the game changers

a movie review

The Game Changers is a 1 h 52 minutes movie that captivates experiences told by world-class athletes to ground-breaking science studies, it was released in September 2018.

It is a film that tracks the growth in professional sports in plant-based eating and contributes to modern and historical views of diet and strength.

It follows James Wilks, an expert Special Forces trainer and winner of The Ultimate Fighter, as he travels the globe researching the optimum human efficiency diet.

Novak Djokovic, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, James Cameron, Lewis Hamilton, Chris Paul, Joseph Pace, Louie Psihoyos, and James Wilks co-produced the film.

James Wilks continues with his injury account, which prompted him to explore the new healing strategies. From here, to boost efficiency and regeneration, he discovers several opinions supporting plant-based diets over heavily meat-based ones.

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The film covers fascinating stories ranging from Morgan Mitchell, a two-time 400m Australian champion, to Damien Mander, a former soldier for special operations and now the International Anti-Poaching Foundation’s CEO.

Through exciting successes shared by world-class athletes, we are shown how focusing on nutrition alongside training is crucial for performing at your physical and mental best. They tell on The Game Changer’s film website:

Watch the Trailer of the movie: The Game Changers here below and available on Netflix

The holy grail in sports nutrition is built to power preparation and competition optimally while speeding up recovery. Athletes will push harder, last longer, recover better, and exercise again quicker with dialed-in diets.

With no scene more critical than when Patrik Baboumian sets the world record for the most weight ever held by a person, the film tackles some of the popular myths regarding diet, fitness, and power.

Even Lou Smith, a retired NFL cornerback, smiles at how his grandchildren cannot catch up with him athletically because of the stamina he has had after becoming plant-based for the last ten years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding cultural symbol, also appears in the video, alluding to the selling of meat as the only source of strength and protein for an individual.

It is made clear that a balanced protein and carbohydrate diet is vital to supplying the body with the food it needs for stamina and muscle building.

Eating various foods dependent on plants often increases the probability of having all the micronutrients required to optimize productivity in and out of a sporting environment.

The Game Changers confirms that veganism can be exciting, simple, and tasty, one of the best things.

It reveals that the abundance of plant-based ingredients means that it is genuinely possible to have an incredibly diverse selection of recipes, not just a simple salad and carrot sticks, by mouthwatering shots of home-made vegan’ mac n ‘cheese’ and hearty burritos.

This film is about diet and fitness, so the emphasis is supposed to be on this aspect of athletes’ lives. Still, it is essential to consider the other variables that can impair the performance, such as exercise, fatigue, sleep, hydration, smoking and alcohol, and genetics.

If they were absent, to begin with, and not directly linked to the absence of meat, the advantages felt from switching to a plant-based diet can be due to the overall improved consumption of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

The fact that on plant-based sources alone, many professional athletes have performed at the peak of their game demonstrates that we do not rely on meat to compete at our best. On a vegan or vegetarian diet, athletes and non-athletes can be satisfied at their optimum athletic performance.

It’s important to note in The Game Changers that the stories of high-performing athletes encouraging their performance with a diet focused on plants are anecdotal.

Through communicating with famous scientists who clarify some of the new health and diet studies and anthropologists for a historical viewpoint, Wilks makes sure to examine these personal accounts.

Overall, it presents a balanced set of views that shape a convincing case regarding the potential to succeed on a plant-based diet for non-vegans.

Although we didn’t need to be persuaded of this, it’s incredible to see elite-level athletes transition to plant-based routines and notice significant success improvements.

The Game Changers | Extras & Outtakes

One of the extra bonuses of watching the premiere means that we could see some unheard video, director James Cameron’s interview conversation, and some funny outtakes as well.

I hope the James Cameron interview is easily accessible online as it offered a very useful real-talk” segment away from the film’s more dramatic and theatrical nature.

James Cameron freely talks about his shifting view of veganism in the short clips and compares it to general society.

He recognizes that it should not be preachy or ask someone to convert overnight to encourage the advantages of increased plant-based diets, and this is his intention with The Game Changers.

Although the film is compelling for a plant-based lifestyle, it is intended to be an eye-opening view of traditional diet and health myths.

To Depart

The Game Changers is an inspiring feature film that demonstrates plant-based foods’ impact and strength, showing that a vegan diet can feed some of the world’s most elite athletes.

It uses fast-paced, cinematic scenes to switch between personal stories and fascinating science details and is a great length.

The violent scenes of ‘slow-mo’ tire-punching and car flipping are easy to ridicule, but after all, this is a movie.

If we were to see a university lecture on plant-based diets vs. meat consumption, we wouldn’t have gone to see this.

I was undoubtedly motivated by my health and wellbeing and persuaded when making lifestyle choices to explore a wide variety of insightful outlets.

That can only be positive if it inspires someone to add a little more raw fruit and veg to their diet.

Fair to say, this plants the seed of veganism into the minds of a lot of people.

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