karma where?

While yoga clothes with inspirational sayings printed on them is nothing new, the creative forces behind Karma Where? have decided to take things a step further. Because why settle for simply inspiring people, when you can inspire them to think?

This is the idea behind their “Namaste LA” shirts. “LA” stands for “look again”, which is what they hope people will do when they pass someone on the street wearing one of their shirts, as the word “Namaste” is written backwards.

There are a few reasons for this. It forces the viewer to not only take a second look, but to think about what they just saw. However, the phrase is written correctly on the back of the shirt, because, as the saying goes, “hindsight is always 20/20”.

Karma Where?

Credit Karma Where?

The writing is not backwards, however, when admired in the mirror. This serves as a reminder to acknowledge not only the reflection of our physical selves, but also the Self (or God, or Soul, or whichever name you prefer), that resides within each of us. Karma Where? shirts do more than just uplift the wearer. By gently reminding us of our journey to live more mindful and compassionate lives, they uplift our very being.

The Namaste LA unisex tee is laid back and cozy, perfect for a meditation session, a walk around the neighborhood, or even a nap. The Women’s Racerback Tank is also super soft, and the athletic cut and moisture wicking, breathable fabric can withstand even the sweatiest yoga class. Both shirts are made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo, and can be worn on an everyday basis.

Clothes that can make us feel good, both inside and out—what’s not to love about that?