prana by atzaró indonesia: one of the best charter yacht

Prana by Atzaró is not just a yacht Indonesia; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience from the beginning to the end.

The Prana by Atzaró Indonesia is a phinisi boat and striking Bali yacht owned by the prestigious Atzaro Group, that brings people the opportunity of visiting incredible places you can only imagine.

These phinisi boats and the places they explore represent the exquisite beauty of this world.

The liveaboard Indonesia experience might just fit your idea of a perfect vacation, but it is not just an imaginary escape in your mind. For us, the crystal clear waters and unique islands of Raja Ampat were for a long time just a dream.

Closer look at the magnificent bali yacht Prana phinisi boat by Atzaro.
A closer look at the magnificent Prana phinisi boat by Atzaró – photo by YOGI TIMES

About a year ago, we decided to search the internet for the most striking charter yacht Indonesia on the planet, picked up a photo of the Prana by Atzaró phinisi boat, and glued it on our in-the-making large dream board.

Turning that idea and picture on our board into an actual real trip took some logistics, and that is when Fabrice Abbey made it come true.

As a Holiday & Lifestyle Designer, he listened to all that we wanted from a holiday, worked his network, and made our vision for a lifetime vacation come true.

Speaking with Fabrice, one thing became evident to us. He could add the details that we needed to translate our dream into reality; from securing the charter, getting to know us as a group and as individuals, making sure all dietary requirements were met, and coordinating with the owners of Prana by Atzaró.

The Prana by Atzaró Indonesia is an impressive 9,600 square feet, 55 meters in length, has two masts, and is made of iron and teak wood.

It can host guests in absolute comfort and luxury as it travels the Indonesian sea–nothing less than an exquisite 5-star hotel on the ocean.

Living on the Prana by Atzaró Indonesia

wardrobe by @gingersnapbaliGlasses by Ray-ban / Oscar&Franck

Each beautifully understated style of the nine en-suite cabins on this Bali yacht provides spacious showers, large and comfortable beds, and various other amenities, including air conditioning, toilet, desk, and a TV set, all designed in nautical elements of brown woods and a natural color palette, using local materials and quality fabrics.

top cabin prana indonesia bali yacht
Top cabin – Batavia, with its large windows and 57 sqm room and 20 sqm terrasse.

It is easy to find space to relax on the Prana yacht by Atzaró Indonesia, with ample private spaces and four spacious decks hosting oversized daybeds, lounges, and dining areas outdoors and indoors.

The top deck can also become an open-air cinema for community time and the perfect yoga studio at sunset or sunrise.

yoga yacht indonesia prana by altzaro
yoga deck – wardrobe by @gingersnap / @yogitimes_boutiquePhoto by YOGI TIMES

A five star service

In total, there was 24 Prana crew onboard the Bali yacht, an extraordinary one-to-one guest-to-staff service.

All the staff became like a part of the family. When you spend so much time with kind and attentive people like the Prana crew, you enjoy everything more.

We received spa treatments from the onboard therapist, lounged on one of the many decks, cozy sofas, and enjoyed water sports, which were just some of our daily activities.

Of course, let’s not deny it; the diving and snorkeling experience remains among our best moments. 

Onboard activities

Water Sports

Illustration of the nonstop fun of the water sport activities on the phisni boat
Nonstop fun with water activities – photo by YOGI TIMES

Water sports were the favorite and provided endless activities for the kids. They had the best time jumping on the donut, water ski, and wakeboarding. They never got bored, and the crew took fantastic care of them, which let us fully enjoy our relaxing time.

Besides all the amenities offered on the Prana by Atzaró Indonesia phinisi boat, we could enjoy (Sups, Surfs, Kayaks, Donuts, wakeboards, paddleboard, etc.), the definite highlight of our liveaboard Indonesia trip was discovering the virgin coral reefs, the multitude of sea life, and the untouched nature making any beginners or advanced divers feel that they have found paradise.

Diving from the Bali Yacht

Discovering a whole new world underwater full of life and beauty - photo by Mick Taylor
Discovering a whole new world underwater full of life and beauty – photo by Mick Taylor

The Prana phinisi boat by Atzaró hosts a complete dive center to explore Raja Ampat’s underwater sea life and exquisite corals. Not only for advanced divers but also beginners, Prana phinisi boat offers a fantastic diving team.

After more than ten dives, we felt at home under the water.
After more than ten dives, we felt at home under water – photo by YOGI TIMES

Led by Mick, our ever diplomatic and serviceable cruise director, and divemaster Arun, we were able to dive up to 3-4 times daily. Anyone with any level of diving was able to enjoy incredible underwater sceneries.

Striking corals – Photo By Mick Taylor

We had the opportunity to discover another world with the Prana phinisi boat by Atzaró. The Raja Ampat sea is full of life.

The government of Indonesia actively protects this natural reserve, allowing every visitor to see every kind of fish, coral, turtle, shark, manta rays, and even whales.

extraordinary diving and exploration of the reefs - father/son memorable moment
Extraordinary diving and exploration of the reefs – father/son memorable moment – photo by Mick Taylor


Finding Nemo! – Photo By Mick Taylor

If scuba diving is not your cup of tea, rest assured you will have access to the magic of the sea bed with a simple mask and snorkel.

Your guide will take the time to show you the most important marine life, without forgetting Nemo of course!

Hiking to the top of the world

Beautiful views of our surroundings, tiny islands.
Just like you would imagine it to be – photo by YOGI TIMES

On the Prana by Atzaró, there is more to do than just Scuba diving or watersports. Early one beautiful sunny morning, we ascended Wayag’s rocky cliffs and experienced some of Indonesia’s best views.

After a strenuous 20-minute hike to reach the top of one of these big rocks (called “mushroom” by the Prana crew), a better-than-a-postcard view unraveled upon us. Every day we got to liveaboard Indonesia felt like a dream in Raja Ampat!

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Discovering new places sailing the Prana by Atzaró Indonesia

Author arriving at Yenbuba village - photo by YOGI TIMES
Author arriving at Yenbuba village – photo by YOGI TIMES

Raja Ampat is a voyage of discovery. A highlight for us was discovering a remote community on the intriguing island of Mansuar, where the unspoiled Yenbuba village beckoned us.

Yenbuba can only be reached by sea, the principal and only form of transport around the archipelago of Raja Ampat. The striking element of this village is their immaculate church and the long pier to reach the village.

Yenbuba villagers are known for their gentle spirit – photo by YOGI TIMES.

Meeting people from other parts of the world is always a beautiful opportunity to learn about new ways of perceiving life.

There were only a few houses in this small village, where villagers live very simply. Most of them have never experienced seeing big cities or traveled to the mainland.


white sand beach raja am-at bleu sky prana boat indonesia
Untouched beaches – photo by YOGI TIMES

During the ten-day trip, the Prana by Atzaró Indonesia crew surprised us with two outstanding dinners on a secret beach. We all got together at a big table like a family and shared the beautiful evening with a completely clear, starry sky.

After dinner, we decided to play some music and dance all together on the shore of the beach. It was a love-filled, unifying, super fun experience that we will never forget.

Since that moment, everyone on the Prana yacht Prana by Atzaró Indonesia became one family. 

Unique, unforgettable moments with friends and family

beach table dinner bali yacht
Surprise dinner from the staff on remote beach – unforgettable!Photo by YOGI TIMES

Remote places are still to be found and explored when you liveaboard Indonesia, and we love to find them on our way when we travel, embracing calmness, stillness, and a connection to Mother Earth.

We set up camp in a stylish way for an evening of beauty and friendship, dance and celebration, and then left our secret beach behind, as pristine as we had found it.

The incredible work the crew is doing behind the scenes makes the experience so flawless and memorable.

Getting over the fear of swimming with sharks

sharks shallow water Raja ampat Yacht boat Indonesia
Would you do it?Photo by YOGI TIMES

Every day the Prana phinisi boat by Atzaró offered new activities in new places of Raja Ampat. We were able to demystify our fear of sharks and were surprised by their curiosity and friendliness.

There were more than twenty of them swimming around us, letting us touch them, play with them, and enjoyed being fed from our shaky hands!

Now we all want to have a shark in our house to play every day, as we did on that beautiful beach.

The fascinating ritual of setting sail

sailors lifting on wooden boat liveaboard indonesia bali yacht
Staff teaming up to launch the sailPhoto by YOGI TIMES

It is incredible how flexible the Prana by Atzaró Indonesia crew is; you can create your schedule and activities for the day, depending on what you want to experience, out of the infinite possibilities Rajam Ampat offers and the staff will adjust gracefully.

The Prana phinisi boat by the Atzaró team will design custom itineraries for up to 18 guests, focused on just what you want to do, whether it’s fishing, sailing, hiking, island hopping, or just indulging in the Bali yacht’s pure unadulterated comfort.

The Prana by Atzaró Indonesia: the epiphany of escapism

Getting ready for the fancy night dinners on the deck - Photo by YOGI TIMES prana yacht indonesia phinisi
Getting ready for a fancy night dinner on the deck – Photo by YOGI TIMES

The Prana phinisi boat by Atzaró offers a magical trip through the natural reserve of Raja Ampat in a completely one-on-one experience with nature as you live aboard Indonesia. 

Suppose you mix beautiful Raja Ampat, amazing people like your friends and family, and the incredible Prana yacht by Atzaró Indonesia, and you’ll get to live one of the most moving and luxurious experiences of your life. 

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