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santa’s life behind the scene

Dear Santa emanates the delicacy and the innocence of the human heart’s power of compassion. This film captures the heartwarming nobility of Operation Santa, a 100-year-old program Of the United States Postal Service.

This phenomenon collects hundreds of thousands of letters written to Santa from around the country. Through operation Santa, the United States postal office makes it possible for the public to safely adopt these letters and make people’s hope and dreams come true.

The film travels through different Metropolitan areas showcasing the set up of Operation Santa in New York and other small towns, where the post office is the center of the community.

You will witness strangers reading through letters and choosing the families, children, or adults they will honor with gifts of their wishes. The extent that some schools, individuals, and the postal service go through is a testament to humanity’s integrity.

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Operation Santa is definitely a reminder of the simplicity of actions required to make a difference in the world and reach out to others. We should never forget that the act of kindness is not only about the receiver gaining something, but it is also about the giver extending their hearts with compassion and experiencing the joy to put a smile in another person’s heart.

In some of these letters, people share the most profound and personal space. They really reach out and pour their hearts out, in hope and faith that someone might just hear them. And better yet, answer their letter.

It is beautiful to know that people still have faith in the spirit of Christmas and its true meaning, of uniting together.

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