yogic wisdom: remedies to heal the symptoms of menopause

discover the simple methods to ease your natural transition

Traditionally, menopausal symptoms (other than menstrual changes) were rarely experienced. Life was lived within organic surroundings and energy balancing therapies were practiced to empower the body, mind, and spirit to attain inner peace and enhance longevity.

Today, the accumulation of physical, mental and emotional stress and toxins from our diet and environment is causing congestion within our body’s energy systems, which manifests as menopausal symptoms.

Reconnecting with ancient holistic practices assists us in releasing our impurities, empowering our energies to balance our hormones and alleviate our symptoms.

Follow the practices below for six weeks if you experience the following symptoms:

Hot Flashes

• Fenugreek Seed Tea balances the hormones and cools the body. Add one teaspoon of seeds to two cups of water and simmer for ten minutes. Add home-grown fenugreek sprouts to salads.

• Cool the body by gently pressing the fingers of both hands into your lower abdomen. Breathe slowly and deeply for a few minutes and increase the pressure with each exhalation.

Night Sweats

• Holy Basil Tea nourishes the body and regulates the hormones. Add one teaspoon of holy basil powder to a cup of boiling water and leave to infuse. Add fresh basil leaves to salads.

• Shatavari is a traditional rejuvenating tonic herb which supports the healthy production of female hormones to alleviate numerous menopausal symptoms.


• Turmeric Root Tea detoxifies the body to increase energy levels. Simmer one teaspoon of the grated root in a cup of water for five minutes. Add raw turmeric root to smoothies.

• Improve vitality by pressing the tip of each finger and each toe for ten seconds to activate the vital energy throughout your bodily systems.


• Pumpkin Seed Tea rejuvenates the urinary tissues. Simmer one tablespoon of fresh un-hulled seeds in two cups of water for ten minutes. Add dried pumpkin seeds to smoothies.

• Strengthen bladder and kidney energy by firmly massaging your little toes for one minute each, three times a day.


• Clove Tea is stimulating to lift the mood and relieve anxiety. Add a pinch of ground cloves to herbal teas or smoothies.

• Release emotional anxiety by gently massaging the center of your chest using small circular motions for five minutes, two times a day.

Low Sex Drive

• Jasmine Tea is a natural aphrodisiac. Add one teaspoon of jasmine tea leaves to a cup of boiling water. Add a drop of jasmine essential oil to your daily natural moisturizer. 

• Activate your sacral chakra with gentle hip movements. Stand with your feet slightly apart and sway your pelvis in a subtle figure eight motion for ten minutes to boost libido.


Banana Skin Tea relaxes the nerves and muscles to promote sleep. Boil the skin in two cups of water for ten minutes. Strain and drink at bedtime.

Violet amethyst crystals resonate with the crown chakra to regulate sleep/wake cycles. Place under your pillow at night.


• Fennel Seed Tea calms the nervous system to alleviate stress. Simmer one teaspoon of fennel seeds in two cups of water for five minutes. Add fresh fennel root to soups and salads.

• Calm the nerves by placing your fingers on your forehead and thumbs on your temples. Breathe slowly and deeply for five minutes.

Hair Loss

• Amla Tea strengthens the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. Add half a teaspoon of amla powder to one cup of hot water. Amla oil can be applied directly to the scalp.

• Promote hair growth by intermittently pressing the scalp acupressure points which are located on the flat surface of each nail, for thirty seconds, which increases circulation to the scalp.

Bone Loss

• Nettle Tea is one of nature’s most mineral rich herbs to nourish the bones, nerves, and glands. Add two teaspoons of dried leaves to a cup of boiling water. Add young fresh nettle leaves to soups.

• Prithvi Mudra empowers the root chakra to initiate self-healing. Place the tip of each thumb on the tip of each ring finger. Relax the remaining fingers. Practice three times a day for ten minutes each.

Weight Gain

• Cumin Seed Tea assists digestion and stimulates the liver to improve fat metabolism. Add half a teaspoon of seeds to a cup of boiling water. Sprinkle ground cumin over meals.

• A whole-food plant-based diet calms and cleanses the energies of the body and mind. Avoid chilies and alcohol.

Ancient holistic self-care practices encourage our energies to flow smoothly and harmoniously to assist with the natural transition from our child-bearing years to our wise-women years.

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