feel at peace – the french way


at peace with the world

Enlightenment, feeling at peace, connected to the World, connected to “the Universe”…For most of us, all of this will only stay a sweet intention involving a lot of work in everyday life.

Yoga? Meditation? Celibacy anyone? On top of all of this try without judging or undermining the ones not believing in the same spiritual path than us please…Like many people, I had my period of Self-discovery involving different practices. My goal was to elevate my Soul, my Spirit, to feel connected to a higher Power, to the “Universe”.

So I meditated, I chanted, I breathed heavily, I screamed, I changed my diet, I screamed some more, I moved energy left and right… I tried to live everyday consciously, while still dealing with a busy schedule and responsibilities.

After a while I realized: “Wow, these practices are great, I am feeling healthier and my mind is sharper”. But every time a situation brings any kind of  “difficult” or uncomfortable emotion, such as stress, fear, jealousy, I loose my ground… and I have to make efforts, or go through endless communication processes, to come back to a centered state or not to show my anger and act “cool”.

What I also noticed is that I was spending a lot of time taking care of myself, and a lot of time with like-minded people: talking about our processes, challenging or patting each other’s back.

However, when it came down to interacting with the “outside World”, with society, I noticed it was not that easy anymore. I caught myself judging people who were not on the same path that I was, or having a hard time interacting and tuning in with others living a different lifestyle.

This simple observation was quite disappointing but it became a great eye opener: How can one hope to connect with “God” or to reach a state of higher consciousness, when one is not able to feel at peace and connected to his or her fellow human beings?

Aren’t we all a representation of “God”? If I cannot relate in peace and even with joy with all human beings here, on Earth, I am probably not ready to connect to the “Whole Universe”… If I am not at peace with others around me, it is obvious that I am not at peace with myself… this needed to change.

Do you know this theory: there are only 2 emotions in us, Love and Fear? I think that might actually be true. Most of the time (or every time…) when we are feeling a disconnection with fellow human beings or Nature it is due to our fears… these fears are unconscious, they surprise us and show up in us, often from nowhere, once they are there, we just have to deal with them.

When a fear is present in us, that fear is driving us, we are now officially reacting to such and such, based on this fear. We are not in charge anymore, the fear is, and even if we control it, we are using so much energy to do so that we cannot think straight. We are not our true self.

So how can we let go of those fears? There are plenty of tools or techniques out there but I can only talk about what I know, what I have experienced and witnessed.

When I turned 29, letting go of my fears and my stress became a priority, again I explored different paths, but also with employees when they were facing emotional troubles.

Every time I was trying a new method, a new trick, it was like putting a kiss and a bandage on a wound… it felt better for a second and the wound was hidden for a while but underneath it was still bleeding and it did not fix anything.

Then I discovered a technique for “sensory emotional regulation”, a French technique known in Europe as “T.I.P.I.” A method that uses the body’s own natural ability to regulate recurrent emotional difficulties. TIPI, is a French acronym which translates as “technique for the sensorial identification of unconscious fears”.

It is an effective system for quickly and reliably eliminating emotional difficulties such as persistent fears, phobias, and anxiety.

Luc Nicon the “founder” of T.I.P.I. designed a technique that allows us to use the same natural ability retroactively, even a long time after an event occurred.

He conducted a study based on 278 people suffering from emotional distress. Out of these people with phobias, fears, inhibitions, depression or irritability, only 7 did not manage to completely overcome the difficulty that handicapped them. In 79% of the cases, the “resolution” of the difficulty took place in only one session.

Of the remaining 21%, seldom did it require more than 2 sessions to reach the same result. The fact that this tool can be used “after the fact” allows therapists, coaches, first responders and trauma centers to work with people that are not in actual crisis but wish to let go of an emotional pattern, without emotionally re-activating the patient.

So how is T.I.P.I working? by simply connecting to the body’s sensations present during an unwanted emotional or behavioral pattern and observing these sensations as they evolve, as they transform, without acting on them or trying to make them go away in any way. In a regular T.I.P.I session, the pratictioner set aside about half an hour, and it can be done on the phone or in person.

Either way the client is seated comfortably, the practitioner then talks the client through reliving a specific situation in which the client recently experienced the emotional difficulty they came to resolve. This portion of the session is tailored to each client, based on their needs.

The client stays completely conscious during the whole process. Upon reliving the situation “properly” the natural healing ability of the client’s body will take over and resolve the difficulty by releasing the blockage causing the difficulty. When the blockage is released the client generally enters a state of calm, and the session is complete.

By remaining a conscious observer of the body’s sensations as they evolve, the body can then regulate emotional difficulties by itself, naturally. This evolution of the sensations typically takes between 30 seconds and 2.5 minutes.

If one connects to the physical sensations felt at the peak of an emotion, these sensations will take him or her to the root, to the physical origin, of the emotion. Revisiting this root, through sensations, resets the emotional response.

Going through this simple process permanently resolves an emotional pattern or the emotional charge persisting months or years after a past trauma. When the session has been successful, there is no remaining charge for the specific situation you came with, nor for any future similar situations and none for the particular recurrent emotional difficulty you came to resolve.

That particular emotional difficulty no longer negatively affects your life. What is wonderful with this method is that when a client completes a Self Tipi Training, they will then have the ability to do the same, to address on their own a situation related to an emotional difficulty after the event has occurred.

T.I.P.I. is not a practice, it is a technique that one applies on identified emotional patterns. Once the pattern is regulated, it will not come back. After a while, one will practically stop using this tool, one must be more vigilant as it becomes more difficult to find emotions to work on. T.I.P.I. is not a substitute to meditation or therapy: However, therapy is a perfect place to face our “demons”, and help us identify our patterns.

Once identified, they can consciously be regulated with T.I.P.I. which is sometimes referred to as “the ultimate let go”.

I have been using this work on myself for 5 years; today, the opportunities to apply it become very rare. I am far from being enlightened, but I live extremely peacefully, I am much more “here”, in relationship with my surroundings without any need to control my emotional responses or behaviors.

My relationship to others is just healthy, peaceful and open. I am feeling more connected to my fellow human beings than I ever did in the past.

When I am dealing with an angry or aggressive person, I am not reacting or judging anymore: I know, I feel, that this angry person is in fact in pain, and reacting out of a fear like I was myself at times, and if anything I am more compassionate and can try to help this person by not adding to the fear.

Human beings are not condemned to live with emotional pain, the solution is within us, in our body. With clear information on the reality of this natural ability and the will to use it, freedom is around the corner.