artheraplay °4 – @ morabito art villa, canggu.

By: Sophie Parienti
Sophie Parienti's journey into the world of art, media, and communication began with her foundational education in France. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the prestigious ...
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ARTHERAPLAY is a new nomadic day event full of play, creation, and transformation.

The purpose of this artful outdoor event is to create a safe and fun space to come into a deeper connection with yourself and like-minded people, where you awaken your creative spirit and surprise yourself.

THE WORKSHOPS for this EDITION will include various activities including:

  • Drums & Breathwork journey by Chantal Ackermann
  • Connection games by Raluca Cojocaru & Annikki Heinemann
  • Improv comedy workshop by Ole Ukena
  • Self-Awareness workshop by Annikki Heinemann
  • Creative folding workshop by Jule Waibel
  • Kaleidoscope lines drawing workshop by Nova Hissy

Kids are welcome

This time, there will be a Kids workshop (5-10 years old) in a different venue section. It will include face painting, creative expression tasks, social-emotional games, music, and singing circle.

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Win Win Win

Do you want to win a night at the beautiful Morabito Art Villa and wake up with a stunning ocean view? By purchasing a ticket, you automatically entered to WIN a one night stay for two people. The winner will be announced by the end of the ARTHERAPLAY workshop. Your presence is required. Get your ticket here – Where to go? here – IG @weartheraplay – 600k early bird – Hours 10:30 -17:30

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