4 healing and spiritual tools to boost your inner practice

Spiritual tools for everyday life

Sometimes spirituality tools and practice can feel like a lot of planning and work to find the quiet time you need to connect and focus. Sometimes it is a bit challenging to fit into your day, and you fall off the ‘spiritual wagon’.

I asked myself, what if I could continue growing my practice, have it as part of my day, and have fun while doing so? Would I start up my practice again?

That thought inspired me, and I started adding fun and healing tools to my spiritual practice. I was looking for a method that was practical, sacred and allowed me to accomplish deeper self-care and wisdom.

Here, find some tools that you can incorporate into your schedule, so you do not have to carve time out of your day, but rather your spiritual practice can become a part of your lifestyle. You can do these first thing in the morning after you brush your teeth, or before you go bed.

Spiritual Tools – Make spiritual practices a part of your daily ritual

1. ‘Smudging’ can move you quickly out of your head and into your heart.

I use Sage for Smudging, and the smell takes you on a relaxing journey and calms your nerves.

Smudging is a tool that is often used in spiritual and healing work. It has been used across ancient and modern times to cleanse the auric field from negative imprints and blocked energy. It also helps you to break free from old habits that are no longer serving you.

In modern times you can use Smudging after a long days work, or you can use it first thing in the morning to get you grounded if you were out around a lot of people. We can pick up other peoples energy that does not belong to us and cause our moods to shift without really knowing why.

The Smudging:

You can treat this as a sacred time for yourself. Find a quiet place, light a candle, play some beautiful music, say a prayer, then burn your sage wand.

You can stand and start from the top of your head allowing the smoke to travel around your head, your neck, your throat, chest, arms, fingers, stomach, legs and feet. Try to get the back of yourself as best you can.

You can sit and close your eyes and feel the difference in your mood, and your energy.

2. Instead of a shower try a ritual bath at night.

A ritual bath is one of my favorite times. You can enjoy this experience in any weather. It involves bringing in fresh flowers, salts, herbs and your energy. You can create a ritual bath for whatever you need to call in for yourself, more self-care, more energy, more love, more relaxing, healing and the list goes on.

The bath ritual:

Fill a bath with warm to hot water, lower the lights, light some candles.

Grab a handful of Pink Rock Salt and think about what you want to release from your day, stress, tension, and take a deep inhale and then blow all that energy in the salts in your hand. Then throw the salt into the bath.

Next, have some fresh or dried flowers, grab a handful of petals and think about what you would like to call forward for yourself, perhaps peace of mind, quietness or abundance.

Inhale deeply and gather up all that energy, feel it in your body and blow the flowers over the bath and watch them hit the water and dance.

Before you enter the bath, say a prayer over the water for yourself or someone else and then step into the bath and emerge fully.

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Feel the water over your face, and your entire body. Soak for about 20 minutes while imaging all that you have asked for is coming forward.

3. We have to breathe all day, so you can do this while standing in line, waiting in the car, in your shower.

Breathing is one of the most powerful healing tools I have ever learnt. Knowing how to use the breath in different ways to change my energy, my mood and my whole vibration empowered me to be in control of my life.

It has been passed down from yoga teachers doing yoga training online to students and now into our everyday homes.

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Breath to help build clarity, concentration and confidence:

        1. Put your index fingers in both ears so you cannot hear the outside world. Close your eyes.

        2. Breathe in deeply through your nose.

        3. Exhale to the sound of hmmmmm, the sound of a bumblebee, until the breath runs out.

        4. Repeat three times.

        5. Remove your fingers and keep your eyes closed and bring your hands to your knees.

        6. Stay in silence and keep your eyes closed for another two minutes.

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4. Everything is made from energy.

When you learn how to work with your energy, you can start to shift the way you feel, remove negative blocks, and call in the energy your body needs to heal.

When working with my energy, I close my eyes so as not to see myself in the picture, but to feel it as if I were experiencing it right now. This was very powerful for me when I started working with energy this way.

Ready to try energy shifting? You can practice this when you go to bed.

Energy Practice:

        1. Lie down in a comfortable spot and cover your body.

        2. Put your right hand on the left hip and left the hand on the right shoulder. Take three long deep breathe in through the mouth and exhale through the nose.

        3. Put your right hand on your left hip and the left hand over your throat and take three long deep breathe in throw the mouth and exhale through the nose.

        4. Put your right hand on the right hip and the left hand on the left shoulder and breathe as above instructions. Then the right hand on your right hip and left hand over your throat.

        5. Bring both hands to your side and start breathing in and out through your nose faster than average for 2 minutes.

To Depart

I hope that you can incorporate these spiritual practices into your everyday life with ease and comfort.

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