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Brett Larkin is not just a name in the vast world of yoga; she’s a pioneer in transforming yoga passion into a professional teaching career.

Her online yoga teacher training courses are designed not just to teach asanas but to imbue a deep understanding of the lifestyle and business of yoga.

The courses offered provide clear, actionable paths for all levels of practitioners, making her programs a beacon for aspiring yoga teachers.

Detailed Pricing Information

Cost Overview

Brett offers her 200-hour online YTT program for those new to teaching at $2850.

More seasoned practitioners can opt for the YTT 300/500 programs, which range in cost from $3397 to $4897, depending on their previous training with Brett and their commitment to including business coaching in their curriculum.

Comparison with Other Online Programs

Market Comparison

Brett Larkin’s training programs stand out in the crowded online yoga teacher training market.

While many programs may seem similar in price, Brett’s offerings are enriched with personal business coaching and access to a supportive community, factors that are often overlooked in other programs.

Her training doesn’t just educate; it prepares you to thrive in the real world, blending yogic philosophy with practical business skills.

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Value for Money

Investment Return

Brett Larkin’s online yoga teacher training programs are not merely an expenditure but an investment in your future as a yoga teacher.

The inclusion of business coaching in her more advanced courses underscores her commitment to fostering skilled yoga instructors and successful entrepreneurs.

Testimonials from past students often highlight the immediate application of skills and the transformative impact on their careers.

This practical application and real-world readiness set Brett’s training apart, offering more than just education but a pathway to potential income and career growth in the yoga industry.

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Financial Assistance and Payment Options

Making Education Accessible

Understanding that the cost of yoga teacher training can be a barrier for many, Brett Larkin offers various financial assistance options to help make her programs more accessible.

Scholarships and discounts are available for those who qualify, reducing the financial burden and opening doors for more students to join. 

Additionally, flexible payment plans are offered, allowing students to spread the cost over time, making the financial commitment less daunting and more manageable. 

This commitment to accessibility ensures that anyone passionate about pursuing a career in yoga teaching can consider Brett Larkin’s training programs, regardless of their current financial situation.

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Brett Larkin’s online yoga teacher training courses offer a comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional asana instruction.

By integrating business coaching and providing financial flexibility, Brett ensures that her programs are not only accessible but also transformational.

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The investment in her training is an investment in a future career that blends the art of yoga with the practicalities of business acumen.

Whether you are starting your teaching journey or looking to deepen your practice and teaching skills, Brett Larkin provides the tools and community to help you succeed.

Call to Action

Are you interested in transforming your passion for yoga into a rewarding career?

Visit Brett Larkin’s website today to learn more about her online yoga teacher training programs, explore detailed course offerings, and learn how to start your journey towards becoming a certified yoga teacher.

Don’t let financial concerns hold you back—ask about scholarships and payment plans to make your dream a reality.