sacral chakra and menstruation

Sacral Chakra and menstruation | Traditionally, the menstrual cycle was honored, as it was believed to be an expression of the feminine association with the cycle of the moon.

The menstrual period was regarded as a physical and emotional cleanse, as it allowed the body to release impurities and accumulated emotions.

Indian women intuitively rested to assist with the detoxification and rejuvenation so let’s dive into the topic of the sacral chakra and menstruation. It is also covered on an online yoga training.

Learn the simple energy-healing techniques to balance your hormones

Today, we tend to ignore our body’s desire to:

• Slow down to recharge our energies.
• Eat natural foods to nourish our energies.
• Connect with nature to replenish our energies.
• Express our deepest feelings to free our energies.
• Care for ourselves holistically to revitalize our energies.

As a result, we experience an array of monthly physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Ancient energy healing practices empower our energies and return us to our natural state of balance.

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, then apply the following techniques two times a day for six weeks. The degree of pain on each area directly relates to the severity of the imbalance.

Irregular Periods

Firmly massage around the inner and outer ankles and heels for five minutes to regulate the vital energy within the reproductive system.

Heavy Periods

Firmly massage around the inner and outer wrist bones, for two minutes to regulate the vital energy within the reproductive glands.

Abdominal Cramps

Place the fingers of both hands just below the navel and apply firm pressure for thirty seconds. Release and repeat five times to release stagnant energy and restore hormonal balance.

Back Pain

Intermittently press the area on the back of each hand, starting on the web between the thumb and index finger and ending on the back of the wrist, for one minute to regulate the vital energy to flow smoothly throughout the back.

Breast Tenderness

Intermittently press the center of the back of each hand with the pad of the thumb, for one minute to regulate the vital energy to flow smoothly throughout the breasts.


Firmly massage the entire webbed area between each thumb and index finger, for two minutes to enhance digestion and assimilation.

Food Cravings

Gently massage the area around the navel, using small circular motions, for two minutes to strengthen the spleen energy.


Gently massage around the chin and jawline, using small circular motions, for two minutes, to assist with elimination and detoxification of accumulated impurities.


Gently massage around the hairline, temples and base of the neck on either side of the spine, using small circular motions to relieve stress. Rotate the neck to the left and right to release muscular tension.

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Firmly massage the little fingers for two minutes, which stimulate the vitality acupressure points to recharge the body’s energies and boost concentration.


Firmly massage the fleshy area behind each knee, for two minutes to relieve accumulated stress and anxiety and strengthen the body’s stress response.

Sacral Chakra-Cleansing Visualization

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) stems from energy disharmony within the sacral chakra which is located within the lower abdomen, associated with the color orange and influences reproductive hormones. Chakra-cleansing practices initiate the body’s innate self-healing capacity.

Practice the following sacral chakra-cleansing visualization before bedtime:

• Lie down comfortably, close your eyes and visualize the color orange.

• See the color orange as a stunning deep orange sunset.

• Sense the vibration of nature’s orange sunset resonating with your sacral chakra.

• Bring your awareness to your sacral chakra energy and feel it becoming open and receptive to the healing.

• Visualize your sacral chakra gently absorbing nature’s orange healing vibration.

• Feel your sacral chakra overflowing with the orange healing energy.

• Visualize the orange healing energy flowing in a subtle figure eight motion, with the center of the figure eight concentrated within your lower abdomen and the sides extending beyond your hips.

• Keep your awareness on the orange healing energy in motion within your sacral chakra for a few minutes.

• Sense the natural movement of the orange healing energy cleansing any physical impurities and dissolving any emotional imbalances.

• Visualize your sacral chakra becoming empowered.

• Your feminine and masculine energies are in perfect balance and harmony.

• Open your eyes gently, release your fears and rejoice in your inner beauty and innate power.

Energy healing practices for premenstrual syndrome initiate holistic healing to assist in embracing our body’s natural cycle, reconnecting with our feminine nurturing qualities and strengthening our inner warrior qualities.

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