yogic wisdom: 6 mind body spirit practices to heal depression

learn how to realign your body’s energies to experience inner joy and peace

Our body, mind and spirit are composed of a latticework of energies, each vibrating at different frequencies. As we become receptive to this concept we can resonate with the ancient wisdom of holistic energy healing practices to treat the underlying energy imbalances responsible for our physical, mental and emotional ailments.

Healing the root cause of depression is based on regulating and empowering our body’s energies to instil mind, body, spirit balance and harmony.

Here are some suggested holistic self-healing practices:

Nature’s remedies

Traditional foods to heal depression include:

• Raw honey, well known for its cleansing and rejuvenating properties to empower the body’s vital life force which releases physical and mental imbalances.

• Organic ghee, widely used in India for detoxification as it nourishes the body, calms the mind and soothes the emotions for balance and harmony.

• Saffron, prepared as a tea, calms the nerves, relieves anxiety and regulates the emotions and contains natural mood-boosting properties.

• Butter fruit, commonly known as avocado contains essential fats and nutrients to nourish the endocrine glands and balance the hormones.

• Soaked sunflower seeds, nutrient-dense, highly alkaline and detoxifying to calm the nervous system and improve the mood.

• Soaked almonds, the most alkaline of nuts which cleanse and nourish the tissues to alleviate mood disorders.

• Sprouts, enzyme-rich and abundant with nature’s energy to heal the body, mind and emotions.

• Roots and tubers, ground and stabilize the emotions and calm the nerves to balance the mood. 



Apply acupressure treatment on the following areas for a few minutes, two times a day to heal depression:

• Gently place your fingers on your upper abdomen, just below your rib cage and breath deeply to release suppressed emotions.

• Firmly massage around each outer wrist bone, in line with the little fingers to relax the body and enhance the mood.

• Gently massage the centre of your chest in small circular motions to dispel emotional anxiety.

• Firmly massage each ring finger to process the emotions of grief and sadness.

• Firmly massage the base of each middle toe to release accumulated stress.

• Gently massage the centre of each palm to balance the body and mind.

Energy healing exercise

The following traditional exercise regulates the body’s left and right side energies to restore physical, mental and emotional balance.

To practice:

• Stand straight with your arms by your sides.
• Lift your right arm and left leg simultaneously.
• Keep your knee and elbow bent.
• As you lower your right arm and left leg, raise your left arm and right leg.
• Repeat the steps above as though doing an exaggerated march on the spot.
• Continue for five minutes.
• Practice four times a day.

Ksepana mudra

The ksepana mudra stimulates the elimination of negative physical, mental and emotional energy to revitalize the body and mind.

To practice:

• Place the tips of your index fingers together.
• Clasp and interlock your remaining fingers and thumbs.
• Point your index fingers towards your feet.
• Practice two times a day for fifteen minutes each.

Crystal healing

Carry the following crystals to release negative energy and raise the body’s vibration:

• Rose quartz, relaxes the body, quietens the mind, soothes the emotions and heals the heart.

• Orange calcite, restores peace and balance to relieve negative thoughts, fears and phobias.

• Garnet, instils feelings of safety and security and encourages positive thoughts and feelings.

• Smoky Quartz, calms the body, grounds the emotions and alleviates stress, fear and anxiety.

• Sunstone, dispels feelings of sadness, lifts the mood and strengthens the will power.


Expansive heart chakra breath

The expansive breath opens and expands the heart chakra to release anxiety and suppressed emotions and instils feelings of self-love and forgiveness.

To practice:

• Sit comfortably, outdoors if practical and close your eyes.

• Place your hands at the centre of your chest one on top of the other.

• Bring your awareness to your heart chakra.

• Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, whilst stretching your arms out to your sides, parallel to the ground.

• Retain your breath for as long as is comfortable and feel your heart chakra opening and releasing any deep-rooted physical pain or emotional anxiety.

• Exhale slowly and bring your arms back to your chest.

• Repeat eleven times.

• Practice two times a day.

The ancient holistic practices to heal depression release our negative energies to awaken our latent positive energies of hope, joy and enthusiasm.

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