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By: Rachel Wasser
Edited date: October 10, 2022Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Made from fresh, organic, and raw ingredients without fillers, parabens, pesticides, synthetics, phthalates, or petroleum, these luxurious products will help nourish your skin and promote its natural radiance.

For the conscious consumer who believes in quality, we recommend the Active Hydration Serum, made of marula oil and rosehip seed oil— believed to be the elixir of youth. For a unique addition to your facial routine, try their face masks designed for detox, cleansing, and luminosity.

For body care, we recommend the Muscle Conditioner for recovery, followed by the All In One Oil moisturizer— perfect after a refreshing shower.

We especially love the brand’s dedication to ethics and environmental stability, highlighted in their sleek, minimalist glass packaging.

Founder, Sasha, was born and bred in California with a passion for nature, gardening, and healthy living. Armed with skincare secrets passed down from her French mother, a non-toxic skincare line was simply a natural extension of herself. 

In Sasha’s words, there is a better way to do skin care. We believe PRAZ Naturals have figured it out.

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