modo yoga in seattle

Greenlake: a neighborhood in the bustling, million-miles-an-hour city of Seattle, somehow feels far removed from the rush even though it is right in the midst of all of it. True to its name, the greenery of the trees and bushes matches the amount of grey from concrete, and the shimmering lake is always within a reasonable distance.

Modo Yoga fits into the vibe perfectly, making you feel like you are far away from any of the stress that exists in the city. The warm, smooth, stone floor gives you the sensation of being on the beach, relaxing and soaking up warmth from a sun-soaked rock. The slight aroma of warming wood fills the room, and the ceiling to floor windows bathe the room in natural light– outside, trees lining the sidewalk sway and cast scattered shadows inside the studio.

As you lay back on the yoga mat, you feel the earth welcoming you home. The sound surrounds you, and you start to feel the gentle heat soaking all the way down into your bones. You will relax more and more, and then the yoga lesson begins.

At Modo Yoga, several class types are taught, allowing you to find the class that is just right for you, such as Power Flow, Yin, Modo Flow, and Modo. We tried Modo — a flowing, dynamic set of postures and breathing exercises, profoundly relaxing and making you feel like a brand new, rejuvenated person.

Stepping out of the studio, you will feel like all of the worries and tensions in your body have simply melted away and evaporated into the warm, soft air of Seattle.

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