how to clear bad energy from a room, house, and even yourself

energy clearing techniques from leading mind-body therapist Amy B. Scher

Have you ever walked into a room and felt as if something wasn’t quite right? Have you ever felt uneasy in a space or even in yourself?

We tend to offload most of our emotional baggage within the four walls of home, so it’s no surprise this is where most energy clearing is needed.

“Any time we experience a strong emotion, it can affect our environment,” according to Amy B. Scher, bestselling author, energy therapist and leading voice in mind-body healing.

“Receiving shocking news, an argument, feeling scared or big emotional events are experiences that can linger,” she says. “

The energy of our homes often reflect our own inner emotional state.

So whatever events you haven’t let go of, it’s likely your home is hanging on to them too.”

Emerging science helps us understand that our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and relationship with stress greatly determines our wellbeing.

Thousands of people have already used Amy’s free energy clearing techniques to improve their health and happiness with profound results.

Energy clearing in your home or work environment can inject a fresh burst of life into your surroundings, and even yourself.

We love these top tips from Amy B. Scher for clearing negative energy in your life.

How to Clear Energy, Tip# 1: Boost Plant Power

We can learn a lot from plants. They filter out negative energy just by being themselves! Any room will benefit from the presence of at least one plant.

You’ll get a better night’s sleep right beside a plant on your nightstand. Go even greener and fling open your windows to allow fresh air and the naturally cleansing sunlight to flood in.

Energy clearing tip 2: personalize the vibe

When it feels like your environment is overpowered by someone else’s negative energy, simply move around and claim it back.

Repeat this affirmation “I reclaim this space and invite only a positive atmosphere from now on.

I rejoice in changing this energy.” Use positive energy and vibrations to clear any lingering negativity from the room.

How to Clear a Room, Energy Clearing tip# 3: Bathe in Salt

Salt amazingly and naturally absorbs negative energy. Clear the energy of a space by sprinkling salt crystals on the floor and vacuuming up after about an hour.

Or place bowls of salt in different corners of a room for a few hours.

Soak in the grounding and clearing effects of salt yourself, take a bath dissolved with 2 cups of sea salt.

How to Clear a Room Tip #4: Spray it Away

Spraying the area with pure essential oils will assist in clearing negativity .

You can buy a ready-made spray or make your own. Amy’s recommended cleansing oils are rose, frankincense, lavender and patchouli.

Spray the sweet scent on yourself for a personal energy cleanse and boost.

Energy clearing tip 5: tune into a higher vibration

Not only does music boost our own moods, but high frequency tunes also work to shift heavy energy out of a room.

Choose any music that resonates with you and spread it throughout your space. Feel free to dance too!

How to Clear a Room, Tip #6: Get Crystal Clear

Black tourmaline is Amy’s number one crystal for cleansing.

To clear any unwanted energy she places these around her home to keep the energy free and clear.

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The best thing is, you don’t need to worry about cleansing this crystal.

It’s helpful to carry one around if you find yourself absorbing the energy of those around you. Amy suggests popping one in your purse or pocket when travelling.

Looking for more energy clearing ideas?

Energy clearing in our spaces is just one piece of the puzzle.

You create the world you live in, therefore the ultimate power of energy healing starts by clearing your own energetic and emotional systems. You can learn 3 simple ways to transform your energy by watching Amy’s 3-part video series here

Watch Amy’s free energy clearing videos here and learn 3 techniques for lasting physical and emotional wellness