feminine energy in motherhood
feminine energy in motherhood

Motherhood is a journey that should be undertaken with joy, yet this is not the…

sat nam meaning in yoga and how to use it?
sat nam meaning in yoga and how to use it?

Sat Nam meaning is true identity. ‘Sat’ meaning truth and ‘Nam’, identity. Sat Nam is in…

vow of silence taking taking monks vows speaking
the vow of silence, an introduction, and guidance

Is speaking with silence a real thing? Have you thought about all the ways monks…

Couples talking on the roof values in a relationship relationship values core needs to look for things what are partner most important list examples having different
core values in a relationship

Core values represent what is crucial to you; therefore, they are essential to the quality…

shibari rop bondage ties shibaru
shibari: knotty rope bondage to secure every part of you

Are you looking to add a little extra something to your love life? A few…

tired mom and son burnout stressed exhausted
how to deal with being a tired mom

Solutions for a stressed out mom Being a mother is full of extraordinary and memorable…

group of people meditating can-breathwork heal pain anxiety soma breathing technique emotion breathwork meditation training soma breathing
can soma breathing and breathwork meditation really heal pain & anxiety?

Can breathwork and Soma Breathing training really benefit us? To breathe is to be alive:…

woman newspaper on face dr gardner intelligences
the 9 types of intelligences according to Howard Gardner

Through this article, let’s do justice to all beautiful beings who sometimes doubted their intelligence,…

what are the NLP techniques that can help us in our lives?

woman sitting on the grass while smiling

Niraj Naik breathwork healer Soma Breathwork Soma breath
Niraj Naik – his true calling as a breathwork healer with soma breathing

“You have two options. You either get your colon removed, or you can be a…