secret sunrise bali – a silent guided dance

YOGI TIMES travel editors David and Christina attended a Secret Sunrise Silent Disco in Ubud. Read here about the positive vibes in Ubud…

Secret Sunrise is a company that runs a unique type of dance- a silent disco. The company originated in South Africa and now holds dances in 9 cities around the world.

In Bali, Secret Sunrise dances are run by Sue and Rowan, a friendly and energetic pair that help create an energetic atmosphere like no other.

The concept of Secret Sunrise is simple- start your day with dancing and have an amazing time doing it; all with the intention to connect with your body and others consciously through music, joy positivity and pure magic.

A group of people from all walks of life, young and old, business people and students- all free to enjoy the beauty of these dances.

The dance is about 90 minutes long and is always held in new and secret locations, which only adds to the fun of the experience!

Before the dance begins, you get a pair of vibrant glowing headphones to use during the event, which is tuned to specific radio stations that the DJ uses to play his music.

Hearing the music and dancing with the headphones is like having your own personal party, just with the added benefit of getting to see everyone else dancing along with you.

The music starts off light and then the music pumps up from there, then you watch as everyone in the room goes wild, making it so easy to let go of control.

Rowan and Sue lead you through fun bonding activities with each other. David and I danced together a few times- smiling from cheek to cheek as we spun around. It is a great experience for any couple, friends or family! Sue told us of a story of a young girl and her Grandmother dancing together and how beautiful it is to see music tear down the gap of age.

You are soaked with sweat by the end but filled with smiles. There is an option of ending right after the dance- or having a wonderful nutritious breakfast, which we recommend as you will need to re-charge by the end of it.

It is a wicked experience all around and a wonderful, magical way to start your day- because, who doesn’t love a reason to dance?

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