7 days to balance your life: day 7

Even if it does not feel like it all the time, you are in control of your emotional energy. 

How often will the little things in life take you on a spiral of negative emotions?

Well, there is a way to remove a lot of drama from your life. It is to understand that you can control one single thing – not what happened to you, but how you react to it.

You cannot control what other people will say or do to you, yet, you are fully in charge of transforming your emotion so you respond in a way that keeps you in a high vibration. Operating from the heart, versus from the head. 

We have integrated this simple habit into our daily life; we notice rapidly when negative emotions start to arise, such as anger, sadness, disappointment or regret. We then take a couple of long deep breaths and observe the sensations we are experiencing. This immediately stops us from reacting to those feelings and prevents a big emotional reaction taking over.

Once you get into an emotional rut it is often difficult to get out of it, so the best way is to not get caught up in it in the first place.

Here, for your last practice of this 7 day journey to your higher vibration, we selected one of our favorite videos from Esther Hicks, an American inspirational speaker and author, about the Law of Attraction. For the last 40 years “Abrahams”, described an infinite intelligence, has been coming through Esther Hicks by the means of channeling.


Watch the video below and listen to Esther when she explains that you never meant to control your life through your words, behavior, actions, determinations, will power, rules or enforcement of those rules. 

You intend to be the controller of your life through the thoughts you think. So when you step back and tune into that understanding, you realise that it is how you feel that matters the most to you. Not how you feel physically, but emotionally.

You know sometimes you just feel really tired. But you can be tired and satisfied. Sometimes you can be uncomfortable, but you can be uncomfortable and hopeful, rather than uncomfortable and fearful. 

In other words, you decide that how you feel emotionally really matters to you and you make a decision to monitor your feelings, and catch them in the earlier stages, and steer them more in the direction of what feels good. 

The overall idea here, is to learn to focus upon where you are, and decide to make it feel as good as you can make it feel from where you are now.

There are hundreds of Esther Hicks video on Youtube to help you maintain a high vibration.

Choose a topic that you are challenged with, and make it a habit to listen to it once each day. 

After this practice, you will have completed all 7 days of your journey and your vibrational energy will have already shifted.

Like everything in life, it's through consistency that you create actual transformation.

For us, doing these small daily practices has been one of the most empowering and life changing habits we have ever taken on! 

We are doing it daily and it works!

Let us know in the comments below what part is most difficult for you when it comes to letting go of control.

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