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Jade ELITE’s Yoga Mat Review

Jade ELITE’s Yoga Mat Review

Published: 10-05-2022 - Last Edited: 13-05-2022

Jade ELITE's Yoga Mat com review

for the toughest of yogis – jade yoga mat review

Jade ELITE’s Yoga Mat was created for yogis who like it rough. The ELITE S was designed to withstand the intensity of a vigorous practice, making it perfect for Ashtanga and fast moving vinyasa flows.

The ELITE S is available in purple, forest green, and midnight blue, and is a strong mat. Its top layer is thick and firm, but not uncomfortable, and manages to strike the perfect balance between soft, “spongy” mats, and stiff, solid ones.

The surface of the mat is smooth, and has a solid grip without any stickiness.

But perhaps the ELITE S’s best feature is that it stays put.

The hands and feet don’t slip, especially in downward dog, a common problem with most yoga mats.

One can transition to a three-legged dog with ease, without fear of sweaty hands and a lack of traction compromising balance.

And even when flying through a series of Sun Salutations, and the mat itself doesn’t even budge.

Like all Jade Yoga mats, the ELITE S is made from all natural, synthetic-free rubber. Which isn’t surprising, as Jade Yoga is known for it’s eco-friendly business practices.

They are, after all, the creators of the first “green” yoga mat, and have been producing nontoxic, organic, and PVC-free mats since 2000.

Because Jade Mats come from rubber trees–a renewable resource–for every mat you buy, Jade Yoga will plant a tree in their continued effort to care for the environment.

The ELITE S truly is Jade Yoga’s most durable mat. Whether balancing in Crow Pose, or flying through a series of Vinyasa flows, yogis can trust the ELITE S to support them during even the most rigorous practice.

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Jade ELITE’s Yoga Mat Price Point

Price US$. 99.95
Best thing about this product: Durable, and has a strong grip without any stickiness.

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