million subscribers. Part of the popularity behind her channel is the personality she brings to her yoga classes; she indeed imbues each video with a gentle playfulness and her quirky humor.

Do yourself a favor and allow Adriene to help you with everything from cramps, indigestion, bad moods, and backaches—she even has a “Yoga for Hangovers” sequence.

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Her Foundations of Yoga series, 41 in total, are short instructional videos that break down each pose to familiarize beginners with the basics; these videos are the perfect foundation for a life-long yoga practice.

Her yoga lessons, which are typically in the half-hour range, are an amazing pick-me-up and excellent for when you’re craving a light-hearted practice that will leave you smiling and refreshed.

2. The Zen Yogi Master: Nora – Best Online Yoga

YouTube Channel: Yoga with Nora
Website: Yoginora.com

Yogi Nora is a rare bird who doesn’t just teach yoga; she truly lives yoga and embodies it. She possesses this ethereal and glittering tranquility about her, comes from her deeply dedicated yoga practice (six hours every day!). Her skill level, grace, and mysterious twinkling laugh leave you wondering, “Who is Yogi Nora, and where does she come from?!”.

She is ecstatic in the most serene way possible, with a glow and joy that shines through each of her videos. Although most of us aren’t striving for Yogi Nora’s level of dedication, she’s an inspiration to keep at yoga and discover her secret.

Yogi Nora’s online yoga classes through videos are for when you genuinely want to get into your practice, not just get it over with. When you have the time to light a candle, drink some tea, and lose yourself in yoga, her deeply rejuvenating routines are the perfect fix. She also has videos about everything from eating organic (she follows a strict Vegan diet) to the power of prayer.

I’d recommend her lessons for when you want to push yourself with a longer and more challenging practice; many of her videos last a little over an hour, and they do wonders for opening the hips. Yogi Nora’s videos are more than just a quick sweat session but are about experiencing a richer, more spiritual connection to your practice. You will find your online yoga class here.

3. Best Online Yoga with The Guru of Composure: Candace

YouTube Channel: Yoga by Candace
Website: Yogabycandace.com

For the calm and quiet yogi, the video of full-time international yoga instructor Candace is an ideal fit. Candace is disciplined and right to the point… Even the setting in her virtual yoga class videos imbues a sense of focus in practice.

With a soothing voice that will leave you feeling exceptionally clear-headed, Candace possesses the unique ability to zero in on precisely what you need to hear, without giving an information overload. She doesn’t do the whole shebang of music, mantras, and an exploration of “Namaste,” instead, she provides a practice that propels you into focus with its simplicity.

With 500+ videos of Online Yoga Classes and a remarkably easy-to-navigate homepage, you can choose yoga lessons by the time of day, length (from 15 to 60 minutes), and body part focus. Candace also gets a gold star for responding to almost every comment that students leave with surprising swiftness. Candace’s expertise extends to healthy eating, and her website is an excellent resource containing tons of recipes, tips, tricks, and information about her retreats and products; basically, a yoga junkie’s paradise.

There are also numerous videos, explicitly teaching breathing and meditation techniques. For me, Candace’s videos are my go-to when I have a mission, a time restraint, a specific body part target, or I’m in desperate need of focus.

These three talented ladies have been my inspiration and many times the light of my day, and I’m hoping that you glean the same joy from their videos, yoga best.


After diving deep into various online yoga platforms, each offering its own unique blend of content, interactivity, and accessibility, it’s clear that the digital yoga space has evolved tremendously. Whether you’re a beginner seeking foundational classes, an intermediate yogi looking to deepen your practice, or an advanced practitioner exploring specialized styles like Kundalini or Yin, there is a platform tailored to your needs.

What impressed me most across these platforms was…

The diversity and depth of content available are truly impressive. From high-quality video productions at Alo Moves to the culturally immersive experience of Mon Yoga Virtuel, these platforms cater to a global audience with varied interests and needs. The commitment to not only maintaining but enhancing the yoga journey through innovative features like live classes, interactive community forums, and personalized learning paths has revolutionized how we practice yoga at home.

The community aspect of platforms like Yogis Anonymous is a game-changer, providing…

A sense of belonging and connection, which is often missing in solo practice sessions at home. The ability to interact with instructors and fellow yogis in real-time adds an invaluable layer to the online yoga experience, making it more engaging and supportive.

The personalized workout plans on platforms such as EkhartYoga really set them apart because…

They offer structured guidance that helps users achieve specific goals, be it physical health, mental clarity, or emotional stability. This personalization ensures that every yogi’s journey is not only about practice but also about personal growth and self-discovery.

Final Recommendations

Choosing the right online yoga platform depends on your personal goals, preferences, and the kind of yoga community you wish to be part of. I encourage you to take advantage of the free trials offered by these platforms to explore and find the one that resonates most with you. Each platform has something unique to offer, and finding the right one can enrich your practice and transform your yoga journey.


Online yoga classes offer flexibility, convenience, and many options. They allow you to practice at your own pace and time, making yoga accessible no matter your schedule or location.

Absolutely! Many of these platforms offer classes tailored for beginners. They provide step-by-step instructions and various styles to suit individual needs.

Several platforms in the article offer free trials or have a selection of free classes. For example, Poweryoga.com offers 18 free courses.

Answer: Consider factors like your current skill level, the style of yoga you prefer, and your fitness goals. Many platforms offer a variety of styles and difficulty levels.

It varies by platform. Some offer live classes, others have pre-recorded sessions, and many provide a mix of both.

A yoga mat is usually sufficient. Some classes might recommend props like yoga blocks or straps, but they often offer alternatives if you don’t have them.

This depends on the platform. Live classes may offer more interactive options, whereas pre-recorded sessions typically do not. However, some platforms might offer forums or community features for questions and support.