self healing: the journey of amy b. scher

An inspiring story of complete and lasting health through self healing

Amy B. Scher’s story reminds us of our ability to restore ourselves to complete and lasting health through self-healing. When it feels like all hope is lost, this uplifting and powerful story is for anyone who believes – or doubts – the infinite power of self-healing.

Amy Scher is a brave warrior and a wonderful writer” – ELIZABETH GILBERT #1 New York Times bestselling author Eat, Pray, Love & Big Magic

Just the Beginning

Before her full recovery, Amy spent almost a decade of her life misdiagnosed and suffering with a range of chronic illnesses. When Amy was hit with the news of undiagnosed late-stage, chronic Lyme disease the best physicians in America labelled her illness as incurable, and possibly terminal. At just 28 years old, the intensity of her painful symptoms threatened to destroy everything about her.

Fierce, full-fledged body aches made it unbearable to move and dangerous low blood counts forced her immune system to stay indoors. The effects of cognitive impairment caused confusion and severe anxiety. Patches of sensitive skin burned every time she moved and unrelenting headaches drilled through every space in her skull. Can you imagine, the inability to breathe left Amy gasping for air just to take ten steps.

Her life revolved around fruitless investigations by top the experts and searching for any treatment that had the potential to heal her. From conventional medicine, painful surgeries and countless drugs, to far reaching alternative healing approaches, supplements and special diets – nothing worked.

Any relief from treatments turned out to be temporary, and Amy spent most of her life feeling defeated. It didn’t take long before doctors finally gave up on “fixing” her.

Looking Deeper

Through sheer determination and hope, Amy embarked on a journey to take her healing into her own hands and save her own life.

Amy heard of a highly-experimental treatment in India. Knowing the risks, she flew across the world in search of the ultimate cure. It worked. But after a few years she relapsed. At this point, Amy finally “just stopped”. It was a message that had been waiting to be heard all along, “If you want to heal, you’re going to have to go your own way.”

“I had enough of being told to “think myself well (as if I hadn’t already tried that), repeat affirmations, and just sit quietly and meditate ” said Amy. “Through my own experience and research, and by taking my own healing power back, I finally discovered another way.”

It was time to go inwards. Amy began learning how to work with the body’s energy system, and discovered the biggest contributors to illnesses were blocked emotions, unresolved trauma and harmful beliefs. She learnt how the immune system becomes greatly affected by emotional blockages stored in the energetic system, which in turn results in physical symptoms in the body.

By letting go of the emotional baggage that she had held onto her entire life… she finally found a way to heal permanently and completely. Amy started with these 3 keys to self-healing which she shares with us here.

Processing Emotions

It wasn’t an overnight process. Amy had to dig deep to get to the core of her emotions, which involved working through extreme fears and letting go of control. Her exploration uncovered deep rooted anxieties of not feeling safe in the world. She had to face unprocessed grief, feelings of resentment as well as underlying fears of becoming healthy.

While many of us go to great lengths for our physical health, we often ignore how much our emotional wellbeing affects us. After learning how to shift blocked energy in her body and to dismantle the emotional links to her symptoms, Amy found her cure. 

By working through these unresolved emotions, she was able to release negative emotional patterns, and enable the full healing capabilities of the immune system for faster healing to happen.

Heal Yourself When No One Else Can

Amy B. Scher now helps thousands of people heal with her culmination of many years having figured out what really works – and what doesn’t. From her own healing adventure, she teaches others the exact same energy therapy techniques to overcome their emotional and physical challenges.

Amy says, “I felt frustrated trying a long list of things that didn’t make me feel any better. Since healing myself permanently and completely, I share my tried-and-true system to help others do the same. By learning how to work with energy therapy, I was able to finally heal at the core… and now I’m here to teach what I know.”

People are using her powerful methods to eliminate emotional energies that contribute to their symptoms and find imbalances that are keeping them stuck. Her step-by-step system includes clearing trauma, stuck emotions, harmful beliefs, fear, and other negative patterns that affect the immune and nervous systems.

“I can’t begin to describe the changes that have taken place in my body since working with Amy. I have been virtually pain free in my back and hip since!!! The huge knot on my right spine has dissipated and is so much smaller…the inflammation feels like it really went down. I haven’t felt this good in my body in what feels like years.” – NANCY

My entire life changed. I had headaches for almost my entire life. Then I started getting more neurological issues including panic attacks. Within 3 sessions with Amy my entire life changed. I had worked for years on issues but nothing came close to this work. I pretty much have a new life and have never been more thankful.” – LEE

“I Feel AMAZING! I have not been this happy in ages! I’m on cloud 9. Not only is my fear and sadness lifted, but I am feeling more positive and confident about my future. I even made it through a 14 hour day, which is unheard of for someone with Chronic Fatigue!” – CELIA

You too can learn the same keys to self-healing in Amy’s free 3-part video series. You will learn how to overcome the blocks to self-healing and 3 techniques for lasting physical and emotional wellness.

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Amy’s greatest advice to people still on their journey is to “Stop chasing the cure and trust, that no matter how hard it is, your very own healing is on its way.”