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Healy Energy Frequency Device Review

Healy Energy Frequency Device Review

Published: 07-06-2020 - Last Edited: 01-10-2022

Healy Energy Frequency Device Review

What’s the buzz about the HEALY Bioresonance device?

The Healy Bioresonance device is a lightweight, wearable holistic machine that merges health, science, technology, and spirituality. The next evolution of biohacking, wellness, and healing is within a tiny frequency device. This small machine is helping with various ailments, such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain, migraines, and so much more! It is also mainly used as an alternative, complementary therapy for mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. 

Not long ago, my husband (Jesse) and I had both formulated a deep desire to take our healing path one notch up. We were looking for ways to continue fulfilling our mission of being at our highest potential physically, emotionally, and spiritually while helping many people do so along the way.

When we got introduced to the HEALY Frequency device via a close friend, we were immediately fascinated by the vast number of health programs we could access and implement from the comfort of our homes. Even though we didn’t have any particular significant diseases to be concerned with, we were curious to explore what the Healy could be useful for to help us stay feeling healthy. Life has taught us that it is through personal experience that you allow the critical mind to soften, so with this in mind, we jumped in and bought ourselves a Healy Resonance device.

 ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’ – Nikola Tesla

Below we share with you some of our initial questions, the answers we found, and our personal experience of the Healy:

Who created the Healy device?

The Healy™ and TimeWaver®* products were invented and developed by Marcus Schmieke. Born in 1966, he also founded the Institute for Applied Consciousness Research (I.A.C.R.). For many years, Marcus thought about letting more people benefit from the technology of TimeWaver® products in a simpler and compact version. The launch of the relatively new Healy devices is its evident extension. Healy World’s products are claimed wearable medical devices complemented with ear wristbands, clamps, or electrodes placed on the body (wrists, ears, etc.) and have already been F.D.A. approved.

Watch below a short intro to the Healy device

How does the Healy device work?

The Healy devicworks with frequency therapy, and Bioresonance is at the core of its technology. It is connected to frequencies via the Healy App (you can turn off the internet during treatments), which sends the appropriate program into the device itself. There are many reviews of Bioresonance therapy, a non-invasive therapy invented (in Germany) in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Rasche. A complementary and holistic medicine, Bioresonance captures the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body with a specific machine or device and uses these measures to diagnose ailments.

The Healy frequency device is conceived to bring the voltage in your cells back to a healthy (physiological) range regardless of whether or not you are healthy and experiencing no physical ailments. It works very well in the balance of your emotions and energy level.

Apart from the key conditions already listed, the product is used to help with skin issues, blood levels, sleep and bioenergetic problems, mental balance, aids learning, and even job performance issues. We consider Healy as a tool for identifying where imbalances occur in your body and how to allow you to take charge of your healing. When we believe that all is energy and vibration, it starts to make great sense.

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What is frequency medicine ?

frequency is a rate that an electronic pulse or sound wave is produced. A frequency-specific microcurrent, also known as F.S.M.T. (Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy), consists of introducing a very gentle current (electric) sent to the area of damaged tissue to accelerate the healing process underway in that same tissue. Frequency medicine is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and surgery-free therapy beginning to revolutionize healing.

The human body vibration frequency is mainly located between 3 Hz–17 Hz. According to the International Standard ISO 2631, the sensitive range is 6 Hz–8 Hz in the human body’s vertical vibration.  

Using a smartphone-controlled medical device that is portable and wearable, the Healy Frequency channels low energy electromagnetic frequency within the body. The device uses electromagnetic waves to alleviate severe pain and is cost-effective and easy to monitor with the app.

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Is Healy similar to a Rife or Time Waver machine?

TimeWaver and The Rife are large machines used by trained therapists to give clients frequency therapy sessions during an in-person appointment. Similarly, Healy’s Quantum sensor can measure your bioenergetic field and use microcurrents and frequencies identical to those in your body, bringing balance to your bioenergetic area accordingly. TimeWaver and Rife frequency therapists can upload specific automation to your smartphone through the cloud, and you can run it on your Healy. 

The significant difference between the Time Waver or Rife machine is that the Healy is a wearable small, lightweight device that is controlled through your smartphone and does not require extensive training to be used. There are many rife machine reviews on google to help you better understand what they provide.

How to perform a Healy session?

We love the simplicity of this device! All the programs are accessible from the APP download on your iPhone or Android and quickly sent to the Healy device via Bluetooth. Most programs run for 30 to 50 minutes. Since the device is wearable, you can move around and continue to be active while receiving your treatment.

It runs about 120 programs and a 144,00 frequency range to benefit you by providing low-intensity magnetic fields to the body with discomfort, sleep, circulatory system, biomass balance, health, function, and more. The technology defines your frequency through a Quantum Sensor and offers custom programs to adjust the Bioenergetic balance, vitality, and general wellness. You can send vibrations directly via micro-current, linked with and away from the healing & wristbands. The Healy does use tailored wavelengths to align body and mind and to reduce tension.

We are blown away by the accuracy of the scans we performed on ourselves and some of our closest friends and family. Each time, it seems that the device accurately identifies what each person needs to improve or address at the moment, in addition to long-time physical or mental issues. Can we share that one night we had a single sip (literately) of a glass of white wine, and after running the scan, the Healy suggested the Alcohol program! Wow. We felt caught!

After a few months of use now, we can confidently say that the accuracy of the scan has confirmed our intuition to have found something unique in the realm of wellness and frequency therapy.

Does Healy work remotely?

Yes! The Healy Resonance app can be used remotely since, in quantum mechanics, the distance from a and b is secondary – it does not matter. On the level of quantum entanglement, between points, a and b can be of no distance or no considerable distance. There is no distinction between them. Once you have entered the person’s information and have received their agreement for a session, you can perform a run program for them.

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Is Healy safe?

The Healy World company has patented both the app and the system protocols. All microcurrent frequencies are set to an exact amperage, which is safe and low energy. The company followed the same principle of frequencies as those available in the larger TimeWaver machines, the 13 years old parent company also founded by Marcus Schmieke and used by TimeWaver therapists around the world.

Is Healy FDA approved?

The Healy(TM) has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) as a bioenergetic resonance device to relieve pain, stress, along with balancing your mind and body through the use of individualized frequencies.

Is there a counter indication of Healy’s use?

When purchasing a Healy, you are provided with an in-depth manual explaining the various programs and their benefits. In addition, It is noted that the Healy devices are not to be used on pregnant women if you have epilepsy, or near some parts of your body such as the mouth, front of neck, chest, and upper back.

How many Healy programs can I run in a day?

You can think of the Healy as a holistic device mainly used to balance the bioenergetic field in the body, which accelerates your capacity to self-heal. The recommendation from Healy World is to run approximately 2-3 programs a day. They also have a First Steps guide to understand programs and frequency of use better. Healy World’s intention with the Healy is to harmonize organs, mental health state, emotional and soul health, and the security and enhancement of cells.

Healy provides you tailored insights into chakra learning, meridians, alleviated pain, assisted and sponsored purification, and a cleansed body, mind, and soul. You can see the Healy as a complementary health method for implementing the body’s bioenergy field and enabling the capacity to self-heal and was not developed for any diseases in particular.

Not just on humans!

orange stopped cat laying on blue couch with Healy device Plastic blue and white box

Frequency healing has proved beneficial not only to humans but also to animals, plants, organizations, buildings, etc. Since everything in our world resonates on a specific frequency, with your Healy Resonance, you can run a scan on particular areas of your life (see below) and apply the appropriate frequencies needed for a more balanced life.

screenshot of iPhone view of Healy Application with pulldown menu

Healy, more than a device, an empowered community and a conscious business opportunity

Various worldwide communities are connected around the Healy devices and their health benefits in many different languages. The Private Facebook group HEALY FREQUENCY EXPERIENCE with over 60K members posts continuous testimonials of personal experiences and results using the Healy devices and many frequency-specific microcurrent reviews.

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The Quantum device HEALY, from our perspective, is not only a forward-thinking machine for personal health and spiritual development but also a potentially profitable business opportunity for entrepreneurial spirits. It combines self-help practices, community support, and residual financial income systems with a product that can make a real difference in the world.

As most holistic practitioners, yoga teachers, or coaches, we thrive on helping other people become healthier and stay empowered. When we took a more in-depth look at the Healy group HEALY WORLD, the company behind the Healy device, we discovered that it offers outstanding growth capabilities with generous financial incentives as part of its business model. Whether it is through learning quantum coaching, practicing remote healing, or sharing the Healy with your social network and clients, this company guides you. It supports you in combining health with wealth in a community-based environment.

>>>>> You can join the high-frequency tribe and Become a Distributor here. <<<<<<

How does being a Healy World member work?

Thousands of entrepreneurs like us in coaching, personal development, energy work, and holistic medicine have already joined this company in the past two years and continue to share Healy as a self-help tool in their practice. There are 7 different ways to generate income as an affiliate of the Healy World. We could question that Schmieke has no particular MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) history before founding Healy World; however, we can agree that the company has considerably grown in its first year with over 100,000 units already sold.

Healy world runs on two levels. This system assigns an affiliate on top of uni-level or binary teams with personally recruited affiliates placed directly below them. This system continuously occurs down on a high number of levels and a twelve-layer ranking system.

This system assigns an affiliate with an individually recruited affiliate put directly under them on top of a uni-level or binary squad, and this on an infinite number of levels and on a twelve-layer ranking system.

As an affiliate, when you share the Healy with your community, you move up the ranks and generate a specific amount of investments (downline). Being an affiliate of Healy World makes you eligible for bonuses, matching bonuses, retail commissions, leadership bonuses, and residual commissions. Like any networking sharing community, your rewards match your motivation and inspiration to share what you love.

How much does the Healy device cost?

There are 4 different Healy frequency healing machines. Once you have purchased a device, you can add any programs you would like (choose from over 120) ranging from Chakra healing, bioenergetic, skin, local pain, migraine, etc.

The Healy Gold is the first package and starts at approximately 500 USD (depending on which country you are purchasing it from). It contains all of the Gold Cycle programs and one additional program of your choice. The second one is the Healy Holistic Health, which includes the Gold Program plus 6 additional programs. Next is the Healy Holistic Health Plus, with 12 additional programs. Finally, the Healy Resonance, which includes all the 120 programs and the possibility to access scanning, and evaluation of your aura and chakras, is the complete package.

Until June 30th, 2021, Healy World offers the possibility to purchase the Healy Resonance with no subscription needed. After June, each program will need to be purchase individually. Also, upgrades to the current Healy version will no longer be available after changing to the new business model in early Summer 2021. It might be the time in the upcoming weeks to purchase or upgrade your Healy version to a Healy Resonance before that date.

There is currently a worldwide promotion on the Healy here before the end of June 30th at midnight.

When purchasing a HEALY RESONANCE (2,500 USD), you are billed the one under (Healy Holistic Health Plus -1,570 USD), when purchasing the HEALY HOLISTIC HEALTH PLUS you are billed the Healy Holistic Health (942 USD), and the HEALY HOLISTIC HEALTH is now at the price of the HEALY GOLD (470USD) which is calculated at the end of your purchase at checking point. See below to find out more on each device (to get yours click here) or join the high-frequency tribe and Become a Distributor here.

The Healy Gold, Health Plus, and Health Programs
images of 3 medical frequency devices in yellowfins , green and blue colors - heal app reviews
The Healy Resonance

Join our YOGI TIMES HEALY team and community. We are working together to shift to a frequency of health and well-being and love to share how to become a World Member & Ambassador of the Healy. Any questions about purchasing a Healy device for yourself and your family’s personal usage contact or purchase your Healy here or Sign-up to be a member here.

Find out more information on the Healy and Healy World company here>>>

Disclaimer: Healy is the US – FDA [ Food & Drug ] cleared microcurrent health device designed to alleviate pain and muscle soreness, local relief from acute, chronic, and arthritis.  In addition, the Healy can be used for non-medical applications that harmonize the bioenergy field using Individual Microcurrent Frequencies (IMF). It is essential to use the Healy with  its manual. Healy World requires its members to only make statements contained within the company documents intended for public disclosure, with the advice of its Medical Advisory Board. For any requests you have or queries, please contact the company.

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