feminine energy in motherhood

Motherhood is a journey that should be undertaken with joy, yet this is not the case for many modern day mothers. Many modern day mothers are struggling with feelings of burnout. It is time for mamas to leave burnout behind and radically redefine their experience of motherhood.

There is an easier and more vibrant way forward. The answer can be found by activating your divine feminine side. This was the case for me. By learning how to tune into my feminine energy or female energy,

I was able to transform my experience of motherhood maternity, and for the first time in my adult life, I felt truly alive. My life mission is to share this wisdom with other mothers so they can experience how good motherhood is meant to feel too.

the quickest way to redefine motherhood is to learn how to activate your feminine energy

The suppression of female energy causes mama burnout

During the first few months of my daughter’s life, my body and soul felt depleted, burnt out, and void of joy. Then one day, during a meditation, my intuition spoke to me and told me what I needed to do to feel better.

My intuition invited me to reconnect to my joy by connecting to my feminine side. This is where the journey of activating my divine feminine energy began for me.

The discovery of my feminine side injected me with a vibrant life force that helped me overcome burnout and brought me into wholeness.

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My experience with mom burnout provided me with an invitation to examine the role I was creating for myself as a mother.

What I discovered was that my mom burnout was being activated by my over-reliance of masculine energy and making it near impossible for me to live a fulfilling, passionate, compassionate and soulful life.

This led me to do lots of research and self-work on how to be more feminine and connect with my feminine side. I wanted to understand how to transform my feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion to ones of peace and empowerment for good.

Feminine Energy, what has that got to do with being a mother?

Let me tell you. Absolutely everything! Being in tune with your feminine side isn’t about wearing dresses, being a “good” mom, staying at home with the kids, liking pink, fixing your family’s perceived struggles or serving your family their dreams on a silver platter either.

Your feminine side is all about how you, the mama, experience and express your female energy within everyday life. And your ability to access your female energy is directly related to the amount of joy, pleasure, and presence you feel and experience within motherhood maternity and beyond.

You, me, and every mother have both masculine and feminine energy flowing through our mind and body.

However, the society we live in heavily rewards us for operating from the masculine, and as a result, us mamas are functioning from a place of imbalance.

This imbalance puts a lot of pressure on mamas to do more, work harder, live faster, be ultra independent, and let’s face it – be a bit competitive too!

Our masculine energy causes us to look outside of ourselves for approval, which almost always leads to self-judgment and feelings of unworthiness.

And, this way of being makes the journey into motherhood maternity difficult to navigate. 

Use feminine energy to find your mama groove

My motherhood maternity allowed me to meet the shadowed parts of myself. It became apparent to me that I was living out of alignment with my feminine side. I knew the disconnection from my female energy had to shift.

My over reliance on the masculine, dominant, doing-and-achieving parts of me where blocking my ability to be present, truly happy, and connect with my baby and husband.

It was time for me learn how to be more feminine and connect with my feminine side. I decided to raise my awareness and learn consciousness tools that would allow me to merge my feminine side and masculine side.

For the first time in my life, I was ready to do the work, unleash the female energy within, and find my mama groove. I was ready to let the healing power of feminine energy redefine my experience of motherhood maternity.

Joanna Hunt dressed in white in bali with her baby in armsFeminine energy motherhood maternity how to be more divine female side power

My journey into motherhood maternity called on me to heal and transform the shadowed and suppressed feminine parts of myself. 

The parts that are trusting, open, receptive, intuitive, creative, compassionate, nurturing, non-linear, and connected to my feelings, emotions, and healing powers. 

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Female energy created a quantum shift in my life

Activating my female energy created a quantum shift within my life during my motherhood maternity. My life drastically improved once I learned to unlock my feminine energy.

Within the space of 6-months, I went from burnout on motherhood maternity to blissfully balanced.

And with that renewed energy and surge of authentic expression, I went on to write a book, become a best-selling author, convert my family coaching business online and move to Bali with my husband and daughter.

Tapping into female energy allowed me to up-level my life in one short year in a way I hadn’t believed possible until it happened.

Now I am on a mission to share with mothers how I did it and support them in reclaiming their feminine energy too during motherhood maternity and beyond. 

How to be more feminine? 

1. Find a way to remove your limiting thinking and shift your current belief system

Do you believe you are deserving of a beautiful life? Do you think you are destined for joy and greatness? Feel into those questions for a moment. Place your hands on your womb, close your eyes, take a big breath, connect to your truth and answer. 

I work with many mothers to answer these questions with a ‘yes’. If you want to answer these questions with a ‘yes’ then it’s time to activate your feminine energy.

The first step is to allow all feelings to come to the surface. All of your feelings are providing your with important information.

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You have to honor the information your feelings are communicating to you to heal, shift, transform, and uplevel. Acknowledging what’s not feeling good within your life right now and acknowledging how you are keeping yourself stuck and self-sabotaging is the first step. 

It is precious to acknowledge that something in your life feels off. And, after you recognize and honor your feelings and recognize your limiting beliefs, you must deeply know that there is something you can do about it, change, feel better, and transcend into a soul-aligned way of being. 

A powerful way to let go is to increase your self-worth. As you start growing your self-worth, you will attract better experiences into your life. It’s a magic trick that works every time!

It’s time for you to start believing you are deserving of a wonderful life – a life in which things keep getting better – a life of joy, peace, and greatness! 

Increasing your self-worth will give you the boost needed to let go. You will be able to let go of what doesn’t serve you any longer, because you deeply know that goodness will pour into your life once you make space for it.

That’s the process – you let go of what’s not working, you create the space for something new, and then you let the goodness come pouring in. 

2. Connect to Your Dreams and Desires

Johanna hunt hands cross on chest motherhood maternity

Once you release old ways of being and thinking, you can make space for you to dream! Sometimes, this can feel scary: to give yourself permission to declare what your soul is wanting and what you truly desire.

So, let me ask you.

Who are you?
What is your wildest dream and deepest desire?
Do you make time for what truly lights you up?
What is the most beautiful life you can imagine for yourself and your family?

Your answer to these questions will lead you to your magic and alignment. If you are disconnected from the above answers then you are disconnected to your feminine side. It will be extremely challenging (if not impossible) for you to experience fulfilment and happiness. 

The good news is that you cannot quickly answer these questions, and you can do something about it. It’s time to reconnect, to reconnect to your feminine side. Your female energy will open you up to your inner Knowing: your intuition, your feeling nature, your dreams and desires, and your truth.

Find a way to relight your female energy by rediscovering what you love. You most likely knew as a child.

Begin to allow yourself to explore, play, go on an adventure, dream, turn up the music—dance, sing, run, laugh, and shake what your mama gave you! Your body, heart, soul, and womb know what lights you up.

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Listen. Let your feminine nature speak to you and listen to Her messages.

What if you want to listen to the messages of your feminine nature but can’t hear them? Then, I request you examine your attachment to choosing comfort over fulfilment. 

Many mamas deny themselves the chance to dream because they are hyper-focused on meeting everyone else’s needs first – so hyper-focused on keeping everyone else comfortable and safe.

This comes from an unhealthy attachment to masculine energy and is a massive disservice to you and your family. Perhaps this resonates with you? 

Learning to rewire your brain to choose fulfillment over comfort will guide you to unlock this block because you are consciously permitting yourself to acknowledge your dreaming soul. 

So how do you begin to choose fulfilment over comfort? 

  • Stop compromising. 
  • Say no to sacrificing. 
  • Give yourself permission to receive. 
  • Don’t wait until your kids are older to do that thing you deeply desire. 
  • Break free from the limitations that come with playing it safe. 

If you cannot do this for yourself, let me come back to our original question: Are you willing to LIVE a fulfilling, passionate, soulful life of purpose for your children? 

If yes, then I need you to know that mamas are the ultimate creators.

You are the leading creator of your life. Your natural female energy is pure alchemy. And what is the most incredible possible life for you will result in the greatest possible life for your children. 

I promise you; it goes hand in hand. 

It’s time! It’s time for you to…

  • receive the life you desire,
  • own your gifts and start sharing them with yourself, your family, and the world, 
  • live in integrity with your Higher Self,
  • shine your light into the world,
  • find your mama groove.

3. Embody The Elements

blonde woman joanna hunt raising arms up in bali feminine energy

You are here to become the most balanced, happy, and connected mama, you know. It calls on you to embody and live your truth by openly sharing your dreams.

And you living in this way invites your partner and children to do the same. 

And a powerful way for you to choose fulfillment, hear your intuition, and claim what you desire is through embodiment. 

Embodying the 5 Elements is the heart of my coaching methodology outlined in my book, Find Your Mama Groove or my 1$ AudioBook and will allow you to tap into your feminine energy and UPLEVEL your life to a whole new dimension. It is the medicine you are craving to live a more authentic and more beautiful life.

Embodying the Elements allows you to flip the switch from robot to flower. It will give you the consciousness tools needed to stop numbing out and start accessing your entire range of emotions and express them easily. 

When you’re dis-embodied from the elements and disconnected to feminine energy you:

  • eat your emotions,
  • use external sensations (like sugar, food, wine, shopping, sex) to fill the numbness of your body,
  • break your boundaries, 
  • feel you’re not good enough,
  • don’t know how your body wants to move,
  • have trouble making decisions & knowing what you want,
  • neglect your own needs,
  • people please,
  • live from your head,
  • have difficulty being present with your partner and kids,
  • go through the motions and find it difficult to experience true pleasure, happiness, or joy. 

Embodying the elements is the medicine that transforms your heart from closed to wide open so that you can live a fulfilling, happy, and soul-aligned life.

It is the path from releasing masculine energetic blocks so that you can finally tap into and activate your feminine energy and power. 

In my experience, most mothers in the western world are using about 15%-20% of their available feminine energy and body wisdom.

It was the case for me and perhaps why I was drawn to embodiment. Indeed, I had emotions! I could tell you when I was hungry and overwhelmed, but I lived most of my life from my head. 

Life was an endless to-do list of problems to solve and destinations to get to. It just felt more comfortable, safer, and easier to be in my head rather than in my heart (where I feel everything) or in my hips (experiencing all the pain and possibilities of pleasure that live there). 

The language of our body is sensations. And we uncover a great deal of who we are by feeling them.

Take a moment to consider these questions:

1. Where am I holding tension in my body?
2. How do I feel when someone whispers to me, “you are beautiful?”
3. If I breathe into my heart, what does it want me to acknowledge?

How did you answer these questions, and what resources or process did you go through to answer them? An embodied woman would pause to feel her answer & come to know her truth through being sensitive to information and wisdom alive inside her at all times.

Like everything in life, transformation doesn’t happen at the snap of your fingers – it takes real work, but, the outcome is worth the effort. 

Mama, please know that there is something inside of yourself that is greater than any obstacle or imbalance. It is time to believe that there is something inside of yourself that is greater than your current circumstances. 

Trust your innate KNOWING. Tap into your FEMININE MAGIC. Let the healing power of divine feminine energy transform your life to wholeness!

Imagine with me: What if in 2-3 weeks from now you woke up and …

  • for the first time in a long time, you had a clear vision for what you wanted for your life.
  • felt a radical shift in your mindset and heart-set – the kind of shift that finally allows you to feel true peace in your life and with your loved ones.
  • finally, you started to believe that you matter, like really matter, and therefore you start taking responsibility for your life in a whole new way that feels freeing and liberating.
  • trusted yourself and the universe so deeply that you had a renewed sense of energy, intuition, desire, and passion for life.

Here is the thing … I want what you want. 

If you are committed to finding your proper balance and attracting your most extraordinary possibilities in, then I’m deeply committed to getting you there in the fastest and most straightforward way possible. 

And, the fastest and most simple way possible is to redefine Motherhood and embody the elements. 

So let me ask you…

Are you ready to activate your feminine energy?

  • Do you want to let go of fear, anxiety, and the need to control?
  • Do you wish motherhood could feel easier and more fun?
  • Are you ready to live a life that is better than anything you could have imagined?
  • Are you prepared to feel focused, energized, and genuinely happy?
  • Do you give yourself permission to acknowledge your dreams and declare them out loud?
  • Are you ready to come ALIVE – both for yourself and your kids? 

Then let me give you a free digital copy of my best-selling book, Find Your Mama Groove or my audio Book for 1$ here. It will be like having me right in your pocket as your very own life coach.

It will give you my instruction and guidance for motherhood maternity and beyond. I’ll share the predictably transformative methods I use to get mamas feeling feminine, aligned, and balanced. 

And know that I am here for you to reclaim your feminine energy, unlock your blocks, and support you in stepping into your magic. You are never alone. Together, in our feminine energy, we rise all the way up! 

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