Katie Hockley

Katie Hockley – 500-Hour Registered Yoga and Well-Being Coach, Life-Long Student, and Proponent of Leaps of Faith!

Professional Journey

As the owner and creator of Mighty Leap Yoga and Karma Retreats EU, I utilise a blend of yoga and complimentary practices to improve peoples’ well-being, specifically supporting them through periods of change. Much of the motivation behind this is the many times in my life where I have had to take a leap of faith.

A Leap of Faith

The most significant leap in recent years is giving up a high-paying musical career in England and leaving my home, friends, and family, in favour of moving to Greece, becoming a self-employed yoga teacher, and a step-mum in a relatively short span of time. My mantra for life: Trust the plan!

Current Base and Offerings

Originally from Kent, UK, and now based in Athens, I work primarily online offering live and recorded programs, as well as private sessions. I also focus much of my energy creating and leading transformative, and healing retreats in and around Greece.

Teaching Philosophy and Approach

It’s important to me to take a broad approach to well-being and personal development – every body and every need is different - and I am committed to leading students through a transformational journey.

Specialized Yoga Styles and Practices

Thanks to some incredible mentors and educational programs, I create courses which cover a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Raja, Yin, Restorative Yoga, and Chair Yoga. I have also engineered yoga for singers, which works with freeing the voice and simultaneously using it to free the body.

Additional Healing Modalities

I am also qualified to offer energy healing which, together with crystal bowl sound baths, cacao ceremonies, QiGong, breathwork, and tapping techniques, comprises a veritable smorgasbord of tools on offer.

Well-Being Practitioner Credentials

I am a qualified Well-Being practitioner with accreditation from the PKP Kinesiology College, which comes with its own abundant bag of tricks.

Fitness Classes for Mature Students

Most recently, I have begun offering fifteen-minute yoga-inspired fitness classes for mature students. These are designed to condition the body, increasing strength and improving mobility.

Early Life and Medical Challenges

Early life wasn’t easy. I had a serious medical issue requiring multiple surgeries as a small child. I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone, but nor would I wish it different for me. I suspect, among the memories of hospital visits and procedures I underwent, is the root of my fascination with anatomy and drive to continually seek out methods for optimal health and positive mindset. I am grateful every day to be alive and doing what I love.

Previous Career in Music and Voice Coaching

Before I took the leap to dedicate my full attention to yoga, I spent much of my working life as a Music and Voice coach. The most inspiring period was having the opportunity to help people achieve things they didn’t believe they could; maybe due to mobility or vocal issues, or a lack of confidence. I noticed my personal yoga practice creeping into my lessons with some clients and realized how profoundly the voice was impacted not just by the physical body but by potentially deeply held emotional blocks too. Helping people work through these issues and come out the other side changed was incredibly rewarding. I n retrospect, I consider these individuals my first yoga students and I am indebted to them for putting their faith in me and laying the foundations of the work I do today.

Gratitude and Inspiration

I am grateful for the journey and the individuals who inspired my work.

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