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siri gaitri mantra | ra ma da sa say se so hung


siri gaitri mantra | ra ma da sa say se so hung

siri gaitri mantra | ra ma da sa say se so hung

a mantra for healing : ra ma da sa say se so hung

In Kundalini Yoga, there is a powerful mantra for healing.

The way that it heals is to tune a soul to the vibration of the Universe,
which is pure and without disease or pain.

Yogi Bhajan who is the Master of Kundalini Yoga has said that this
mantra is one of the most powerful healing mantras on the planet.

The power of this mantra comes from its ability to connect earth and

Siri Gaitri Mantra offers radiant divine healing for yourself, others
and the world. The words to this mantra are:

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

Ra means the sun and connecting with that frequency gives you energy.

Ma means the moon and it aligns you with receptivity.

Da is the the energy of the Earth, grounding you in your roots.

Sa is Infinity and as you chant this, your energy rises upwards and
outwards drawing in the healing the the Universe.

When you chant Sa a second time, you pull the energy of Infinity into you.

Say is a way of honoring the all-encompassing Thou.  It is personal,
like a secret name for God.(Universe)

So is a vibration of merger.

Hung is the Infinite, the vibrating real.  It is the essence of
creation.  (So Hung together means, I am Thou.) The service of the
cosmic intelligence is within me.

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This can be done anywhere at anytime. It is best to relax and allow
yourself to feel the unique power of this mantra in meditation.
The mantra should be sung in one complete exhalation.

Pull your navel point in as you chant Hung. As you chant this mantra you complete a cycle of energy and go through the circuit of chakras.

It brings balance into the core of our energetic body and floods it with new

For creative visualization inhale deeply, hold your breath and
visualize the person you want to send healing to (it can be yourself).

Make that image in your mind very clear and see a glowing green
healing light around the person.

Keeping that person in your mind,
exhale, relax and repeat. Build up to 11 minutes. You can do it!

In which area in your Life do you or a loved one need healing?

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Watch and listen to a video on
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung Healing Mantra by Snatam Kaur

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