the law of pure potentiality

The spiritual law we will explore is the first spiritual law of yoga, the law that celebrates infinite possibilities, the Law of Pure Potentiality . The Law says that the core of our being is pure awareness.

This realm of pure awareness is the place of all possibilities, and underlies all creativity. Pure consciousness is our spiritual essence and the source of joy in our lives. The realm of pure potentiality is the home of intuition, balance, harmony and bliss.

How to Practice the Law of Pure Potentiality

The Law of Pure Potentiality is a celebration in itself, heralding the infinite qualities within us and outside of ourselves.

As Paramahansa Yogananda said, “We are the masters of each moment,” which means that each moment has access to unlimited choices.

If the reference point for all decisions is our own self, then no matter what happens in the world around us each day, every decision we make is a decision between a grievance and a miracle.

Think about how many choices we are given each day by the universe, whether to smile or frown, laugh or cry, observe or celebrate. 

The Law of Pure Potentiality is about first tapping into that silence and stillness that resides within ourselves by taking time to just be.

We can access the fields of infinite possibility, which open our hearts and lives to each and every aspect of the collective consciousness.

This is the law that asks us to celebrate the silence within, and the magnificence of nature outside of ourselves. 

Pure Potentiality: Tapping into Silence & Stillness

During our yoga practice, the Law of Pure Potentiality reminds our bodies that every movement emerges from the field of infinite possibility.

While practicing your yoga poses, bring your attention back to the silent place within you between every posture you take.

Stay in a state of mindful witnessing as you perform each pose, cultivating the experience of having your awareness in this domain of pure potentiality.

Enliven the Law of Pure Potentiality while performing your yoga poses throughout your day by taking time to do the following things:

• Cultivate stillness in your body & mind

• Practice shifting into your awareness mode. From the inner stillness of your soul, observe the activity of your day.

• Practice non-judgment while performing your practice.

To depart

Become familiar with this mantra, whose vibratory qualities resonate with the Law of Pure Potentially, and silently repeat it throughout your day to remind you that your essential nature is pure potentiality, and celebrate!

Om Bhavam Namh –  I am absolute existence.

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landscape photography by helen dixon