enessa skincare products

When it comes to health and beauty, choosing products that are both organic and effective can seem like an impossible challenge, especially when faced with skin problems like acne. Thankfully, ENESSA’s skincare products are organic and free of chemical additives, and they smell amazing too!

This is ENESSA’s mission: to produce organic and natural skincare products from sustainable, fair-trade sources that you can not only feel good about using but actually work.

Their acne kit, for example, comes equipped with five bottles of goodness designed to guide you through every step of your skincare routine. Their Bergamot Purifying Cleanser draws out impurities for a deep clean without leaving behind any residue; a very real concern for those with naturally oily skin. It’s like washing your face with a warm cup of tea—literally, since the cleaners contain green, white and green tea extract, as well as bergamot essential oil.

Follow with a spritz of the Tea Tree HydraClear toner to further balance the skin and reduce breakouts. Made with tea tree and lavender hydrosols, even just the slightest mist is enough to leave skin feeling soft and fresh.

The Clove Acne Control is very effective for reducing cystic acne. When applied directly to blemishes, the Clove Acne Control lessens redness and swelling in a matter of hours. In addition, its warming sensation on the skin and spicy scent of certified organic clove essential oil is a nice change from the cold, chemical smell of other acne creams, non-holistic treatments, and medications.

The Seaweed Bio-Exfoliant is a gentle face scrub that exfoliates skin without any harshness, giving your face a healthy glow. Plus it’s hard not to feel like a mermaid while exfoliating with this scrub, as it contains seaweed powder, dead sea salts, and red seaweed extract. The Moringa Balance Elixir, on the other hand, acts as a moisturizer for those days when a scrub isn’t needed. The Moringa Balance Elixir has a luxurious aroma reminiscent of the essential oils it contains—Moringa, Golden Jojoba, and Black Cumin Seed oil, among others.

So whatever your skin needs—be it acne treatments or a decent cleanser—ENESSA Skincare has got you covered. And all YOGI TIMES readers will receive 10% off when they make their first purchase when using the discount code YT10.