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Yoga Design Lab’s products blend fashion-forward design elements with innovative functionality that are bio-renewable and eco-friendly. The magic all began when Yoga Design Lab’s founder, Chad, was taking a yoga class at Yoga Barn in Bali, and noticed how all of the yoga mats that he saw were unoriginal, single-colored, and, well, boring mats that were mass produced.

Inspired, Chad decided to move to Bali for good, and follow his dream of designing yoga mats that are as beautiful to look at as they are great to use. And thus, Yoga Design Lab was born.

Designed to be the ultimate yoga companion, the Tribeca Flow Mat is perfect for hot yoga, Pilates, and any other form of sweaty movement. Like many eco-friendly mats, the Tribeca Love Combo mat has a tree rubber base. What makes this mat really special is the top layer of sueded microfiber made from recycled water bottles. The microfiber is silky soft, and super absorbent—eliminating the need to bring both a mat and a towel to class. And it’s fun, triangular design was printed with water-based inks.

Though it can be a little slippery under dry hands and feet, spraying the mat before use helps you get better traction. The more you sweat, the stronger it grips—without sacrificing any of its comfortable softness.

Free from silicone, toxic glue, and other yucky stuff, it thankfully doesn’t have that awful, toxic smell that other mats have. Plus, $1 of every purchase supports Urban Youth Yoga Programs in need. The Tribeca Love Combo Mat is a lightweight, durable, fun and funky mat that works—and you can feel good about practicing on.

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