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We are so much greater than we think we are, and it’s time we started seeing ourselves that way. Quarks and photons, a tiny, unseen tornado-like vortex of infinitely small energy vortices, can be seen in the composition of an atom through a microscope. An atom’s composition consists of these elements. Concentrating more closely on the design reveals nothing, like a physical vacuum, showing that the 9.9999999 percent of “everything” is nothing! So let’s take a look at some of the Solfeggio healing frequencies like 417 hz, 528 hz, 963 hz, 741 hz, 639 hz. 852 hz and 110 hz.

“Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the healing frequencies of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. There can be no other way. This is no philosophy; this is physics” – Albert Einstein.

The observer as the creator of truth is one of the primary conclusions of modern-day physics. In our lives, we may notice that we participate in the development of our truth as observers. Many physicists believe the Universe is simply a “mental construction.”

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The Science Behind Solfeggio Frequencies in Healing

Solfeggio frequencies are sound tones that aid and facilitate different facets of physical and mental wellbeing. These are known as god’s healing frequencies from the foundational sounds used in Western Christianity and Eastern Indian religions. Gregorian Monks chant these foundational sounds, and they are in the god’s healing frequencies of ancient Indian Sanskrit chants. They are said to date back to ancient times.

These Solfeggio frequencies can positively affect the conscious and subconscious mind, promoting regeneration and fertility. Many scientists have also uncovered further data confirming the beneficial impact these frequencies have on the human body, thanks to Puleo’s work and revived interest in examining this exciting phenomenon.

Solfeggio and healing frequencies use seven different tones, although they are not exclusive. Let’s look at each frequency and its particular healing frequencies’ impact on the body and mind in more detail.

What are the seven Solfeggio frequencies?

Woman playing the piano practising meditation in nature healing frequencies and Solfeggio Frequencies 417 hz 528 hz

396 Hz Solfeggio Frequencies

Some believe that one can alleviate guilt by using the healing frequencies sound 396 Hz. This frequency may clear the sense of remorse, which is commonly one of the most significant roadblocks to realization. Frequency music can also serve to free one from feelings of shame and anxiety. This particular solfeggio frequency helps people wake up and turn their sorrow into laughter. The benefits are:

• Empowering goals and eliminating feelings of remorse and guilt buried deep inside the subconscious mind.
• Assisting in overcoming anxiety, a frequent and significant impediment to achieving our hopes and ambitions.
• Balancing the Root Chakra and releasing latent toxic perceptions and thoughts.

417Hz Solfeggio Frequencies

417 Hz is a beautiful solfeggio frequencies that is said to remove any negativity from our lives. It is a frequency that can facilitate change, signifying fresh beginnings of life. The 417 Hz frequency is so strong that it can promote restoration and erase adverse experiences. The benefits are:

• Detoxifies the body by removing negative energy.
• Removes negative energy from the home and workplace.
• Eliminates negative thoughts and habits of action.
• Reverse conditions that have resulted in a negative outcome.
• Promotes change.
• Promotes recovery from trauma.
• Balances the Sacral Chakra.

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528 Hz Solfeggio Frequencies

The Solfeggio frequencies 528Hz are known as the frequency of Love, Miracle Tone, and Transformation Frequency. It is well-known for its substantial transformational impact on the human body, as it aids in reducing the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies. It also promotes the positive effects of enhanced capacity. This frequency also balances and tunes the Solar Plexus Chakra, resulting in increased self-esteem and confidence. As these two powerful forms of sound and vibration are combined, the results are truly miraculous. The benefits are:

• Promotes the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, bringing change and wonders through our lives.
• Heals chakras, resulting in the positive benefits of enhanced capacity.
• Balances and tunes the Solar Plexus Chakra, resulting in increased self-esteem and confidence.

639 Hz Solfeggio Frequencies

We can communicate and balance harmonious interpersonal relationships using the 639 Hz solfeggio frequencies to add peace to our family, acquaintances, and social network. Connection, knowledge, tolerance, and affection are all enhanced by these ancient solfeggio frequencies. The benefits are:

• Facilitates the development of positive interpersonal partnerships.
• Assists in coping with conflicts in partnerships, such as those between family members, spouses, and mates.
• When it comes to cellular cycles, 639 Hz solfeggio tone allows a cell to interact with its surroundings.
• Improves connectivity, comprehension, tolerance, and affection.
• Balances the Heart Chakra.

741 Hz Solfeggio Frequencies

741 Hertz Solfeggio frequencies can assist with problem-solving and insight awakening. It protects cells from various types of electromagnetic radiation. This sound has properties that contribute to an existence that is pure, stable, and spiritual. It helps one live a happier, more easy existence. The benefits are:

• Cleanses cells.
• Removes toxins and detoxes cells and tissues.
• Removes toxic electric radiation, including in homes and the workplace.
• Purifies both the subconscious and conscious.
• Encourages people to share themselves and find answers.
• Balance the Chakra of the Throat.

852 Hz Solfeggio Frequencies

The Solfeggio Frequencies 852 Hz increase consciousness and bring divine order back into the world. This frequency prepares an individual for contact with the all-encompassing spirit. It allows the cell to change into a structure with a higher energy level. The benefits are:

• Assists with the restoration of divine order.
• Reawakens intuition.
• Brings out one’s inner courage.
• Increases the capacity of the cells.
• Balances the Third Eye Chakra.

963 Hz Solfeggio Frequencies

963 Hz, also known as Pure Miracle Tones, is synonymous with awakening imagination and stimulating the Pineal Gland. The 963 Hz awakens our crown chakra (Sahasrara), increases beneficial energies and vibrations, and assists us in connecting to our source. Curiously, the 963 Hz frequency is also sometimes referred to as “the frequency of the Gods.” This makes sense when we consider the crown chakra’s ability to connect us to the oneness of the universe. The 963 Hz frequency can play a vital role in our healing and spiritual journey!

Energy and vibration make us. When the crown chakra awakens and unlocks, we achieve the highest vibrational condition possible, allowing us to tap unlimited celestial power. The 963 Hz frequency brings you closer to the spirit and restores every structure to its initial, pure state. It enables you to communicate with the divine Universe and feel Oneness. The 936 Hz Frequency benefits are:

• Restores every structure to the original condition of perfection.
• When introduced to a cell, it causes “cellular enlightenment” and the cell’s transition to a higher degree.
• Assists us in returning to our origins of Oneness.
• This frequency will help you reconnect with the rest of the world if you’re feeling alone.
• Balances the Crown Chakra.

How the Chakra System Corresponds to the Solfeggio frequencies and Healing Scale?

The body has seven Chakras (pronounced “chuck-rush”). The Chakras run the length of the spine, from the pelvic floor to the top of the head. Owing to the clustered positions where energy flows, known as Nāḍī, intersect, this structure evolved from yogic mythology. “Circle” or “Wheel” is the general interpretation of the term “Chakra.”

I refer to the Chakras as the body’s energy ecosystem. When the world is out of balance, it has a detrimental impact on our mental and physical well-being. We may then use various soothing methods to help unblock and realign the structure, including yoga, frequency music, massage, and Reiki.

396 Hz: liberate fear, guilt, and trauma—root Chakra.
417 Hz: facilitate change and the undoing of situations. Sacral Chakra.
528 Hz: DNA repair, clarity of mind, peace, and the frequency of love. Solar Plexus
639 Hz: the healing frequencies of relationships for harmony and peace. Heart Chakra.
741 Hz: problem-solving and finding solutions. Throat Chakra Healing frequencies.
852 Hz: Re-balancing oneself with the Universe and broader spiritual order. Third Eye Chakra.
963 Hz: beneficial energies and vibrations and assists us in connecting to our source. Crown Chakra.

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What is the frequency for healing?

Hand facing the sun light in the forest

healing frequencies and Solfeggio Frequencies 417 hz 528 hz

Each cell in the human body has its electric field. Frequency and vibration are present in any human cell and are sensitive to them. Genetic biochemists have studied and investigated the healing frequencies of 528 Hz, which they are now utilizing in their laboratories to restore DNA.

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DNA healing

Other than ions, gases, cells, tissues, and organ structures make up the human body. The human body is often sensitive to chemical and electrical impulses. The cell membrane, which serves as the cell’s command and control center, receives the healing frequencies and transforms the cell’s shape and integrity.

Bone healing

According to animal and human research, high-frequency, low-magnitude stimulation therapy increases bone development by raising bone structure and decreasing bone resorption. There’s also proof that vibration therapy may help with sarcopenia, a condition that causes spinal fragility and increases the chance of falling as people age.

Callus formation was improved in the 25 and 50 Hz patient groups, implying that these two sound frequencies facilitate the fastest bone fracture healing frequencies and regeneration.

Binaural beats

Binaural beats can help people overcome insomnia, increase imagination, and improve states of relaxation, among other things. They may also have other significant health effects, such as pain management. Specific trials have shown that one can use binaural beats to cure addictions and aid learning.

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, a scientist who was the forerunner of climatology, is responsible for understanding binaural beats. During his research into the effects of electric fields on plants, he found that such vibrations significantly impact brain waves. Binaural beats induce various states that produce close to, but not identical, symptoms to psychedelic drugs. Binaural beats may trigger relaxation, sleepiness, focus, imagination, pain control, and even lucid dreaming, depending on the frequency:

• Beta: 12–40 Hz / anxiety, concentrating
• Alpha: 8–12 Hz / relaxing, hypnosis, immune system activation
• Theta: 4–8 Hz / inspiration, light sleep, reflection
• Delta: 0–4 Hz / recovery, deep sleep, memory preservation

Why are 432 Hz frequencies good for us?

The 432Hz solfeggio frequencies have generally been soothing since they decrease fear, pulse rate, and blood pressure. It’s a frequency that promotes synchronicity between the brain’s two hemispheres, which boosts perception, wisdom, and imagination. 

Does it work?

Woman playing the singing bowl

healing frequencies and Solfeggio Frequencies 417 hz 528 hz

Sound healing frequencies are not a new type of therapy, even though some call them “new age spirituality.” The ancient Greeks used music to treat mental illnesses. Using sound in connection with performance, relaxation, and a rise in confidence have occurred throughout history. The sound may cure the body because auricular therapy has been proven to be beneficial for humans. Consider how listening to a favorite album can brighten the day.

Simply put, sound waves calm the mind and body. Sounds can change energies from low energy of shame and anxiety to higher vibrations of affection and pleasure, which can help people recover from various ailments or trauma, or even just a bad day.

The use of frequency music or the voice to release energetic blockages and induce peace and equilibrium in the body is known as sound healing frequencies. Although there are several different forms of sound therapy, they both create sound frequency in the brain.

Healy Energy Frequency Device

The Healy Bioresonance platform is a portable, holistic device that combines fitness, research, technology, and spirituality. The new generation of biohacking, wellbeing, and regeneration in a minor frequency unit will assist with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain, migraines, and more! The platform is a complementary treatment for psychiatric disorders, including depression and anxiety. Learn more about this incredible device here.

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Singing Bowls

Tibetans have been using singing bowl therapy since the 12th century. These metal bowls are available in various sizes, and each one emits background frequency music that creates healing effects in the mind. Different-shaped bowls can be used together to create unique vibrations that act on other areas of the brain. They will, of course, operate on various areas of the body. Bowls induce a light sleep condition that facilitates regeneration by placing them on the body.

The frequency plays a role in meditation and ensuring that the brain is tuning in to a person’s overall well-being and whether or not it is improving. Simply listening to the 432 solfeggio frequencies induces soothing results, which reduce anxiety and tension to their absolute minimum.


Since about 4,000 B.C., gongs have been used for music therapy. In meditation, the practitioner uses gongs to generate various tones and patterns that focus on the mind-body bond. It also performs quickly. “Because of its scale and shape, the gong has much louder rhythms and much richer songs,” says Lee. “In as little as 60 to 90 seconds, the sound will place you in a profoundly calm and meditative theta state.”

To depart

Most of the time, we don’t pay attention to our health until we get sick. No one cares about the pancreas until it starts bringing problems to the body. Become more aware of yourself, identify what you need, and dedicate some time to your health.

Sound healing and Solfeggio frequencies bring another perspective to the healing frequencies process of the body. Like every perspective, it has some limitations for everyone’s reality. Some may benefit from the 963 Hz frequency’s potential to reconnect them to their deepest energy and vibration, while others might resonate more with the 528 frequency’s stress-reducing qualities. We brought you the tools and knowledge about the exciting topic of healing frequencies, hoping that it can improve your physical, mental, and spiritual lives. Still, we have no idea what is best for you because no one knows you better than yourself.

Always listen to the wisdom of your body. Try the different frequencies and sound therapies we described, and be sure to tell us about your personal experience!

Stay healthy!