look at art. it is your universe

The prevailing problem for each person is separation and nothing else. At the deepest level there is really no boundary between our selves and everything else in the world. Everyone’s consciousness draws from the same underlying reality.

Spirituality Universe Separation Consciousness Deepak Chopra

When you touch an object, it feels solid, as though there was a distinct boundary between it and you. In the reality of the quantum domain, however, there is no solidity. Is there solidity when two clouds meet?

No. They meld and separate. Something similar happens when you touch another object. Your energy fields (and electron clouds) meet, small portions meld and then you separate. Although you perceive yourself to be separate, in this way you can see how connected and similar we are to everything else in the physical world. 

We are all constantly sharing portions of our energy fields, so all of us at the quantum level, at the level of our minds and our “selves,” are correlated with one another.

Just as the individual wave belongs to the ocean, we are all extensions of the universal energy field with different points of view.

The reality is that you are a beacon of consciousness. Whatever mistakes you have made in the past are temporary. Your true identity has remained untouched.

One way we experience the world through the eyes of another is art. This is the universe telling its story, our world reminding us of our truth.

Try considering a piece of art as a reflection of yourself – as you begin to see the one as many, you’ll see yourself smiling at yourself wherever you go.

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