brett larkin’s 200 hour online ytt review

Yoga Uplifted Training – Is This Online Training Worth It?

Taking yoga teacher training is a big investment. There are so many options out there. As you do your research, one that stands out is the Brett Larkin’s 200 hour Online YTT. 

I yearned to take yoga teacher training for years, but was unable to dedicate myself to a studio for 3-4 months.

Once I decided to certify online, I was overwhelmed with the amount of options.

There were lots of cheaper online trainings than Uplifted Yoga Teacher Training, but it wasn’t clear to me exactly what I was getting with those programs after I enrolled. 

One thing that made me comfortable taking the plunge was that Uplifted makes it easy to download the syllabus, watch sample videos, practice yoga with Brett on Youtube (I love her videos) and even book a call to talk it through. 

After I booked a call (which is free to do) and talked to Barbie on the Uplifted admissions team, I felt so supported.

I also learned many health and wellness professionals gravitate toward this program.

It’s one of the only online trainings that has met additional requirements to be sanctioned through ACE, NSAM, AFAA, and most recently, VA Hospitals 🤯. 

So my short answer…YES. The Uplifted training is absolutely worth the price tag. But read everything I have to say about the course so you understand exactly why.

The Uplifted 200-hr Online Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

There are tons of online yoga teacher trainings now (thank you pandemic of 2020), but the Uplifted training was the first to specialize in online learning, offering online yoga certification for many years prior to COVID.  

Their experience in the online space shows in how well the curriculum is organized. 

Let me break it down….

Home Study

The Uplifted training is divided into two parts. The moment you register you start the Home Study portion, watching videos on your computer or the Uplifted mobile app. 

Your manual ships. I loved having a paper manual and getting the Uplifted manual delivered to my house felt very exciting and special (more on that later). 

For me, this Home Study portion was a dream. I had a full time job in computer programming and a 9-month old baby at home.

The idea that I could watch course material on my lunch break and during my son’s naps was incredible. And yes, you can watch an entire video during a 30 minute lunch break because the videos are sectioned into smaller portions! 

The pre-recorded videos range in time, from 5 minutes to an hour, but the majority of them are 20 minutes, and fun to watch. The wisdom is deep, but Brett and the instructors also keep it entertaining.  

Almost all the videos are professionally shot in a studio (NOT just a teacher sitting in front of a Zoom screen). With the close-up angles of skeletons, bodies and bones it’s like you’re actually in the room learning in real time. 

A bonus I liked: Each section of training comes with suggested yoga classes to help you physically experience what you’re learning. 

The subject matter ranges from anatomy lectures, the Yoga Sutras, philosophy, the Chakras, intricate alignment and adaptation details to business start-up and even beginning ayurvedic information.

All taught by Brett with leading experts in the respective fields. 

To say I was struck by the depth of material in this training is an understatement.

Brett really pulls out all the stops to provide the highest quality information.

I was particularly impressed by the module on the fascia, which, with its clarity and depth, broke down barriers to understanding a part of the body that is often overlooked.

The best part of having this pre-recorded content? Having the ability to pause, stop, rewind and reflect. I love rewatching some of the videos to sharpen my awareness on certain subjects.

The lifetime access is an asset considering the material is constantly improved upon and updated. I know that there have been more business tutorials added since I did my training and I can’t wait to go watch them!

Interactive LIVE Portion

Close to 100 hours of the material is premade video content. Then you have the live zoom component. 

These live calls on zoom are required to graduate.

No getting away with passive learning at Uplifted. The instructors WANT to get to know you and see you succeed, so they offer three live zoom call options per week, and you’re required to attend one of the three.  

In the live calls, you act on what you learned in the Home Study portion. You can ask questions. You practice teaching yoga to your peers.

Yep that’s right, you get started teaching right away. Which is great to help you build your confidence as an instructor.  

There’s also a lot of information about how to make the poses work for a variety of body types and abilities. This was extremely helpful when I went to later teach my mother-in-law, who’d never done yoga before.

At the end of each live call with Brett or Jen or Katrina, you go into small groups to go over the material with your peers or do more practice teaching.

These interactive elements were not mere “add-ons” but integral parts of the learning journey. The Uplifted community is so tight-knit, and it’s because they have systems in place to really connect students with each other.  

As someone who did their entire Bachelor’s Degree with an online university, I can tell you that the Uplifted online programs are extremely well-organized and actually designed for your success.

That’s why the graduation rate is so much higher than most online schools (a whopping 90+% graduation rate!)

It’s expensive. But you get what you pay for. 

Technology-wise, I loved the mobile app and being able to download videos for offline viewing.

Obviously zoom can have issues, but the Uplifted team works really well keeping things up to date and explaining the technology changes every time an update happens.

The Paper Manual

The paper manual that ships to your home is maybe my favorite part of this training. It is such a valuable resource.

Every private session I’ve had since graduation has had me referring back to my manual in some form. Whether it be to sharpen my cues, or help me find pose inspiration.

This gorgeous book has descriptions for all of the videos you watch, space for note-taking, but most importantly it has done-for-you content.

From sequences, specific cues to use for certain poses, to forms you’ll need for business; Uplifted has thought of it all and put it right in your hands.

How Uplifted Stands Out Among The Rest

There are two main ways this training stood out for me:

Building Confidence

This program gives you CONFIDENCE. Confidence in the material that you know is valid, and confidence in teaching by helping you find your voice early on. 

I wasn’t sure I wanted to teach (I didn’t like the idea of being in a studio).

But Brett goes in depth on all of the different avenues you can take your certification (privates, corporates, retreats, studios, online etc.) and this made me confident in my ability to provide private sessions to clients. 

Reliability & Support

After making big changes in my life and moving across the country, I know that when I’m ready to start rebuilding my client base, my Uplifted 200-hr tools are still available to me to help.

And the friends I’ve made through the program are there to support me. Just like they were during the program.

If you’re curious to hear from someone who has taken multiple yoga teacher training programs, including Uplifted, I encourage you to check out more trainings here.

Conclusion on Brett Larkin’s 200 hour Online YTT

If you’re truly passionate about yoga, thinking about professionally teaching, and want a highly organized certification surrounded by peers who are just as dedicated as you, the Uplifted Yoga Teacher Training is for you.

The ease of use and interactive component is unmatched, bringing together:

✨ The scientific and spiritual. 

✨ The physical and the philosophical. 

✨ The head and the heart.  

It also has a wealth of information about the business side of yoga. Sure, it’s a lot and can be intimidating or overwhelming.

But what’s great is that between booking a call with their team to just explore the program through to the live zoom calls once you’re registered, you have an incredible amount of support FROM REAL PEOPLE to guide you.

The Uplifted staff is small and everyone knows each other. It feels like a family. So those uncomfortable feelings will quickly fade.

Uplifted is not just a course to teach you how to instruct yoga, but a transformational journey where you learn so much more about yourself too.