zazyoga 200-hour online ytt review

I enjoyed taking the Zazyoga 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training course and wanted to share my experience with those considering a similar path.

From the start, I was impressed by the attentive and supportive nature of the teachers, Marylene and Ella.

They were always available to answer questions and provide feedback and support throughout the course.

Standout Qualities

Expertise of Instructors

One of the standout qualities of this training is the high level of knowledge and expertise possessed by both Marylene and Ella.

Their comprehensive understanding of spirituality, philosophy, anatomy, trauma-informed language, and safe space holding sets this training apart.

They complement each other well, offering students a well-rounded education from multiple perspectives.

Abundance of Resources

Another highlight is the abundance of resources provided in this course.

In addition to over 250 hours of video content, detailed PDF modules on pranayama, asanas, and yoga philosophy, plus five different ebooks ready to be downloaded and read, are also provided.

This multifaceted approach to learning ensures that students thoroughly understand the material.

There are also classes on business and the art of teaching to learn the yoga part and the business and actual how-to teaching part. 

Course Structure

Organized Learning

The whole course is organized beautifully. Split into 30 modules, reflect each day as if each day was new and you were learning all of this in person.

Each Module/Day includes then the following: Morning Practise (meditation, pranayama, asana movement and a journaling prompt), Asana Lab, Yoga Philosophy/alternating each day with Yoga anatomy and philosophy and Energy anatomy and subtle bodies, and ending with an evening practise.

You reflect a full day of learning as if you were there in person.

Each practice is also logically linked to the other; if you go through sun salutation asanas in the asana lab, then in your morning practice, you would have had a bit more on the sun salutations yourself, too.

Then, evening practice would be a way to rebalance the body after that morning practice. 

It can all be done separately and on different days, but it is so well put together that doing a whole module in one day follows a logical and structured system.

Asana Lab and Materials

The Asana lab covers each posture per video, with modifications we can make as teachers.

It also includes everything in a printable PDF, so you can keep it all handy without looking at the video afterwards.

I printed all of mine and often referred to them as a folder of asanas with their benefits, contraindications, and modifications. 

Engaging Learning Process

Zaz Yoga Online YTT review Marylene Henri

I found the learning process to be engaging and immersive. After each video course, students are given homework assignments to integrate and practically apply their knowledge.

This approach helps reinforce learning and encourages active participation in the material.

Emphasis on Embodied Education

Daily Practices

Another unique aspect of this training is the emphasis on embodied education.

Daily two-hour morning practices allow students to not only learn theory but also embody the teachings through their own practice.

Each practice includes guided meditation, pranayama, and asana sequences that correlate with the studied material.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Course Flexibility

One of the standout features of this course is its flexibility. Students can complete the course at their own pace in 30 days or six months.

This flexibility allows for a deeper understanding of the material and the ability to revisit it as needed.


I was pleasantly surprised by how accessible this course was in terms of experience level and physical ability.

As someone with a chronic illness, I found the teachings to be adaptable and inclusive, allowing me to engage in the practice of yoga safely.

Community and Continued Learning

They have a Facebook community of around 238 members, probably even more on the course platform.

I have loved making connections through the course and found my soul sister through it, too, with whom I still stay in contact, and we even plan retreats together!

Their course welcomes people from around the world, so it is incredible that I now have beautiful contacts in many locations worldwide.

You can make some great connections with live calls and the Facebook group if you want.

Access to the weekly/monthly extra workshops and special guest talks has also greatly benefited the course. The learning truly doesn’t end just with your certification. 

screenshot of backend platform 200 hour online YTT zazyoga marylene henri

Comparative Analysis

As I have only completed the Zazyoga online YTT program so far, I cannot provide a comparative analysis with other courses.

This initial review reflects my unique experience with Zazyoga.

In the future, after participating in another training, I will update this review to offer a comparative perspective and better guide potential students in making an informed decision.


Overall, Zazyoga’s Online Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive and well-rounded course accessible to all bodies.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, this course offers valuable insights and practical knowledge.

The supportive community, engaging learning process, and flexibility in learning make this course a worthwhile investment in your growth as a yoga teacher.

Once you complete Zazyoga training, you will have all the knowledge to start teaching immediately! This is a curse and a blessing, as, after this course, I struggled to find additional training that wouldn’t cover what we already know because of how comprehensive and complete it is. 

I don’t imagine ever doing all that in in-person training.

There is so much information, to which I can go back even now, four years after my training.

If I get a student with a shoulder injury, I can return to the relevant videos and refresh my memory to ensure I am of the utmost support. 

Even during the course, having the option to listen to parts of the video is very helpful so I can slow down in note-taking and really take it all in. 

If you consider taking a yoga teacher training course, check out Zazyoga’s offerings. The knowledge, support, and resources provided in this course are invaluable and have impacted my teaching practice.