Amanda Sun

Yoga Instructor & Wellness Consultant Mountain wanderer 🏔️ | Yogi at heart 🧘‍♀️| Dog lover 🐶 | China ➔ Italy ➔ Bangkok 🌏 | Culinary explorer 🍳 Since embarking on a yoga journey in 2010, I have developed a deep connection with this practice, gaining certification as a yoga teacher and enriching their experience across Asia, Europe, and Australia. Complementing their yoga expertise, they have a 7-year background in food and beverage consulting, underscoring a commitment to health and wellness. Passionate about nature, travel, and exploration, I integrate these elements into their holistic approach to life and wellness, inspiring others on their journey towards personal growth.

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transformative journey: my experience with yogarenew's ytt200 online course


my experience with yogarenew’s 200 online ytt course

Are you looking for a comprehensive dive into the YogaRenew Online YTT? Look no further....
YogaRenew Unveiled: My Exploration of the Virtual Yoga World


discovering yogarenew: my personal journey with online yoga subscriptions

This is my comprehensive review of this recently discovered platform YogaRenew Streaming. If you ask...
Disadvantages of Yoga


what are the three disadvantages of yoga?

The first time I tried yoga was 16 years ago. I remember very well that...
what kind of therapy is best for couples

GROW, Interpersonal Relationships

what kind of therapy is best for couples?

Navigating the complexities of a relationship can often require professional guidance, and choosing the right...
Hydrogen Water Pros and Cons


hydrogen water pros and cons

What was the first time you stumbled upon the concept of using more hydrogen in...
What should I do after 200 hours of ytt?


what should i do after 200 hours of ytt?

Remember the first time you stepped onto a yoga mat, feeling a mix of anticipation...