the call of bali – a 6-day retreat to re-connect

A dive into Balinese spirituality, guidance through your inner journey, March 31- April 5, 2024

the call of bali - a 6-day retreat of inner and outer discovery

Sophie Daubisse, a Five Rhythm dance expert and workshop leaders, invites you to embark on a transformative journey in the heart of Bali with her upcoming 6 days retreat on April 5, 2024 – The Call of Bali.

With over 15 years of experience organizing events centered around conscious living, Sophie expertly guides participants through introspection and external exploration. Her expertise in well-being, particularly in conscious dancing and body movement, adds depth to this unique retreat experience.

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More than just a getaway

This retreat is a a deep dive into self-awareness and spiritual growth, harmoniously blending with the cultural richness of Bali. Sophie’s approach is holistic, considering individual well-being and the impact on the local environment and community. The retreat actively contributes to sustainable practices, promoting a ‘Zero Impact’ philosophy.

Participants will engage in various activities, from traditional Balinese ceremonies like Melukat (water purification) and Agni Hotra (Brahmanic fire ceremony) to conscious dancing and sound healing sessions. The retreat’s design intertwines the spiritual essence of Bali with the practicalities of sustainable living, making it a truly unique offering.

Sophie’s commitment to giving back to Bali is evident in the retreat’s structure. Activities like reforestation with the Junglo organization and cultural exchanges with local women showcase a deep respect and appreciation for the island and its people. This approach enriches the retreat experience and fosters a genuine connection between participants and the local community.

“Any retreat organized by Sophie is not to be missed. She is an engaging and thoughtful leader who creates magical experiences for people to learn, connect, reflect and grow. Highly recommended!” – Sunny, Bali

Bali, the “Island of the Gods”

the call of bali - a 6-day retreat of inner and outer discovery

We all have images of rice fields, Balinese dancers in bright colors, processions of women carrying offerings on their heads, and dancers in terrifying masks and costumes. It’s not folklore. These images are part of the daily life in Bali.

While we live in a world undergoing a profound transformation where the values and references of the past no longer seem to work today, people question themselves and want to understand better who they are and each other.

Bali, attracts many people in search of meaning.

But as if the spiritual nature of Bali and its inhabitants were not enough, we are witnessing a frantic rush of spiritual practice offerings on the islands of the gods. They come from everywhere and anyone. Some are authentic; others are entirely improvised. Finding our way around takes time.

“Where authenticity is highly prized, there are bound to be counterfeits.” 

Cizia Zyke

The magic of Bali

Furthermore, in this spiral of spiritual quest and inner journey, it is easy to miss important parts of the inner work: giving back, listening, exchanging, and remaining humble in the face of this island. And its inhabitants, being generous.

There is also a sad reality that the voyager in awe of some beauty all around beauty is reluctant to accept: pollution. However, it is very accurate in this supposed paradise: trash bags on the side of the roads, in the rivers, on the beaches, burnt trash and plastic, lack of waste management, and marine pollution.

A Sustainable Approach

Throwing stones at the locals would be unfair. The massive and constant flow of tourists contributes enormously to this sad reality, pushing this island to its limit.

Fortunately, we are witnessing an equal growth of initiatives to counterbalance this situation and move toward sustainable development, particularly tourism.

These 6-day retreats are part of this ecological movement and an attempt to “Zero impact” on the environment.

In line with the retreat’s commitment to sustainability, efforts are made to minimize environmental impact. It focuses on zero plastic use, waste sorting, and supporting local recycling initiatives.

Participants are encouraged to engage in these practices, making the retreat an experience of conscious living and the retreat leaders commit to the following:

  • Use zero plastic during retirement.
  • Sort the waste that will be produces.
  • Send the recyclable items to the only recycling company on the island: Éco-Bali participates in a reforestation activity with Junglo organization to offset our carbon footprint as much as possible, only using local products.

“Each year, more than 300,000 tonnes of plastic waste are produced in Bali- The Eco Bali organization recovers and contributes to recycling 10,000 tonnes of it”

An Enlightening Program

The retreat’s program is carefully curated to balance inner spiritual journeys with engaging external activities and is offered through Sophie’s company, VITAEQUILIBRIUM. Supported by its core practices, in collaboration with professional and experienced facilitators, vitaEquilibrium organizes workshops, retreats, and experiences for a better life in balance.

From conscious dance sessions that explore body awareness to cultural dinners that immerse you in Balinese traditions, every aspect is designed to nurture the soul and ignite a sense of purpose and connection.

About your host and organizer Sophie Daubisse

Sophie Daubisse is your host and the organizer for this retreat. She takes you on this magnificent inner journey. But she doesn’t do it alone. Collaboration and sharing are some of her Motus Operandi: other professional speakers will accompany her. She has over 15 years of experience organizing retreats, events, and festivals around conscious living and sustainable development, mainly in Canada and Bali.

The second string she has to her bow is well-being, the exploration of the body in movement and conscious dancing. She has more than 30 years of experience in this field.

After almost ten years of learning and practicing 5Rhythms, she is finishing her teaching certification this year. She enriches this practice with BMC (body-mind centering) and somatic movement training. She has lived in France, Canada, and Bali for ten years.

This island marked a significant turning point in her journey of inner growth, thanks to the omnipresence of spirituality and the richness of the encounters she had made. Sophie gives back to Bali and its people every chance she gets. Organizing and leading retreats is one of them.

She takes you off the beaten track both inside and outside, all with a great sense of detail, attention, and kindness.

The Call of Bali Participation Options

Sophie has thoughtfully provided various participation options to accommodate different financial situations. Whether you can pay the regular price, require a discount, or offer financial support to another participant, there’s a place for you at this retreat.

The price covers all retreat activities, cultural experiences, donations to nonprofit organizations, transportation for activities, one massage, and meals. However, it does not include accommodation, plane tickets, airport transportation, or personal expenses.

For those seeking an authentic, enriching, and sustainable retreat experience, ‘The Call of Bali’ promises to be a journey that transcends the typical. It’s an opportunity to grow, connect, and contribute meaningfully, all within The Call of Bali. 

This extraordinary experience where personal growth meets cultural immersion and ecological awareness is one of the gems you can find on the island of Bali.

The Call of Bali…more than a retreat

The program for this retreat is intended to be a the balance between an inner and spiritual journey in resonance with Bali, pampering ourselves, interior ecology, caring support from professionals, the external journey towards others, meetings and sharing, outdoor activities, and carbon footprint offset

The Call of Bali Retreat Program 

Day 1

Arrival Opening circle

Day 2

Melukat (water purification ceremony)
Free time, massage
Dance consciously
Spontaneous artistic expression
Collective games

Day 3

Conscious dance
Sound healing session
Lunch at the PKP women’s center
Cultural activities with women (making offering baskets)
Spontaneous artistic expression

Day 4

Breathwork session
Free time, massages
Reflections and sharing
Agni Hotra (Brahmanic fire ceremony)
Cultural dinner

Day 5

Reforestation activity with the Junglo organization
Percussion workshop
Dinner and celebration

Day 6

Closing circle
Check out
Lunch and departure
Prices & conditions

“Tell me, and I forget; teach me, and I may remember; involve me, and I learn.” 

Benjamin Franklin

APRIL 2024 RETREAT- 3 possibilities

1- Your finances allow you to pay the regular price or you register and pay after August 1 2024: 760 €
2- Your finances are a bit tight, or you register and pay before August 1 2024: -10% off the normal price
3- Your finances are very tight: contact us to find a payment plan together.
4- You are financially very comfortable and can afford to pay a bit more than the regular price to offer financial help to another participant. Thank you for them.

Price includes:

  • All practices and support during the retreat (meditation, conscious dancing, sound healing, breathwork, etc…)
  • All cultural activities (melukat, agni hotra, cultural dinner…)
  • A donation to nonprofit organizations
  • All transportation to go to activities during the retreat
  • One massage
  • Three meals per day (from Sunday dinner to Friday lunch)

Price does not include:

  • Accommodation (possibility of staying on site. Payment to be made directly with the center. Approximate price from 50 euros per night)
  • Plane ticket to get to Bali
  • Transportation from and to the airport
  • Personal expenses.

Payment, cancellation, and other conditions:

In the event of cancellation by the participant,75% of the amounts paid will be reimbursed up to 1 month before the start of retirement. 50% of the amounts paid will be refunded up to 2 weeks before the beginning of the retreat

Beyond two weeks, no amount can be refunded in the event of cancellation in the event of cancellation on our part, the amounts already paid will be refunded in full under eight confirmed participants; the retreat will not happen – Paiement options: transfer Wise – Indonesian local bank transfer, European local bank transfer, Canadian local bank transfer.

The Call of Bali – Reservation and information : 

WA: +62-812-393-44042