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garudasana - eagle pose
Photography by callain motion

garudasana - eagle pose

by Yogi Times yogi times
Practice Yoga | New Style

are your muscles tight
Hey there super-yogis! This pose is a combination of balance, strength, and stretching. Garudasana (Eagle pose) is great for unlocking tension in the shoulders and developing strength in the ankles.

Garudasana can feel like you are tying yourself in a knot, but once you get used to it, you’ll feel its instant benefits!

From Mountain pose, bend your right knee, and cross your left leg in front of it. If you can, double cross the leg, so that the left foot tucks behind the right calf.

Now for the top of the body. Extend your right arm, and place your left arm underneath it, so the arms touch above the elbow. Move the left-hand up and the right hand back, so that your palms come together and the arms are entwined. If the palms don’t reach, then take a hold of the right wrist with the left hand.

Once you are in the pose, pull your shoulder blades down the back, and scoop your elbows forward – feeling the great release in the top of the shoulders! Stay here for 10 breaths and repeat on the other side.



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