exploring the 11:11 phenomenon

At exactly 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, thousands of people momentarily stop what they’re doing and stand silently for two minutes. That’s because it’s Armistice Day. This day commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty that signified the ending of the First World War. It was signed at 11am on 11/11 in the year 1918. Two minutes of silence is also observed on Remembrance Sunday which is commemorated on the Sunday nearest to the 11th November.

There is an amazing number story linked to the First World War and the number 11. It concerns a car. The First World War was triggered by the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand during his visit to Sarajevo in the year 1915.The number plate of the car that he was travelling in when he was murdered is A111118. The war ended on 11/11/18 so that the number plate was almost like a prediction: 11/11/18. And the letter ‘A’ could be ‘A’ for Armistice. This is a true and almost unbelievable story which fortunately can be proved as the car can still be seen in the museum of Military History in Vienna.

There is no denying the link between the peace treaty, the First World War and the number 11 because of the date and time of the signing. However, the number 11 is now making its presence felt in the 21st century through a strange and uncharted happening known as the 11:11 phenomenon.

People all over the world have noticed that the numbers 11, 111 and 11:11 are appearing in their everyday life in a way that is far beyond what one could dismiss as coincidental. Why is the 11 appearing? Is there another side to the language of numbers that we do not yet fully understand?

After 11 years of practical research it is my understanding that the 11:11 is a sign on the spiritual path that appears in the material world to show you the way out of the limitations of the third dimension.

Everything is connected. Synchronicity is a consequence of the fact that existence is One. When you are in tune with existence, when you are not lost in the mind, when you are not lost in the constant stream of thoughts and dreams created by the mind, synchronicities happen. Synchronicity is nothing special, it is how this Universe – which is Oneness – works. Most people are disconnected from the Divine Synchronicity because of the mind. When a human being becomes attuned to synchronicity, so called miracles (such as massive number ‘coincidences’) will happen. But they are miracles only according to the limited perception of the human mind.

Within duality nothing is 100 per cent light or 100 per cent dark. There is duality within the duality. The number 11 appears to those experiencing the 11:11 phenomenon as 11:11. It represents positive male/negative female – negative male/positive female. The further into duality humanity went, the further away from zero point we went.

You could compare it to having an eye test. When your vision is minus 8 then everything is a blur. As the lens power is increased, the world starts to come into focus. The nearer to 20:20 vision you get, the clearer the images. So if we’re deep into the illusion of ego then we can’t see clearly. At that stage we believe the third dimensional physical world to be the true reality.

Once we begin to see through the world of illusion and start working towards releasing the ego, the world of number can be seen more clearly. I’m talking literally here because the number signs start to appear in your everyday world; in the supermarket, at work, on the digital clock, the odometer of the car and so on.

Geometry and mathematics underlies the physical Universe. The Fibonacci series of numbers gives us a glimpse of this underlying order behind what we see in nature. This is the mathematical sequence of numbers behind the spiral and the Golden Mean.

The first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two therefore the Fibonacci sequence is: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 and so on.

When we take the lowest numbers in this series and reflect them against themselves (because we live in a Universe of duality) we see it as: 3 2 1 1 0 0 1 1 2 3.

The numbers at the centre of the reflected Fibonacci series are binary.110011. Binary numbers are the language that we use to program computers. The 110011 could be written as 11:11, the two dots of the colon representing the two zeros.

My theory is that when 11:11 starts appearing in our everyday life it indicates that our destination is in sight, namely the return to Oneness. It means we are being de-programmed from ego consciousness and returning to zero point, to that place we had existed in before acquiring the illusion of a separate ego-self and therefore separation from Oneness and all that is.

Once our hard drive has been wiped clean we can then be re-programmed with Divine Consciousness. This happens automatically and it manifests in this third dimensional world as an increase in the appearance of number signs, especially (but not limited to) the 222 and 333.

With this new programming we perceive the world as interconnected. Freed from the fears, needs wants, desires and limitations of ego we are then ready to surrender to our role on the planet and step up to play our part in the emergence of the new Earth.


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