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The Celestine Prophecy Movie


The Celestine Prophecy Movie

Cities, like humans, have heartbeats if you listen closely. You can feel the pulse of Los Angeles in Hollywood. I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of the much anticipated movie The Celestine Prophecy.

On a weeknight, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard was filled with a massive crowd people, much more than I expected. Who knew that the genre of spiritual film had gained so much popularity? Flashes from the cameras glazed the red carpet as stars from the movie posed and smiled. Children and tourists mingled with the street performers and tried to fit their hands and feet into imprints of movie stars.

I found my seat among some of my co-workers and became filled with excitement. We viewers had the honor of engaging in a live discussion with some of the major key players of the film: Author/Screenwriter James Redfield, Executive Producer Salle Merrill Redfield, Lead Actor Matthew Settle, Producer/Screenwriter Barnet Bain, and Director Armand Mastroianni.

We had the opportunity to hear responses from those who have now given birth to the idea twith which they had been pregnant. Hearing their backgrounds and all the work that had brought this film to fruition gave me a greater appreciation for their process.

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Seeing the pages of the novel The Celestine Prophecy come to life on the big screen was interesting to watch. Through this fictional story, insights for living are introduced. This film opens our eyes up to synchronicity, bringing more awareness and meaning to the coincidences in our lives.

The message of the film encourages us to follow our intuition and demonstrates how to use these signs as our guide. It offers an ideology for how to spiritually evolve as human beings. If you are a fan of the beloved book, then you should consider viewing this newly released film.

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