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Saul David Raye is an exceptional yoga teacher who possesses a unique approach to teaching and embodies the essence of unity and wholeness in his classes. With his eyes closed, it becomes evident that he is not just instructing, but receiving divine guidance himself, creating a transformative experience for his students.

Spiritual Journey and Training:

From a young age, Saul embarked on a spiritual journey, driven by a deep desire to know about God. His path led him to encounter his first Dharma teacher, Yogavacara Rahula, a Buddhist monk and Yogi.

After spending time in the music industry, Saul dedicated himself to intensive yoga and meditation practice under Yogi Rahula‘s guidance.

He further expanded his knowledge and expertise by training with masters from various healing traditions during his stay in Asia and India.

Passion and Devotion:

During an interview with Saul, his profound passion and devotion to yoga, his students, and life itself become evident. Spending time with him feels like an endless flow of knowledge and wisdom regarding yoga and healing.

The Teaching of Dharma with Saul David Raye

Saul’s teaching is centered around the concept of dharma, an essential aspect of the Vedic tradition. According to him, yoga arises from dharma, and without it, yoga is incomplete.

Dharma, the universal law or truth, binds us together and connects us to our soul’s purpose. Saul firmly believes in dharma and recognizes that each individual has their own sacred duty, contributing to the unfolding of consciousness on Earth.

A Holistic Approach:

In Western society, yoga often tends to be limited to physical practice. However, Saul emphasizes the importance of embracing yoga as a holistic practice that encompasses all aspects of our being.

He asserts that yoga reveals our inner connection to the universal source of power, love, and light, and through this connection, we experience wholeness. In his classes, Saul seamlessly weaves together asana, pranayama, meditation, and sacred intention to create a connected process of wholeness and alignment.

Family, Music, and Philosophy:

Saul’s personal life, family, and yoga path intertwine seamlessly. He cherishes his role as a family man, finding profound lessons in love, life, and yoga through his partner and their three sons.

Additionally, his deep love and background in music, stemming from growing up in a recording studio, inspire him to incorporate chanting and music into his classes.

His collaboration with musician and chant master Dave Stringer has resulted in two acclaimed albums of Sanskrit chant and soulful world music.

Teaching and Impact of Saul David Raye

Currently, Saul teaches community classes at Sacred Movement in Venice, directs the Thai Yoga massage training program at the White Lotus Foundation, and leads yoga programs and retreats globally.

His intention is to create a space for relaxation, healing, and alignment with one’s true self. Saul’s classes offer an opportunity to experience yoga at a deeper level, connecting individuals to their inner source of power and wholeness.


Saul David Raye is an exceptional yoga teacher whose teaching style reflects unity, wholeness, and a deep connection to spirituality.

Through his holistic approach, incorporating various yoga practices, meditation, and sacred intention, Saul creates a transformative experience for his students.

His passion, devotion, and extensive training make him a remarkable guide on the path of yoga and healing. To learn more about Saul’s training programs and classes, visit his website at – or call : +1.323.418.ATMA (2862)

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