10 best online yoga teacher training in July 2024


I’ve broken down some of the top-rated, Yoga Alliance Certified Online Yoga Teacher Certifications and Schools.

With over 30 years of experience in the yoga and wellness world, I’ve seen yoga transform from early, tangible sessions to today’s digital realm. This shift means yoga can spread even faster and to a broader audience.

As the Editor-in-Chief of YOGI TIMES, and a yoga teacher, my aim with this article is to save you time to help you find the best online yoga teacher training.

To serve as a bridge between students and yoga teachers, I have been committed for the last 4 years to regularly updating this article, ensuring it remains a reliable source of information. I spoke with and met leaders of these selected training programs, discovering passionate teachers who are now reaching even more people through online technologies.

I will continue to add additional online yoga teacher training programs, reviewing and sharing my findings with you along the way.

Highlighted right below you’ll find the community favorites to guide you in making a quicker decision, however, take the time to review each one and do your diligent work to see what best suits your needs and aspirations when choosing your online yoga teacher training, because what is “best” for someone might not be for you.

Discover the YOGI TIMES community’s four favorites yoga online course accredited by Yoga Alliance.


Movement Wisdom

Yoga styles:

  • Vinyasa
  • Hatha
  • Restorative
  • Yin

Hours: 200, 300, 500

YA Rating: 4.90


NPS: 9.5


Movement Wisdom

Jess Rose Online YTT

My Vinyasa Practice

Yoga style:

  • Vinyasa

Hours: 200, 300, 500

YA Rating: 4.79


NPS: 8.7


My Vinyasa Practice

Michelle My Vinyasa Yoga Practice online yoga teacher training

Brett Larkin, Yoga Uplifted

Yoga style:

  • Hatha Vinyasa

Hours: 200, 300, 500

YA Rating: 4.83


NPS: 8.8


Brett Larkin, Yoga Uplifted



Yoga style:

  • Vinyasa

Hours: 200, 300, 500

YA Rating: 4.82


NPS: 8.8



patrick yogarenew best online yoga teacher training course yoga alliance

Six More Online Yoga Teacher Courses worth looking into:

NPS 8.2
YA Rating  4.85
The Peaceful Warrior

Hatha Vinyasa

200 Hrs

Go to review
NPS 8.2
YA Rating  4.86
Vinyasa Yogashala

Multi Style

200 Hrs

Go to review
NPS n/a
YA Rating  4.92

Hatha Vinyasa

200 Hrs

NPS n/a
YA Rating  4.34
Santosha Yoga School

Hatha Vinyasa

200 300 500 Hrs

NPS 9.2
YA Rating  4.88
Zaz Online Yoga School

Vinyasa Yoga Nidra Restorative

200 Hrs

Go to review
NPS 9.6
YA Rating  4.92
Akasha Yoga School


200 300 Hrs

Go to review

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I thought you would like to know that today July 23, based on this week’s votes, the voted #1 online yoga teacher course is: Yoga Movement. If budget is one of your concern, don’t miss out on their current discounted training offer with Jess Rose (high Yoga Alliance Rating), one of our favorites at YOGI TIMES.

*Please do not vote if you have not taken the training. We strive to provide the best possible recommendations to our readers.

Online Yoga Teacher Training: How to Choose?

YouTube video

To Read Before Exploring the Online Yoga Trainings in details.

Let us help you find the perfect fit by reading all the sections below. I want to ensure you find an online yoga teacher training program that resonates with your unique style and personality so we have created a brief poll to help you.

Whether you’re looking to complete a 200, 300, or 500-hour training, we have carefully curated options to suit your aspirations. Based on your responses, we will recommend the ideal course from our curated list of top online programs, saving your time to find a more personalized online yoga training.

How We Picked the Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Together with the YOGI TIMES editorial team, we analyzed data from over 27 organizations worldwide to identify the standout yoga teacher training programs. We ranked them based on several key criteria:

  • Affordability and Included Costs: We evaluated the cost-effectiveness of each program and what is included in the price.

  • Program Length and Weekly Commitment: We considered the total duration of the programs and the required weekly time investment.

  • Coursework Format: We examined whether the coursework is completed in person, online, or through a hybrid model.

  • Depth of Education and Training: We assessed the comprehensiveness of the education and training provided.

  • Nationwide Accessibility: We looked at the availability of programs across different regions.

  • Final Exam Requirements: We considered the necessary final exam scores for certification.

  • Yoga Alliance Ratings* (NPS): We factored in the ratings provided by the Yoga Alliance rating. *Check out Yoga Alliance‘ schools rating system, NPS. (Net Promoter Score) below

Additionally, we reviewed each program’s eligibility requirements and whether they focused on a particular type of yoga or special areas of interest.

Understanding Yoga Alliance’ Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Yoga Alliance Rating system : NPS Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score, NPS, is a standard common business measure metric for evaluating and assessing customer loyalty and enthusiasm.

Understand that the NPS differs from the Overall School Rating as it does not evaluate it as an assessment of the quality of the teacher training teacher training. Instead, it measures the likelihood of trainees actively recommending the training to others.

To calculate the NPS, responses to a specific question particular query—the same one used for the Overall School Rating (“How likely are you to recommend this teacher training to a friend?”)—are segmented into three groups:

Ratings of 9 – 10: Scores between 9 and 10 are considered “promoters,” indicating likely enthusiastic trainees to encourage their friends to join the teacher training.

Ratings of 7 – 8: Scores from 7 to 8 are labeled “neutrals,” showing satisfied trainees are content with the training but unlikely less likely to recommend it.

Ratings of 6 or below Scores of 6 or less are “detractors,” representing dissatisfied or unhappy trainees with their experience.

The Net Promoter Score NPS itself is determined and calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

This number score reflects the overall likelihood propensity of trainees to endorse recommending the training to others actively.

RYS staff have the option to display the Net Promoter Score on the school’s public profile, allowing them to decide how to present this information.

Growth and Popularity of Yoga Instructor Certification Online

The online yoga course market is witnessing a significant growth, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 12.3% from 2021-2027, outpacing both offline courses and yoga teacher training​​. The pandemic has dramatically influenced this shift to online training, offering flexibility for trainers and trainees, allowing the adaptation to remote learning, and saving costs related to travel and venue​​. **

Online vs. In-Person Training

While online yoga teacher training offers logistical advantages, its effectiveness in replicating the physical aspect of yoga, such as adjustments and modifications, is debated. Some employers may inquire about the mode of training you went through to assess suitability for in-person classes​​.**

Advantages of an Online Yoga School

Today’s technological advancements have unlocked possibilities that were once out of reach. Through online yoga teacher training (Y.T.T.), you can access teachings from exceptional instructors, breaking down barriers of distance and location.

Yoga Alliance Recognizes Online Learning with Extended Validity

We are thrilled to bring you this exciting news: Yoga Alliance now recognizes and accredits online Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs.

Schools offering YTT can choose from various formats, including entirely online, in-person, or a combination, requiring at least 15% of online learning to be synchronous.

This flexibility allows for broader access and caters to different learning styles and constraints, making yoga education more inclusive and adaptable to individual needs.**

Navigate the below menu by clicking on resonating sections.

Online Yoga Schools & Styles

Hatha and Vinyasa.
Ashtanga Yoga Certification Online.
Power Yoga Online Teacher training certifications.
Restorative Yoga Certification.
Iyengar Online Yoga Certification.
Yoga Nidra Online Yoga Teacher Training
Yin Yoga
Ayurveda Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification
Kundalini Yoga Certification Online
Prenatal Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications

How to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher Online

Numerous platforms are adapting and offering traditional yoga certification online, and others have been providing E-Training for a while. Thus, the realm of online yoga schools and digital yoga training websites has experienced significant growth.

This shift has prompted the Yoga Alliance to extend the 200-hour credential via both conventional in-person and online Yoga Instructor Training, offering you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience.

This exciting development means you can now obtain the accredited Yoga Alliance Certificate online. Many yoga practitioners are taking this opportunity to deepen their practice and learn the art of teaching yoga through online yoga teacher training.

As the trend of online learning continues to grow, online yoga schools and lead teachers are continually improving their offerings with high-quality curricula.

It’s important to note that while there is no legal certification required to become a yoga teacher, the 200-hour yoga teacher training certification is a professional requirement for most studios.

This certification is not legally required to teach yoga but is often necessary to secure a teaching position at a yoga studio.

The certification process involves having a regular personal practice, completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training program, getting certified, and registering with the Yoga Alliance.

Specializing in a particular style can also help you excel at written or practical tests.

Choosing the right yoga certification course can be overwhelming due to the many options available. It requires more preparation and research than searching “yoga certification near me” on Google.

This comprehensive guide on 200-Hour Yoga Instructor Training will provide you with all the information needed to pick the proper yoga teacher training certification and start the journey of becoming a yoga teacher.

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Do I Need a Certification to Teach Yoga?

Yoga can be done and taught by anyone. Obtaining an online yoga teacher training certification by one of the accredited online yoga schools is not a requirement to teach as a yoga instructor, which is still unregulated.

Yoga teachers fit in the same category as coaches (wellness, fitness, etc.); therefore, being certified by a yoga school is not legally necessary to hold group classes or teach privately. Anyone who is compelled to offer their knowledge and services can do so.

Yet, I highly recommend completing an approved yoga instructor training course if you are looking to start taking on this path and if you want to teach at the best yoga studios, most of them will want you to have a minimum of 200-hour training before allowing you to show up in front of students.

Yoga Alliance is one of the most well-known entities that provide accredited yoga certifications online while working hard to advance pro-yoga legislation in the US government. Even so, Yoga Alliance is not a mandatory certification to be able to teach and it is voluntary for instructors to get enrolled in the organization.

It is important to note that the Yoga Alliance is not sanctioned by any local, state, or federal government, so being listed in their directory is not required to get insurance or be legally protected while teaching Yoga.

We strongly encourage you to do your own comprehensive research on yoga certification online programs at online yoga schools and entities such as Yoga Alliance and ACE, since, unlike professional accreditation organizations in other fields, there are some controversies – and in the end, it all comes down to a personal choice.

Entirely Self-Paced versus Online Live Training Certification

Online yoga training at online yoga schools tend to be static in terms of material and interaction since most of the teaching is pre-recorded. What sets a yoga training apart from other trainings is that yoga is profoundly different from other topics. There are great chances that this online yoga teacher training will be an altering life journey. So it is crucial not to lose the essence of yoga teaching in doing it all online.

For sure a personalized connection to the teachers makes a big difference and is an essential part of integrating any teaching. However, I have to say, due to the ever-growing technology, some of the yoga certification online programs we have selected offer a real solid base and well-organized information. You can sense the teachers’ influence, and in most cases, even if the teaching is 100% self-paced, you still can ask questions and obtain live feedback.

On the other hand, the beauty of LIVE learning, even if all digital, is that because training is not only about gaining information, but connecting with classmates and with your teachers, the one-on-one LIVE contact with an instructor, or even community zoom calls are more comprehensive. At times recordings may be useful for covering certain subjects but won’t give you the full community vibe at your online yoga school.

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Is an Online Yoga Certification Worth It?

Like anything else in life, taking an online yoga teacher training, and integrating yoga instructions online has its pros and cons.

In one aspect, there is the challenge of your ability to self-motivate and stay on task, apart from the lack of in-person interaction that some people find essential.

On the other hand, you can take your online certification online at one of the online yoga schools at your own pace, in the comfort of your home, and develop new self-discipline and accountability skills. In the end, it all comes down to what you personally prefer but also what you can reasonably manage without creating additional stress in your life.

With the world moving digital, online YTT at an online yoga school is a trend very likely to stay. Studios and teachers are investing in doing online training as similar and vibrant as the in-person version, including tests and exams to make sure students graduate effectively and be ready to lead a class, on or offline, with confidence.

In short, to become a yoga instructor online has never been so accessible as today!

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Will I Get Yoga Alliance Certified With Any Online Yoga Teacher Training?

Naturally, that depends on the training, teacher, online yoga school, and organization you will be taking the course with. Most leading online yoga schools are accredited by the Yoga Alliance and offer 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours yoga teacher certification.

Keep in mind that in the best yoga studios, favorite teachers are seldom hired simply because they are a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), but because of their experience, skill, character, professionalism, and capacity to nurture and inspire.

Searching for the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Doing yoga instructor training at an online yoga school is a spiritual undertaking, and as former yoga teacher myself, I feel the duty to put it to your attention. There are many components to consider when choosing your online yoga teacher training and obtaining a yoga teacher certification.

Over the years of being a leading media source in yoga, my experience has been that each online yoga school will be preaching to their choir. Each of them often authentically expresses how they are considered to be the best choice for online yoga schools globally; however, doing your research and finding out what is actually best for you personally should be at the core of your decision.

Some schools have massive marketing budgets, some none; nevertheless, we have selected in this article the one we felt offered cohesive and well-put-together yoga instructor certification that would provide a deep foundation for you to teach yoga safely and efficiently.

Below you will find detailed information on each yoga instructor certification course to help you navigate through the various offerings and a few advice to consider before looking further.

10 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

1. What type of yoga attracts you?

There are a variety of yoga types for all tastes. Before choosing a yoga certification or yoga instructor training program, think about what you want to teach. Vinyasa is more flowing and imaginative, while Hatha is more based on power. Select a theme that excites you.

2. How are lessons delivered?

Some of the training programs will have live virtual yoga classes, giving you the closest experience to the in-person class. However, Live interaction might result in poor sound quality, delays, and challenging group interactions.

In a sizeable class, the instructor has no visibility about what is happening. Pre-recordings are typical of higher quality and allow you to interrupt, replay, and watch at your own speed.

Becoming a yoga teacher needs a lot of preparation and mentoring, and doing a yoga teacher certification at an online yoga school demands discipline and commitment. Make sure that you are joining online yoga schools taught by people who are in regular contact with you and support you all along the way.

3. Who are the teachers?

Your instructors will have a significant impact on you as a yoga teacher. Do you trust their experience and knowledge? Do what they do and how they do it concern you? Get to know the teachers who are leading your yoga instructor training, as well as their opinions, values, and experience.

When possible, try to contact the instructor who will be offering your yoga certification online. Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to them, and perhaps even check out their regular online classes at their online yoga school to see if you feel safe and motivated.

4. Is the online yoga school responsive?

When and how the school reacts is a clear indicator of how they support their students. You will end up spending a few weeks or months of your life with the instructors, so they must care for you! Ask all the questions you want to see how and what they say.

A gap of more than 24 hours on any email could be a sign they’re not keeping up with your pace. Remember, this is your yoga path, and you deserve all the questions to be answered.

5. Are the online yoga schools community-based?

Learning online can be lonely. Community encouragement will play a role in inspiring you to complete your online yoga instructor training. Ask if your online yoga school and their yoga teacher program provide opportunities to communicate with others and social support (Facebook groups, forums, etc.).

6. What are the teachers’ credentials?

You will find each program’s yoga instructor certification credentials in their provider directory at Yoga Alliance and on their website page promoting the training. In the schools we selected below, we also classified what credentials they offer to make it easier on you as you research so that you can find the best yoga teacher training that is right for you.

7. What’s included in your online yoga teacher training certification?

Make sure to review what is included in your tuition kit, such as pre-recorded videos, a textbook, the assessments, the certification exam, additional time with teachers, etc. These quickly add up to your yoga teacher certification, so be sure to know the cost and the quality.

Prices differ depending on which online yoga teacher training certification program you select. Although lower prices represent less assistance, it may also be attributed to less experienced teachers or personal interaction with the teachers. Yet, many training pieces are organized to provide answers to your questions in advance and maintain a high level of instructions without a one-on-one connection.

8. Does It Suit Your Schedule?

Online yoga certificates are sometimes delivered at set dates, while others are entirely self-paced. Pay attention to the flexibility to tailor the schedule to your needs, or you can end up with tuition you can’t manage. Considering the time you have available and how many hours you can devote to online yoga instructor training is crucial.

9. What do Past Students Have to Say?

If you’re considering online yoga teacher training, asking past students for recommendations can help you find the best fit. Experienced practitioners and alumni can offer valuable insights beyond what a school’s website provides.

Start by reaching out to yoga practitioners you know for firsthand information. Look for testimonials on the training school’s website, and consider contacting past pupils directly through alumni networks or social media groups. These conversations will provide honest feedback about the program’s strengths, weaknesses, and the quality of instruction.

By gathering this firsthand information, you can make a more informed decision and choose a yoga teacher training program that truly resonates with you.

10. Trust Your Gut Feeling

In the end, the best yoga certification online course that will be right for you is the one that “feels right” and provides the results you expect. Listen to your instinct; it rarely misleads you!

Several remarkable changes will happen when you go through your yoga certification online program at an online yoga school, as it is a truly transformative journey. Not only will you learn to lead small and large groups, create proper sequencing, and teach poses that will be safe for your students, you also will experience drastic inner growth.

In this article, I have focused on the basic version of the yoga certification online available, mainly the most accessible yoga certification program, called 200-Hour Hatha training, but naturally, many organizations offer more advanced options.

I provide much information on the best aspects of becoming a yoga teacher. I have also taken the time to review many online yoga instructor certifications from various online yoga schools to offer everyone a valuable option suitable for every taste and wallet.

The Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs 2024

I have classified the accredited by the Yoga Alliance by 9 Yoga styles. Read below so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Hatha and Vinyasa
  2. Ashtanga
  3. Power yoga
  4. Restorative
  5. Iyengar
  6. Yoga Nidra
  7. Yin yoga
  8. Kundalini
  9. Prenatal

1. Hatha and Vinyasa.

When describing Hatha Yoga, “Ha” means sun and is represented by the sun of your body, your soul, while “Tha” means moon, which represents your consciousness, your mind.

So Hatha Yoga is the search for balance between the solar and lunar forces, respectively male and female. This is achieved through the union of the mind with the soul with full attention to action.

Vinyasa is a link between mind, body, and breath, represented by the synchronization between breathing and movement. It brings dynamism and intensity to the practice but does not have a fixed series. The time spent in postures is shorter than in Hatha, which results in rhythmic, fluid classes.

In general, Hatha Yoga is the most sought-after practice by beginners, as it has a calmer pace and can be adapted for any audience. In Vinyasa Yoga, the asana sequences are fluid and coordinated with the breath, which makes the practice a little more vigorous.

MY VINYASA PRACTICE Online Yoga Teacher Training

The most accessible!

online yoga online yoga schools teacher training school alliance certification best 2022 instructor hot to become YTT top alliance accredited becoming  200 hr hour 300 500 brett larkin courses get virtual certificate affordable certified reviews ryt siddhi zaz girl uplifted cheapest vinyasa power  worth it multi style cheap yogarenew free

Diving into this course, I was struck by its depth of content and flexibility. Unlike anything I’ve encountered, the program uniquely blends traditional yogic teachings with modern accessibility. One standout feature was the instructor’s ability to make complex concepts accessible, like a conversation with a mentor. 

Navigating the modules, I connected personally with the teachings, particularly during the live Q&A sessions.

The community element was a game-changer for me, providing a support system and insights that elevated my learning experience to new heights.

The interactive components were not just additional features but integral to the learning process, fostering a deeper connection with the material.

The instructors’ feedback is not merely corrective but profoundly enlightening, pushing you to explore new perspectives and approaches.

Beyond the curriculum, the community of fellow learners truly transformed my educational journey, offering perspectives I hadn’t considered. 

The module on peer feedback transformed the view of collaborative learning, emphasizing nuances that become clear only once you’re deep into the process.

Overall, this course is a standout in the often confusing world of online education, clearly demonstrating the benefits of incorporating technology into lesson plans.

Online Yoga Teacher Training revolutionized yoga and provided individuals with an accessible path to deepen their personal practice and share yoga with others

Michelle Young (Owner at MyVinyasa Practice)

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WATCH A REVIEW: Testimonial from Lauren on My Vynyasa’s full training.

YouTube video

Included in this yoga certification online training:

  • Format: Self-Paced
  • Duration: 200 Hours (300 and 500 also available)
  • Price: 50 % Off if Paid In full: $375, (Original price $750).
  • Installments: 3 payments of $250.
  • Yoga style: Vinyasa
  • Videos (newly re done videos with updated manuals)
  • E-copies
  • Podcasts
  • Live stream membership for 30 days.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Certification: Yoga Alliance International Accredited
  • Instagram: @myvinyasapractice
  • Website: myvinyasapractice.com


Read Reviews on about this training on Yoga Alliance


  • Affordable and accessible tuition, with options for one-time payments and installment plans.
  • Complete your training at your own pace once you meet all of them. Certification requirements: Register as RYT200 with Yoga Alliance.
  • Choose from various Yoga Teacher Training Bundles to match your interests and specializations.
  • Attend weekly live Q&A sessions and lectures with our Lead Trainers.
  • Access over 1000 hours of pre-recorded content anytime, even after graduation. All Practice Courses come with lifetime access.
  • Enjoy a 7-day free Online Studio membership with daily live classes and on-demand yoga, meditation, and pranayama content.
  • Unlimited 1:1 support through Peer Support Representatives.
  • Connect with a global community of yogis to share, exchange, and elevate collective consciousness.
  • Receive personalized assistance from Lead Trainers and in-house Yoga Therapists.
  • Options to swap your purchase and apply the credit towards our in-person YTT in Austin, Texas, are available.


  • Course Manual is included as a PDF file. You can print the Manual locally or purchase a copy via their Shop.
  • Facilitated entirely online.
  • Live Meetings and Calls are in Central US Time.
discover the course

Movement Wisdom with Jess Rose

The most versatile!

Jess Rose 200 Hr YTT online self Paced Movement Wisdom

Upon starting the Wisdom 200-Hour program, you are immediately drawn to its unique blend of cutting-edge insights into movement science and profound yoga philosophy.

Diving into this course, I was struck by the depth of each class, which provided a delightful and transformative experience, unexpectedly enriching both my physical practice and yogic mindset.

One thing that stands out about the Movement Wisdom 200 hour training is that you learn to practice and teach 4 different styles of yoga. I do not know of any other 200 hour YTT that gives you this much versatility. Understanding not just Vinyasa Flow but also Hatha (yes, there are important differences between these two), Yin and Restorative yoga gives you the right style of yoga for any occasion.

What truly resonates with me about the program is its practical approach to common challenges in yoga practice.

It not only identifies the reasons why you (or your students) might struggle to go deeper into a pose but also provides effective solutions.

This often-overlooked insight has proven to be an essential skill to acquire in teaching and personal practice. The hands-on approach went beyond theory, immersing me in real-world scenarios that truly enhanced my understanding.

Jess Rose, the lead trainer, is a vibrant and personable teacher whose approach has captivated over 1 million yogis worldwide.

One standout feature was the instructor’s ability to make complex concepts accessible, much like Jess does effortlessly. I appreciate how her classes go beyond the physical, diving deep into yoga’s spiritual and philosophical aspects.

This blend of technical teaching and profound wisdom makes her instruction uniquely enriching. The instructor’s passion is palpable, making every lesson resonate on a personal level, reminiscent of a true mentor.

Her guidance helps integrate the wisdom of yoga into everyday life, fostering a sense of purpose, joy, and passion.

Through this transformative training, you’ll gain a new perspective on life and unlock the potential of a yogic mindset.

Navigating through the modules, I felt a personal connection with the teachings, particularly when reflecting on the philosophical aspects.

Jess Rose and the Movement Wisdom program offer a nurturing and insightful journey that profoundly impacts both practice and life.

Gains from participating in the Movement Wisdom YTT:

  • Learn the little-known method to take your yoga practice from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Understand the answer to, “Why doesn’t this pose work for me as it does for everyone else?” and be able to do something to fix it.
  • Become one of the few yoga teachers who understand yoga philosophy and bring it to life in your classes.
  • Acquire the skills to teach four different styles of yoga classes: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative.

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YouTube video

Included in this yoga certification online training:

  • Format: Self-paced
  • Duration: 200 hours
  • Price: Students now have the following three payment options available:$79/month for 12 months
    $299 (3 payments)
    $875 (one time payment)
  • Installments: $175/month for six months or $325/month for three months
  • Yoga styles: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Restorative
  • 100 hours of professionally produced, prerecorded videos
  • 50+ hours of audio lectures and practices available in your favourite podcast app
  • Take a 14 day free trial (a risk-free opportunity to check the outstanding training quality)
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
  • Access to the Movement Wisdom Teacher’s Club after graduation (includes continuing education, tons of shared resources like waiver forms, theme ideas, mini flows, class playlists and much more)
  • Access to a Yoga Q&A library with more than 800 real-world yoga questions (and answers)
  • Access to the Yogi’s Calendar (full of yoga-related events)
  • Many weekly options to join teaching practice sessions live on Zoom
  • Certification: Yoga Alliance International approved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga.
  • Website: movementwisdomyoga.com
  • Y.A.I. Certification: Yoga Alliance
  • Students can now start the training risk-free with a FREE 14-DAY TRIAL (replacing the 7-day money back guarantee).


  • Engaging, exciting, and entertaining content that will change your perspective on life.
  • Gives you a tremendous amount of wisdom in both the physical and spiritual.
  • Training manual includes more than 1.000 images of asanas, anatomical details, mudras, meditation and breath work practices and more.
  • Learn 4 distinct styles of yoga
  • Boasts a super fun and highly-engaged community of yogis sharing tips, questions, jokes, pictures, resources, and more
  • Offers a buddy program, monthly challenges, empowerment reviews and lots of live call options to help you stay on track
  • Tons of interaction with other students and teachers in the live weekly calls.
  • Get in-depth, personal help and feedback on your poses, sequences, and teaching.
  • You can start a free 14 day trial
  • Payment plans start as low as $79 for 12 months
  • Includes meditation and breath work training to expand your personal yoga practice and give you an edge as a teacher


  • Course Manual is included as a PDF file. You can print the Manual locally or purchase a copy via their Shop
  • You may find it difficult to attend live calls if you’re in Australia or Asia.
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Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted Online Teacher Training

A personalized certification program!

I’ve known and followed Brett Larkin for many years, witnessing her evolution as a lead teacher and business entrepreneur. Her diligent work and dedication to yoga have resulted in an outstanding program. The Uplifted program is comprehensive and innovative, offering a well-rounded approach to yoga teacher training.

One of the standout features of this program is the bonus business training Brett offers to help her students succeed as certified online yoga teachers. She covers how to negotiate your fee with studio owners best, market yourself online, and scale your business like she has – with close to 1 million followers. The instructor’s passion is palpable, making every business lesson resonate on a personal level.

The Uplifted program also provides specific fascia modules, which go beyond the anatomy taught in most classical yoga training. This innovative approach to anatomy education was a game-changer for me, revealing the intricacies of fascia in a way that traditional courses often overlook. The course’s flexibility allowed me to explore these advanced topics at my own pace, yet detailed video demonstrations and supportive resources constantly guided me.

Beyond Yoga Alliance, the program is accredited through ACE, NASM, and AFAA, making it a popular choice for doctors, nurses, Pilates instructors, fitness instructors, and personal trainers. This broad accreditation speaks volumes about the program’s comprehensive nature and applicability across various professional fields.

What sets this training apart is its focus on practical application, evidenced by its detailed fascia and functional anatomy modules. Each lesson felt like a conversation with a mentor, guiding me through the complexities of yoga practice and business. The blend of theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice sessions felt like weaving through the very fabric of educational innovation.

Check out her Online YTT price here.

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WATCH THE REVIEW: Testimonial from Amanda on Brett Larkin’s full training.

YouTube video

Included in this online yoga teacher training certification:

  • Format: Watch at Home Videos (self-paced), 600-page paper color manual mailed to you, Live Zoom Calls (commit to 1 two-hour call per week and graduate in 4 months)
  • Duration: 200 Hours (300 and 500 available). 8-10 hours a week, 4-months to graduate as a 200-Hour student.
  • Price: $2,850 (full) or $199/mo in 14 installments.
  • Yoga style: Hatha / Vinyasa
  • Certification: 200 Hour Yoga Certification with Yoga Alliance plus additional accreditation with ACE, NASM and AFAA
  • Website: upliftedyoga


Read Reviews on about this training on Yoga Alliance


  • 600-page paper manual. Uplifted is the only online teacher training that globally ships a paper manual corresponding to everything within their app.
  • 96% graduation rate. Most other online training courses are less than 30%. Many students sign up for online training, but only some cross the finish line, which is not true in the Uplifted program.
  • Includes specialty modules on Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Myofascial Release, the Chakra system, and how to create a thriving online yoga business.
  • Additional accreditation through ACE, NASM, and AFAA


  • Price. Despite Uplifted’s payment plans (some as low as $199/mo), not all students can afford the $2850 tuition.
  • Limited Space: Students are handheld through every aspect of their certification journey, but this intimacy comes with a capped class size and higher tuition than other online training.
  • No Arm Balances and Minimal Inversions: The training adopts a therapeutic approach – the curriculum does not cover advanced physical asana beyond headstand and shoulder stand.
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Zazyoga Online Yoga Teacher Training

Individual Attention & Supportive Community!

marylene henry zaz dark hair best online yoga teacher training online yoga schools teacher training school alliance certification best 2022 instructor hot to become YTT top alliance accredited becoming  200 hr hour 300 500 brett larkin courses get virtual certificate affordable certified reviews ryt siddhi zaz girl uplifted cheapest vinyasa power  worth it multi style cheap yogarenew free

When you start the Zazyoga 200-Hour Mindful Movement Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification, You will know right away that this isn’t just another course. It is a real transformative journey with daily personal feedback and one-on-one coaching from the teachers! So it is its very personalized approach that differentiates Zazyoga yoga certification online (200h Mindful Movement Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification). Each lesson felt like a conversation with a mentor, guiding you through the complexities of yoga practice and teaching.

Combining the active and creative Vinyasa style with the calming practices of Restorative Yoga and yoga nidra, Zazyoga’s online yoga training approaches yoga as a toolbox to bring wellness and balance into your everyday life. 

The Zazyoga Mindful Momentum approach includes being mindful, teaching mastery, and practicing functional alignment. The course’s flexibility allows you to explore these topics at your pace, yet insightful instructors constantly guide you.

One of the program’s standout features is its customized approach. Combining active Vinyasa with Restorative Yoga and yoga nidra, Zazyoga provides a comprehensive toolkit for wellness and balance.

I was particularly impressed by the module on functional anatomy, which, with its clarity and depth, broke down barriers to understanding. You will learn biomechanics and how to adapt techniques for all body types, making yoga accessible to everyone.

The practical exercises are informative and transformative because they delved into how each body is different, teaching how to adapt the techniques and make yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, conditions, or injuries.

Marylen Henry, whom I have known for years, is one of those teachers from a corporate background who brings rigor and organization to their course. She is a certified PhD in Osteopathy and brings deep anatomical knowledge and a passion for teaching and enhancing the learning experience.

Mindfulness is present in every aspect of this online YTT program. Through yoga philosophy and mindful practices, students observe and understand the mind’s functioning, release thought patterns, and transform their lives on and off the mat. 

Another aspect that sets this training apart is its focus on practical application, evidenced by the immersive mindfulness exercises that integrate seamlessly into daily practice.

With the most in-depth knowledge of teaching methods and practice, Zazyoga students build faith and have a distinctive voice while offering yoga classes. 

Marylen Henry is very dedicated, nurturing and approachable teacher, her anecdotes enrich the learning experience and grounds the teachings in real-world applicability, making every lesson resonate on a personal level.

As a Zazyoga student you become also a member of a community that gains a deep understanding of yoga as a best practice and as a lifestyle.

READ A REVIEW : Paulina Burzynka‘s written Review of the 200-hour Zaz Yoga online YTT here.

WATCH A REVIEW: Pauline’s testimonial on Zaz’s training.

YouTube video

Included in this yoga certification online training:

  • Format: self-paced + one on one
  • Duration: 200 Hours (Full-time in 30 days or part-time according to your schedule)
  • Price: Special COVID price US$ 1,397 (from US$ 2,800), or monthly charge of $141.
  • Bridge program for yoga instructors: US$ 797 (discounted from US$ 1,997) installments available for up to six monthly payments.
  • Style: Vinyasa / Yoga Nidra/ Restorative /
  • Downloadable manuals and worksheets
  • Daily personal practice feedback
  • one-on-one coaching calls with the teachers
  • Live community calls each week.
  • Certification: Yoga Alliance accredited
  • Lifetime access to the course material.
  • IG: @zazyoga
  • Read Reviews on about this training on Yoga Alliance
  • Website: Zazyoga


  • Very personal yoga teacher training, with direct access to the lead teachers and daily personal feedback interaction to support your journey and deepen your practice, including feedback on 90+ Asanas.
  • Possibility to complement the training with an in-person Bali retreat exclusive to Zazyoga students.
  • Inclusive approach, teaching you to adapt the practice to any body shape or health condition.
  • A practical and applicable approach combining ancient yogic wisdom, ayurveda, and modern science, making the content fun, engaging, and relevant to your modern life.
  • Includes 300+ page manual and over 300 hours of bonus content on various yoga-related topics.
  • Supportive and engaged community to interact with through the platform, a private Facebook group, and during the live calls.
  • Flexible schedule to respect your circadian cycle and fit the training into your daily life.


  • Price: While payment plans are available for as low as $183 per month, Zazyoga remains more expensive than many schools due to the direct, private, and personal support from the lead teachers.
  • One year of access to the platform, with the possibility to extend for a small fee.
  • Self-paced means that your discipline and motivation determine how quickly you complete your training.
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Yoga Renew

Well-Rounded Foundation!

Yoga Renew online YTT review

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of yoga, this self-paced course allows you to decide when to start and when to finish. It offers a wealth of knowledge at a price that’s as affordable as a weekend workshop! But it’s not just the price point that makes this yoga instructor training course stand out; there is an excellent cohesiveness and a strong foundation of the provided yoga philosophy. 

Navigating through the modules,, I was captivated by the depth of the content and the profound knowledge of yoga as a wholesome discipline.

As I delved into the course, I felt a personal connection with the teachings, particularly when discovering the yoga’s historical and philosophical aspects.

The flexibility of the self-paced allowed me to explore topics at my own rythm, yet the structured content and supportive resources constantly guided me. Upon completion, you receive an official 200-hour certification accredited by Yoga Alliance, which is highly respected in the yoga community.

When you purchase the online yoga certification, you will also receive valuable yoga books, information, and video content to add to your previous training if you are already a certified teacher. Including these resources ensures that new and experienced yogis can deepen their understanding and enhance their teaching methods. 

The instructor’s anecdotes enriched the learning experience and grounded the teachings in real-world applicability. Each lesson felt supported by not only a teacher but a mentor who guides you through the complexities of yoga practice and teaching.

The interactive elements, such as quizzes and live Zoom calls, were not just add-ons but integral parts of the learning journey, facilitating a deeper connection with the material. 

This course’s blend of theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice sessions felt like weaving through the very fabric of educational innovation.

What I valued most was the content and how it was delivered—intimate, engaging, and always relevant. 

Once you receive your certificate and complete all the training materials, you’ll be ready to step into a studio or even start your own yoga teaching business. This training stands out for its practical application, as evidenced by the comprehensive curriculum that equips you for real-world teaching scenarios.

READ THE REVIEW: Amanda Sun‘s Written Review on YogaRenew’s Online YTT

WATCH THE REVIEW: Amanda’s video testimonial on YogaRenew’s Yoga teacher Training.

YouTube video

Here is what you will learn in this online YTT:

  • Format: Self-paced
  • Duration: 200 hours
  • Price: $USD 437 or monthly payment of $USD 80 (for 6 months)
  • Also offer a 300 hrs ($USD 547) + 500 hrs ($USD 900)
  • Style of yoga: Vinyasa
  • YTT resources
  • Yoga teaching videos
  • 24/7 support online
  • Hold live weekly zoom calls.
  • 50 Class Sequence Plans For You To Use Today ($150 value)
  • Weekly Emails (Quotes, Pose Guides, Sequence Ideas, Teaching Tips and Playlists)
  • Legal Sample Waiver of Liability ($250 value)
  • 2 Free Yoga Resume Templates ($200 Value)
  • Free Sample Yoga Client Intake & Health History Form ($250 Value)
  • Yoga Asana Teaching Cue Flashcards ($50 Value)
  • 125 Yoga Class Theme Ideas ($55 Value)
  • Access to Yoga Inspiration Class Playlist
  • Sample Yoga Client Intake + Health History Form ($250 Value)
  • Meditation Videos
  • Guided Meditation Scripts ($100 Value)
  • 3 Ebooks ($150 Value)
  • Access to ongoing tips and new updates to the course
  • Website: YogaRenew


  • Register with Yoga Alliance upon completion.
  • Lifetime access to three full-length eBooks, extensive video content, and sequencing plans.
  • Lifetime access to live Zoom calls.
  • Access to student & teacher mentor community.
  • Business resources & templates
  • Access to discounted yoga teacher insurance.
  • Professionally edited videos.
  • Individualized feedback.
  • On-demand content & recorded live calls.
  • Affordable pricing & payment plans.


  • Online training not held in person, but in-person training is available at YogaRenew’s studio location.
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Yoga Farm Ithaca

‘In-person’ training!

screenshot website farm rainbow yoga green grass

Radiant Warrior Online Yoga & Mindfulness YTT certification includes Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, and Mindfulness training. In this 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training Certification with Yoga Farm, you will learn how to teach yoga online AND in person.

This yoga instructor course online is run by a nonprofit as a living embodiment of its mission to give access to as many people as possible to the benefit of yoga.

This YTT online is excellent for beginners to yoga as you don’t need to have an advanced yoga practice to register for this program.

You can start right where you are. You won’t work by yourself.

Instead, this is an interactive yoga instructor certification with live classrooms as well as self-paced components.

The course contains a module for ‘teaching online’, covering technology, internet, zoom, social media, and how to ‘hold space’ for a class that isn’t physically present.

This online yoga certification will train you to teach in front of a single camera with the help of highly-skilled instructors whom you have access to during and beyond the training.

The live taught classrooms and set hours create uplifting and interactive training with lots of personal connection and interaction.

READ THE REVIEW: Amanda Sun’s written review Yoga Ithaca Farm Online YTT

WATCH THE REVIEW: Amanda’s video testimonial on Yoga Farm Ithaca’s Yoga teacher Training.

YouTube video

Included in this yoga certification online training:

  • Format: Self-paced + one on one
  • Duration: The course curriculum is 12 weeks.
  • Price: $1,499
  • Payment Plan Best Option 1 (8 monthly payments of $199 after a deposit of $199 (9 total payments)
  • Payment Plan Best Option 2 (4 monthly payments of $329 after a deposit of $329 (5 total payments – save $150)
  • If already a certified 200hr yoga teacher, you can join as a refresher YTT for $799
  • Yoga style: Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, and Mindfulness
  • Ability to ask questions to expert guides during the training with live interaction.
  • 200-hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training Certification.
  • Instagram: @yogafarmithaca
  • Read Reviews on about this training on Yoga Alliance
  • Website: YogaFarm
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The Peaceful Warriors

Interactive & flexible!

peaceful warrior ytt online

What I love about Maria’s YTT pathway to teach you to become a yoga instructor is its unique, flexible, and modular structure.

It allows you to go at your own pace and customize your YTT journey based on your preferences, availability, and budget. This flexibility helps you balance a busy schedule while committing to your yoga practice and studies.

Maria’s program is not just about the curriculum; it’s about the community, the live interaction, and the teamwork.

You will never feel alone; the feeling of being part of a community is always there.

The live sessions and interactive components added a dynamic and engaging element to the learning process, making it more than just a training program.

Included in this online yoga certification:

  • Format: Self-paced + one on one
  • Duration: 200 hours
  • Price: $397 USD Full Payment (Save 25%) – Special YOGI TIMES Discount use Coupon Code: YOGIT25OFF at check out.
  • 3 x $165 USD 3 Monthly Installments
  • Pre-recorded lectures & written content
  • Videos of all the poses
  • Recorded best practices with the yoga masters at Siddhi Yoga
  • Direct feedback from your mentor
  • 200 Hour YTT Manual
  • Access to the Siddhi private group
  • Guided Meditations
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Yoga Anatomy
  • Pranayama
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Asanas
  • Access to 100s of prepared sequences
  • Free access to Restorative Yoga Add – On ($147 Value)
  • Free access to Ayurveda Add – On ($197 Value)
  • Website: ThePeacefulWarriors


  • Access to a virtual community where like-minded students can connect worldwide.
  • The unique, flexible, and modular program structure allows you to go at your own pace and customize your online YTT journey based on your preferences and availability.
  • 100% online.
  • International accreditation through the Yoga Alliance.
  • Instant access to the course content. Dive right in or explore little bits at a time as it suits your lifestyle.
  • Lifetime access to the course content, so you can repeat and re-visit any part of the program as often as you like.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Includes four manuals: Yoga Anatomy Manual, Yoga History & Philosophy Manual, Sequencing Manual & Teaching Yoga for Different Demographics Manual.
  • Get in-depth help and feedback on poses, sequences, and teaching.
  • Includes three specialty modules on Prenatal Yoga, the Chakra system, and how to create a thriving online yoga business.


  • No monthly live calls (But always possible to schedule a Zoom call with them).
  • Cheapest (yet offering high-quality online training with detailed individual feedback).
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Vinyasa Yogashala

Wealth of knowledge!

screenshot of website Vinyasa Yogashala online YTT

The instructors at Vinyasa Yogashala, with their collective experience of over 21 years, bring a wealth of knowledge and insight. This online Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is crafted to be accessible, offering a comprehensive learning journey at a reasonable investment. Flexibility is key; participants can pace their learning, but with a motivational goal to completing the course over a maximum of six months.

For those exploring their options in yoga teacher training, Vinyasa Yogashala extends an invitation to experience their offerings through a one-week trial. This opportunity allows for a glimpse into their teaching style and course structure, ensuring it aligns with your aspirations. This is a great and rare opportunity to explore a training before fully committing.

WATCH THE REVIEW: Gauri’s video testimonial on VinyasaYogaShala’s 200-Hour Online Yoga teacher Training.

YouTube video

Included in this online yoga certification:

  • Self-paced format.
  • 200-hour duration, with 300 and 500-hour options available.
  • The course covers Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini Yoga, YIN Yoga, and more.
  • Includes yoga manuals and books.
  • Accredited with a Yoga Alliance certificate.
  • One year of weekly live sessions.
  • Currently offered at a 50% discount, priced at 390 USD.
  • Website: Vinyasayogashala.com


  • Global Accessibility: Learn from top yoga teachers regardless of location.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Tailor your yoga learning to fit your timetable.
  • Comfort of Home: Experience yoga training in your own comfortable space.
  • Cost-Effective: Economical option, reducing additional expenses.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Ideal for those seeking a private, confident learning environment.


  • Reduced Direct Interaction: Online training may lack the immediate feedback and social dynamics of in-person training.
  • Potential for Distractions: Home environments can bring distractions, challenging discipline and focus.
  • Limited Hands-On Experience: The physical aspect and group dynamics of offline training are less pronounced in an online setting.
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2. Ashtanga Yoga Certification Online.

Ashtanga Yoga is an online yoga school and system introduced in the West by Sri K Pattabi Jois that aims to purify the body and mind through the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga:

  1. Yama (self-discipline)
  2. Niyama (religious observance)
  3. Asana (posture)
  4. Pranayama (breath holding)
  5. Pratyahara (abstraction of the senses)
  6. Dharana (concentration)
  7. Dhyana (meditation)
  8. Samadhi (state of supra-consciousness)

The structure of this yoga teacher training online is of fluid and vigorous sequence. The breath synchronizes each movement in a predetermined composition, depending on the level of the series you are in. There are 5 series of asanas in this method, and to reach the next series or level, it is necessary to master all postures in the previous series or series.

Akasha Academy – Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training

Vibrant Yogic community!

Akasha yoga academy woman pose Online ashtanga vinyasa dark short hair training certification

When I delved into the Yoga teacher training courses at Akasha Yoga Academy, I was impressed by how genuine and legitimate they are.

The three leading instructors, Burkhard, Kirsten, and Devdas are true yoga experts, boasting over 60 years of experience.

Their comprehensive approach includes one-on-one coaching, specialized instruction, live sessions, adaptable scheduling, and abundant high-quality materials.

The multiple five-star reviews further attest to the program’s excellence. The curriculum’s emphasis on traditional Hatha Yoga breathing exercises is particularly well-received among students.

What caught my attention was not just the quality of the program but also its affordability. Akasha’s tuition, now with a generous 60% discount, is a testament to their commitment to making quality yoga education accessible.

On top of that, they offer 14 unique extra bonuses (valued at US$1130), adding even more value to the program.

By joining their vibrant Yogic community, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from authentic teachers, explore fresh, inspiring ideas, and deepen your practice in a supportive environment.

Included in this yoga certification online:

  • Real Hatha Yoga centered on conscious breathing.
  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training that goes above and beyond the minimum standards set by the Yoga Alliance.
  • An engaging and comprehensive curriculum that will help you grow as a person.
  • Superb TV production that can be viewed on any screen.
  • Reliable knowledge gathered from years of actual research, study, and application.
  • Topics include asanas, posture, alignment, sequencing, pranayamas, heart meditation, living history, applied anatomy, teaching methods, self-practice, and much more.
  • Effective marketing and networking techniques for educators.
  • Regular live broadcasts
  • Personal attention
  • They are offering a 50% discount and reasonable payment terms.
  • All films and resources are available indefinitely.
  • Detailed 700-page Course Materials.
  • A flexible timetable is available to help you complete this Yoga TTC.
  • Compassionate guidance in a secure, stimulating setting for education.
  • Website: AkashaAcademy


  • Highly reputable, with over 1000 Yoga Teachers graduated.
  • High review scores at the International Yoga Alliance.
  • Blends ancient teachings with modern science.
  • Emphasizes universal connection & consciousness.
  • Offers personalized mentorship and individual attention.
  • Focuses on holistic spiritual evolution.
  • Flexible pacing tailored to individual needs.
  • Affordable courses with payment plan options.
  • Strong community with 14 live calls per week.
  • Three lead teachers with over 60 years of combined experience.
  • Emphasizes physical, mental, and spiritual growth.
  • Offers practical experience with over 10 hours of practicum.


  • Lacks physical, in-person interaction due to online format.
  • Relies heavily on students’ self-motivation and discipline.
  • May be challenging for those who prefer structured classroom environments.
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3. Power Yoga Online Yoga Certifications – Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

A yoga teacher training online Power yoga is, in fact, a more dynamic variation of Yoga, ideal for those who enjoy the practice but feel the need for something more intense. Therefore, it has been widely practiced in gyms – because it is essentially a more active type of Yoga. It has the influence of other methods, such as ashtanga vinyasa.

Yoga for Athletes – Sage Rountree Yoga teacher training

When yoga meets sports!


As someone interested in both yoga and sports, I am thrilled to suggest “Yoga for Athletes” online teacher training by Sage Rountree. I like the transformative power and comprehensive approach of this training.

Sage is a renowned columnist, author, teaching professor, and trainer who has crafted a dynamic program that combines online courses, reading materials, lectures, and discussion groups. This multifaceted approach proposes a deep and engaging learning experience.

The training improves your practice and also equips you with the tools to construct a solid business strategy. One of the standout features for me was how the course made yoga philosophy approachable, relevant, and easy to teach to students.

Moreover, this program is meticulously designed to equip you with the necessary skills to coach athletes of all levels. Whether you’re guiding beginners or seasoned professionals, the practical knowledge and techniques you acquire from this course will undoubtedly prove invaluable. Sage’s expertise permeates every aspect of the training, offering practical insights and strategies for seamlessly integrating yoga into athletic training.

In addition to the rich content, the community aspect of the course is truly inspiring. The discussion groups foster a supportive environment where you can share experiences, ask questions, and grow alongside fellow participants.

For anyone looking to bridge the gap between yoga and sports, “Yoga for Athletes” is a must. It offers a unique and in-depth connection between these two fields, making it an exceptional choice for athletes and yoga practitioners.

Included in this online yoga teacher training:

  • Format: Combining video footage from Sage’s week-long teachers’ intensive with online learning, reading, and homework, this course helps teachers of every form of yoga understand how to teach yoga to athletes. He attended a number of inspirational teachers and learning centers such as the Shivananda Yoga Centre, Ashtanga Yoga, and Iyengar Yoga.
  • Duration: 200 Hours (500 hours available)
  • Price: $1,699.00 (can also be taken as separate modules)
  • Yoga style: Hatha
  • Certification: Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour level certification in teaching yoga to athletes
  • Instagram: @sageroundtree
  • Website: yogainternational.com
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4. Restorative Yoga Certification Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating practice that focuses on restoring the body and mind to balance and tranquillity. Unlike more vigorous styles of Yoga, Restorative Yoga involves holding asanas, or poses, for extended periods, typically ranging from five to twenty minutes. This extended duration allows for a deep release of tension and promotes a meditative state.

What makes Restorative Yoga unique is the use of various props to support the body in each pose. These props can include eye pillows, walls, bolsters, blocks, blankets, yoga sandbags, straps, and chairs. These props aim to minimize any possible strain and alleviate stress, making the poses accessible and comfortable for everyone, regardless of flexibility or physical condition.

Online Yoga School

Yin, Restorative & Vinyasa all together!

Stephanie’s Online Yoga School: 200 and 300-Hr: Yin, Restorative & Vinyasa.

This intensive online yoga teacher training dives into the basics of yoga theory and teachings in a way that’s easy to understand and follow. The best part? You can go at your own pace and access the course from any computer.

Once you complete the course, you’ll get free lifetime access to their online group, plus plenty of extra support. They are staying supportive along your yoga journey, providing a reassuring presence every step of the way.

I like tha fact that even though it’s a self-paced course, you’ll still have direct access to the lead instructor, Stephanie Ball-Mitchell. She’s there to answer any questions or thoughts and ensure you feel supported every step of the way.

After finishing this yoga instructor certification, you can buy top-notch occupational liability protection for yoga instructors through Insurance Canopy. Plus, you’ll be recognized as a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-accredited yoga instructor.

Remember to check out all the extra incentive offers before you sign up! The cost of each course varies, so you can find the option that works best for you.

With this yoga certification online, you get:

  • Yamas, Niyamas – Yoga Philosophy
  • Ancient Texts, Styles of Yoga – Yoga History
  • Home Practice
  • Anatomy
  • The Chakras
  • Meditation
  • Chanting, Pranayamas
  • Basic Sanskrit
  • Posture, Body Assessment
  • Asanas (100+ Asanas covered across 9 Asana Categories),
  • Sequencing
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Preventing Injuries
  • Chair & Restorative Yoga
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Adjustments
  • Yoga as a Business
  • Website: courses.onlineyoga.school


  • Enroll in the 200 hours and get three bonus certifications for free that can be used as continuing education hours: Restorative, Chair yoga, and Ayurveda course.
  • Affordable tuition – $345, and convenient payment plans available.
  • Free listing in their Ultimate Yoga Teacher Directory with built-in SEO.
  • 3-months of free membership to their virtual yoga studio with live daily yoga classes and a library of on-demand yoga classes and workshops.
  • International community of yoga teachers.
  • Optional live sessions to support you in your journey.
  • Ongoing support, including weekly class plans, playlists, quotes, and more, to inspire you and support you in your teaching career.


  • No connection to in-person training.
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Restorative online yoga teacher training

A comprehensive program by Yoga International

yoga teacher training

In this yoga teacher training online, Cyndi Lee led students to learn how to work with different body sizes, shapes, and abilities while applying restorative poses and

principles. Cindy will also teach prop hacks for when traditional props are not available. Among the complete sequences shown in the course, she also offers two Buddhist meditation practices.

One of the differentials of this yoga instructor training is that Cindy will help students not only understand how to introduce a restorative pose into a class but also different ways to sequence a class for either energizing or quieting down.

Finally, she covers the most common teaching obstacles and different ways to overcome them, so that the students can feel confident after completing the course.

Included in this online restorative course:

  • Format: self-paced
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Yoga style: Restorative
  • Price: $225
  • Bite-size videos
  • Manual
  • PDF
  • Certification: Yoga alliance approved – Digital certificate of completion that counts for YACE* requirement.
  • Instagram: @yoga_international
  • Website: yogainternational.com
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Siddhi Yoga Restorative online yoga certification

Supportive and knowledgeable!

siddhi man laying on floor on yoga certification pillow green

This online yoga teacher training is 25 hours of self-paced instruction by Yoga Master Dr. Shobhit Ghanshyala in Rishikesh, India. Affectionately known as Govinda, Shobhit discovered Yoga in his early twenties.

He studied with many inspiring teachers and different traditional schools as well as in ashrams like Shivananda ashram, Ashtanga, and Iyengar. He is a certified E-RYT500 and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) from Yoga Alliance USA.

This yoga instructor training focuses on what is Restorative Yoga, its history, how to use the appropriate props, the benefits of the practice, and the principles of teaching and demonstration. It also put some light on the difference between Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga.

Included in this yoga teacher training online:

  • Format: Self-paced training
  • Duration: 25 hours
  • Price: $147
  • Yoga Style: Restorative
  • 50 pages manual
  • 40 + video training
  • Certification: Yoga alliance approved – 25 YACEP hours
  • Access to a private group
  • Lifetime access and support
  • Website: siddhiyoga.online
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5. Iyengar Online Training Certifications.

Iyengar Yoga is focused on the teachings of master B.K.S Iyengar. In this online yoga certification, asanas are taught with high technical rigor and focus on alignment, the beginner student quickly gains vitality by bringing the flow of prana to his cells, awakening body awareness and integrally improving his health.

Yoga Vastu

A beginners’training!

vast screenshot webpage yoga instructor training 3 images 2 people demonstrating pose

Yoga Vastu offers great Iyengar yoga videos that stream live. They have forty years of teaching experience and are still keeping up with the latest music trends.

They have a variety of classes and yoga certification programs online, but the Iyengar basic foundation training is for a beginner student. This beginner online YTT shows a step-by-step introduction to the basic postures and allows a regular progression class by class.

The aim is to help students construct a firm understanding of the subject and prepare them for more comprehensive training.

Included in this yoga certification online:

  • Format: a five-part course through videos.
  • Duration: around 5 hours.
  • Price: 3 free videos or unlimited access to the training for 14 days.
  • Monthly fee: $12.24
  • Annual fee: $123.74
  • Yoga style: Iyengar
  • Certification: No
  • Instagram: @yogavastu
  • Website: yogavastu.com
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6. Best Yoga Nidra Yoga Certification Online

Yoga Nidra, often called yogic sleep, is a powerful meditation technique in our online yoga teacher training. This practice involves a guided meditation that brings you deep, conscious relaxation, promoting physical, mental, and emotional tranquillity. Unlike typical sleep, Yoga Nidra allows you to remain fully aware while your body achieves profound rest and rejuvenation.

It’s profoundly restorative and helps connect with a sense of inner peace and wholeness, making it an invaluable tool for reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being.

Scott Moore Yoga

Build your own voice!

 Nidra Scott Moore Yoga Teacher Training alliance 200 hour

According to Scott, one of the things that differentiate Yoga Nidra from other forms of mindfulness is its emphasis on getting relaxed as the gateway to experiencing your True Nature, that of Awareness itself.

This online yoga instructor Nidra training assists in fostering an enhanced Yoga Nidra awareness. Also, it teaches students its philosophy and how they can find their own voice to show it authentically and powerfully.

Included in this online certification:

  • Format: Self-paced
  • Duration: 20 Hours
  • Price: $345 (full) or payment plans available.
  • Yoga style: Nidra
  • Audio Files
  • Video files
  • Scripts
  • Full book
  • Instruction manual
  • Certification: Yoga alliance approved – Yes, you can earn 20 hours of continuing education accredited by Yoga Alliance.
  • Website: scottmooreyoga.com
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7. Yin Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification

The practice of yin yoga is related to this Taoist view of the world and to the division that it does everything in yin/yang and this transformation of energy that occurs continuously.

The term yin started to be used to differentiate it from yang practices, as the main physical and energetic focus is another.

While yang practices – such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga – focus mainly on strengthening muscles, stimulating the cardiovascular system, and increasing flexibility, yin practice more effectively targets other tissues in the body, the connective tissue that forms our joints (bones and ligaments), which are often so neglected throughout life that we end up “rusty” in old age.

Pranamaya Yin Yoga

The Functional Approach!

Paul grilley yoga instructor training group of people black outfits

Paul Grilley, the master teacher of The Functional Approach course, believes that the idea that everyone must achieve a visually “perfect pose” is a fallacy that can result in ineffectiveness and even injury.

That’s why in this online YTT – which fits both beginners and teachers – the students learn to identify the 7 archetypal pose families, their purposes and variations, the 24 Target Areas of the body, and the essential anatomical aspects of each Yin Yoga pose.

Included in this yoga instructor certification online:

  • Format: self-paced
  • Duration: 20 Hours. Lifetime access.
  • Price: $495
  • Yoga style: Yin Yoga
  • Video content
  • Downloadable study guide
  • Certification: Yoga alliance approved – Certificate of Completion that can be registered with Yoga Alliance for 20 CEU (Continuing Education Units) Credits.
  • Website: pranamaya.com
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Karma Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training

Basic and approachable!

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Karma Yoga Kundalini teacher training online will cover Kundalini consciousness, pranayama, practice, embodiment, as well as mantras and chakras.

Their approach includes not only the yoga poses but offers a focus on breath, alignment, and injury avoidance.

They make consistent efforts in creating an inclusive learning environment, despite being online, and provide feedback to all students throughout the program so they can finish the course confident to teach.

Included in this Kundalini yoga certification online programs:

  • Format: self-paced + one on one
  • Duration: 4 weeks. Lifetime access.
  • Price: $695 (full). Payment plans are available on their website
  • E-books
  • Mentorship
  • Yoga style: Kundalini
  • Certification: Kundalini Yoga YTT Certification
  • Instagram: @karmayogaca
  • Website: karmayoga.ca

9. Prenatal Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications

A Prenatal YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) course not only empowers you to support expectant mothers through their unique pregnancy journey but also enhances your skills as a yoga instructor, broadening your teaching scope to include this critical life stage. These trainings offer pregnant women a safe and nurturing environment to connect deeply with their bodies and growing babies. As a teacher, you learn specialized techniques and modifications to ensure yoga practices are safe, supportive, and beneficial for women at all stages of pregnancy. This certification opens the door to specialized classes that focus on preparing women physically and mentally for childbirth, helping them manage stress and build strength and flexibility to aid in recovery.

Brett Larkin’s Prenatal Yoga

Pregnant & Powerful!

brett larkin prenatal yoga instructor training 200 hour online yoga schools

As a yoga teacher, I’ve found immense value in Brett’s presentation of this training. It’s not just about relaxing the pelvic floor or mastering breathwork; Brett brings a holistic and experiential approach to learning.

She beautifully explains yoga’s profound principles in the course, which she offers as a transformative journey through pregnancy or as a comprehensive yoga instructor certification with the Teacher’s Edition.

The Uplifted Pregnant and Powerful course is a unique online yoga teacher training that taps into your inner wisdom—whether you’re on your pregnancy journey or guiding others. This course transcends physical postures; it incorporates mental work, mantras, and affirmations to address and alleviate any pregnancy or childbirth-related anxieties.

This additional layer of knowledge is invaluable, enhancing our ability to offer expectant mothers a supportive, empowering experience. Brett’s hands-on approach and deep understanding of pregnancy yoga’s spiritual and physical aspects make this course a must for any yoga teacher looking to specialize in prenatal yoga.

Included in The Uplifted Pregnant and Powerful online YTT program:

  • Price – $USD187 ($USD 137 for a limited time)
  • Teacher’s edition – $ USD 199 ($ USD 159 for a limited time)
  • Teaching Prenatal Basics videos (this is the same content as our prenatal part for those of you who took the UpliftedTM 200-Hour YTT)
  • Teaching: Pregnant & PowerfulTM Teacher Audio & Video Tutorial
  • 3 Pregnant & PowerfulTM Yoga Sequences with written words and poses
  • Prenatal Dos & Don’t PDF Teaching
  • Prenatal Yoga Certificate upgraded (upon passing final quiz)
  • 10 Hours of non-contact CE RYT credit (Please note that these are YCEP Hours of continuing education, not RPYT identification, which includes 85+ hours of contact time, prenatal, and individual education)
  • Inspired prenatal yoga routines, Hatha, Vinyasa & Kundalini.
  • Kundalini meditations and pregnancy mantras
  • six-class series for improving the physical and subtle labor force for the first and second quarters
  • Tutorials on pregnancy and breathing
  • Seated (or Walking) Meditations Main Mantras and Mudras
  • Kundalini Job Preparedness Meditations
  • Book, podcasts list
  • Brett’s story about her uncensored birth + job tips
  • 4 Lessons in audio
  • Yoga Nidra for Exhausted Moms Pre/Postpartum
  • Kriya practice 40 days of postpartum
  • Postnatal + Kundalini Practicum BONUS Pre/postnatal Yoga Nidra
  • website: brettlarkin.com/prenatal-yoga
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Enhancing Yoga Teaching Knowledge with Trauma-Informed Training

yoga teacher training

Trauma-informed yoga teacher training programs, like those offered by Yoga Medicine, delve into the neuroscience of trauma and the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

These comprehensive trainings equip instructors with the skills necessary to effectively support a wide range of students, from those managing daily stressors to those overcoming significant trauma.

This approach not only broadens the scope of traditional yoga teaching but also enriches the instructor’s ability to foster a healing environment. For more details on this training, visit Yoga Medicine’s trauma-informed training.

Additional Support After Your Online Yoga Teacher Training – Bridge Education.

As a yoga teacher, your responsibilities are to develop welcoming classes and well-balanced, cohesive sequencing. There are a few courses you can take that offer “bridge” education for instructors, helping you complete your YTT and giving you additional confidence as new yoga teacher.

Take a glance at Zazyoga.com ($797.00 USD) as well as BrettLarkin bridge course. (US$ 1397.00).

Prioritizing Self-Care in Your Yoga Teaching Journey

As a yoga teacher, your role often extends beyond instructing poses—you become a spiritual guide and a role model to your students. I would like for you to remember that you are the face of your yoga business, and students will look up to you not just for guidance in their physical practice but also for holistic well-being.

Practicing what you preach is essential. Your students expect you to embody a well-balanced lifestyle, which inspires you to continue learning and growing personally and professionally. To maintain this balance, establish a daily routine supporting your emotional and physical health. Remember, you are more effective and can give more to your students when feeling rejuvenated and replenished.

Taking care of yourself allows you to fully present yourself to your students, demonstrating the correct ways to enter poses and perform modifications, especially for beginners or those with injuries. By prioritizing your well-being, you ensure you can sustainably share your passion for yoga without burning out.

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In Essence

I aimed for this article to provide you with a well-rounded understanding of the best yoga teacher training online currently available. It includes various online yoga certification programs and tips that I hope will help you find the best online yoga teacher training option that fits your needs and your vision of the perfect training.

As mentioned above, my personal recommendation for this year 2024 is the 200 Hour Yoga Movement Yoga teacher training, and our publisher’s favorite is MyVinyasa YTT which you can take as a 200/300 or 500 hours but again this is very personal.

Take your time exploring the best options for your yoga certification online program and online yoga school. Choose the one that resonates with your current focus and goals. Remember to consider your commitment to the practice and the various cost options available.

Trust your journey, and let your passion for yoga guide you to the perfect training program.

Happy learning and Namaste.

Note: We value your feedback and would love to hear about your experiences after your trainings. Please feel free to reach out to us at editors@yogitimes.com.

Affiliate Disclaimer: 

Some of the links provided in this article are affiliate links. This means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost if you purchase through these links. Please be assured that our recommendations are based solely on the quality and relevance of the courses to your yoga journey, not on any potential affiliate relationships. We strive to guide you to the best options that meet your needs and preferences.


Stable internet, a computer or tablet, and sometimes specific software or apps as recommended by the training program.

Create a structured schedule, prioritize live sessions, and allocate time for self-study and practice.

Many programs offer adaptations for different abilities, but it’s important to communicate your needs to the instructors.

Some programs offer alumni networks, continued education opportunities, and resources for starting your teaching career.

Look for programs offering recordings of live sessions or those with flexible live session timings.

Some online courses incorporate teaching assignments or offer virtual classrooms for practice.

Comprehensive programs include yoga philosophy and meditation, often through dedicated modules or integrated lessons.

Opportunities vary from teaching at studios or online platforms to starting your own yoga business or further specializing in yoga disciplines.

Yes, all Online Yoga Teacher Training programs are available worldwide. Please be mindful of time zone differences when purchasing, as class schedules may vary.

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