what is conscious parenting

The new parenting paradigm

Conscious parenting is the most profound discovery of oneself and is the new paradigm for parenting. Promulgating conscious parenting is to awaken parents. Teaching them how to learn to parent themselves whilst holding a nurturing space for their children to develop, explore, and discover their uniqueness. 

As we are all born with everything we need inside of us, conscious parenting is the intrinsic ingredient to nurturing the essence of another being. It takes a parent beyond levels that they have not even yet discovered about themselves. Questioning their identities, beliefs, behaviors, worldly ideals, and everything they recognize themselves through.

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Following the old paradigm of parenting

Now to many of us, this sounds so far-fetched and according to the old paradigm of parenting, new parents just need to follow the system. The system inherited from family beliefs, society, the generic do’s and don’ts.

Along with some of your very own bright ideas and intentions that you will do better than your parents. With the new knowing and understanding of what your parents could not see, you now feel more equipped and confident to do it better.

A rude awakening to the new parenting paradigm

In all fairness that seems only like common sense and after all, if everyone is doing it this way, it must be right. However, this is where the disillusion begins. Yes, it is common sense that we have gained more knowledge through our experience with our parents.

But the most important factor we have left out of this equation is, although we know more, how many of us have actually looked inside of ourselves to heal through our brokenness?

To recognize our true misguided beliefs and to align them with our own true essence.

Many of us are walking around not realizing that the very essence of our spirit is shattered and requires healing. If we are unable to connect to our own inner being, then how authentic can you be with your children.

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Parents time for introspection

A question I would like you to reflect on right now is: “Am I parenting from my head of ideals, what I know and believe to be right and wrong? Or “am I parenting from a deep sense of connection with my child?” 

This question is only to prompt you to have some introspection to where you stand as a parent today. It is about asking yourself questions to understand more about how you are impacting your child.

The more questions parents ask themselves the more awareness they will have to find out what they are truly experiencing internally. I personally found this experience mind-blowing. You will be presently surprised to see what is underlying all your parenting guidelines, rules, timelines, and limitations.

Have you ever questioned why it is so important for your child to get good grades or to put more effort into school?

Is it because you want the best for your child? Is it because then you feel like a good parent whose child is achieving? Is it because you didn’t put much effort during your school years and now you know better?

Well, that seems pretty acceptable and standard thinking according to the programming of the old paradigm of parenting. Correcting your learnings through your children and deciding what is best for them.

But how do you actually go about using this information that you have? Are you in a constant battle with your child, forcing, dominating, or demanding better results?

Often in fear that your child may miss out or does not know what is best for them? And better yet, are you finding your value (ego self) in the results you get from your child?

Parents blind site

Now some of us parents are blind sited that there is nothing wrong with using your own experience to help navigate your child through life. And yes, this is granted and a wonderful insight to have. But our children are here to live through their human experience.

Parenting is about learning and teaching and teaching and learning. It is about creating a harmonious dance between parent and child through the acceptance of oneself. This however is not possible if parents abnegate parts of themselves and lead their children through a dictatorship.

“The place of loving our children involves acceptance. This doesn’t mean we endorse their rude behavior, their lack of motivation at school, or even their bad habits to name a few common triggers.

It means we accept that they are their own individuals in their own right. It isn’t our job to judge them, but instead to encourage them to tune into their own worth.” says Dr. Shefali, a clinical psychologist and author of books Conscious Parenting, The Awakened Family, and many others.

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In Essence

In conclusion, we can say that conscious parenting is a renewed responsibility that requires the awakening of a parent to one’s own alignment. Healing what was, accepting what is, and trusting what will be.

If you are looking for support in Conscious Parenting, YOGI TIMES recommends Dr. Shefali’s courses – The Awakened Family.
You will learn how to: be still rather than react, how to be in the “as is” and how to not fight the current situation, how to set good boundaries, how to not impose your wants on your kids – and how to honor your children’s perspective.