what is “dark feminine energy”? overcoming our fear of the dark

There is plenty of talk these days about “The Divine Feminine” but most of it centers around the idea of light and love. But just as the Tao is both black and white, the Divine Feminine is both light and dark aspects. A dance of Luminescence and obscurity. In our opinion, too few people are exploring, let alone discussing the profound and mystical force that is Dark Feminine Energy.

This energy, pulsating with both creation and destruction, is the power of the Womb and the Tomb. Dark Feminine Energy is not merely a concept; it is a primal force within us all, secretive by nature, but eagerly awaiting embrace. It is the spark that fuels creativity, intuition, and wisdom, weaving a connection between our true selves and the cosmos.

It’s time for us as individuals and as a culture to journey into our shadows; to rediscover the Dance that will unite the very core of our being.

Are you ready to explore the Dark Feminine Energy’s transformative power and its delicate balance of creation and destruction?

What Dark Feminine Energy Is (and Isn’t)

dark feminine energy

What began as a single article quickly became a tome and so this introduction to Dark Feminine Energy will be the first of several articles, allowing you to explore as deeply as you wish.

Part 1: What is Dark Feminine Energy? Overcoming our Fear of the Dark

Part 2: Embracing Dark Feminine Energy: Owning Your Shadows for Greater Integrity

Part 3: Activating Dark Feminine Energy: Safely Engaging with the Power of the Dark Side

As we delve into this exploration, we invite you to accompany us through a rich tapestry of insights, reflections, and discoveries. Together, we will unravel misunderstandings, contrast the Dark with the Light Feminine Energy, and extend an invitation to engage with these primal forces.

Each section of this article offers a unique perspective, a dance between two voices, guiding you through the shadows and the light towards greater personal unity and power.

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The Dual Nature of Creation and Destruction 

Imagine the moment before Creation…

Step into the Void of Nothingness, before Everything was born…

That is the Dark Divine Feminine.

Now imagine the final moments, after this Universe dissipates all of its energy…

Step into the Stillness of Destruction…

That is the Dark Divine Feminine.

To access Dark Feminine Energy is to accept a delicate equilibrium between creation and annihilation, sculpting the very essence of who we are. It’s the energy that ignites new ideas and perspectives, yet also empowers us to release and metamorphose.

It’s a force that acknowledges the dual nature of existence, the eternal dance between radiance and shadow, steering our lives in a ceaseless flow.

Misunderstanding and Cultural Bias around the Dark Feminine Energy

The exploration of the Dark Feminine is often shrouded in misunderstanding and cultural bias. This profound force, abundant in wisdom and transformative might, is frequently misconstrued and feared.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that we don’t understand the Dark Feminine.

It is, after all… Obscure. Dark. Mysterious.

It embodies the inscrutable, the infinite, the ineffable.

It is the realm of our Sub- and Super-Consciousness… our most fantastical dreams and phantasmagoric fears.

Let’s assume that this Force is hard to identify and even harder to engage with in the light of day with our conscious minds in the world of Order and Logic.

But let’s try, anyway.

Together, we’ll peel back the layers of misconceptions and stereotypes that have obscured our perception and delve into the cultural interpretations that have molded our views. In later articles, we will identify where we have judged and cut ourselves off from our own Dark Sides and find our way towards re-integration from a place of curiosity and compassion.

Common Misconceptions and Stereotypes of the Dark Feminine Energy

The Dark Feminine, a wellspring of strength and empowerment, is often mischaracterized. Common misconceptions portray it as something menacing.

We want to be very careful about our use of language here.

In our everyday vernacular, the idea of “positive” and “negative” have a qualitative connotations – one is good, the other bad.

But consider a magnet.

Is the “positive” side of a magnet better than the “negative” side of a magnet? No! 

They are both necessary, and therefore, good.

When we are not careful in our language, it results in a lack of clarity in our thoughts. When we are not clear in our thoughts, we cut ourselves off from true understanding and the powerful potential available to us.

Our personal and cultural stereotypes obstruct our ability to fully connect with this potent force, curtailing our growth and spiritual connection.

Here are some of the common misconceptions and stereotypes that have clouded our perception of Dark Femininity:

Association with Evil or Malevolence:

Many perceive the Dark Feminine Woman or Dark Femininity as something inherently evil or malevolent. This misconception stems from cultural narratives that often associate darkness with negativity, fear, or something to be avoided. In Star Wars, the Dark Side of the Force stands for anger, hatred, and control. The villains almost always wear black.

Chaos and Lack of Control:

Another common stereotype is the belief that the Dark Feminine is chaotic and uncontrollable. Historically, the sole purpose of civilization has been to control this chaos: Man vs. Nature. The Egyptians literally pictured all of life as Maat (Order) fighting to suppress the natural Chaos of the world. But we now understand that chaos, while frightening, is necessary. The forest needs fire as much as it needs water. Our desire for control often results in the marginalization of what is truly Natural.

Sexualization and Objectification:

The Dark Feminine is sometimes sexualized or objectified, reducing it to a mere symbol of temptation or seduction. This stereotype overlooks the depth and complexity of the energy, ignoring its role in intuition, wisdom, and personal growth. We overlook the fact that sex is necessary for fertility; without this energy, we are barren.

Rejection in Favor of Light Feminine Energy:

Some may reject or fear the Dark Feminine in favor of the Light Feminine, seeing the former as negative and the latter as positive. This light and dark binary view neglects the interplay and balance between the two energies, limiting our understanding of the full spectrum of femininity and the divine.

Misalignment with Traditional Gender Roles:

The Dark Feminine Energy’s association with transformation, intuition, and inner strength may conflict with traditional gender roles and expectations. This can lead to a rejection or misunderstanding of the energy, especially in cultures that emphasize certain feminine attributes and ignore others.

Once we dismantle these myths, we can welcome the Dark Feminine Energy as a catalyst for creativity, wisdom, and metamorphosis. By recognizing and challenging these misconceptions, we can begin to embrace the Dark Feminine in its full complexity and beauty, allowing it to guide us on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual connection.

Cultural Interpretations and Bias Against Dark Feminine Energy 

dark feminine energy

Cultural interpretations of the Dark Feminine have frequently been prejudiced, casting it in an unfavorable light. This bias is not isolated but manifests in various ways across different cultures and societies.

Here’s a closer look at how this bias has shaped our understanding of Dark Feminine Energy:

Fear of the Unknown:

Many cultures have associated the Dark Feminine with the unknown, mysterious, or hidden aspects of existence. This apprehension of the unknown often leads to fear or rejection, overshadowing the energy’s authentic nature as a source of wisdom and transformation.

Religious and Mythological Interpretations of Dark Feminine Energy:

The Dark Feminine has been portrayed as destructive or malevolent in some religious and mythological contexts. These interpretations can create a distorted perception that emphasizes the destructive aspect while neglecting the creative and nurturing facets of the energy.

Gender Bias and Patriarchal Influence:

The bias against the Dark Feminine is sometimes rooted in patriarchal values that have historically marginalized or suppressed feminine qualities. This can lead to a skewed understanding that favors masculine energies and devalues or fears the feminine, especially the dark or powerful aspects.

Artistic Misrepresentation:

In art and literature, the Dark Feminine has often been depicted in ways that reinforce stereotypes and misconceptions. Whether portrayed as a wicked witch, a seductress, or a symbol of chaotic destruction, these representations can further entrench cultural bias.

Lack of Philosophical Exploration:

The philosophical dimensions of the Dark Feminine are often overlooked, reducing it to mere symbolism or aesthetic concepts. This lack of probing into the philosophical essence can prevent a deeper understanding of the energy’s role in existence and human experience.

Binary Opposition to Light Feminine Energy:

The cultural tendency to view the Dark Feminine in opposition to Light Feminine Energy, rather than as complementary forces, can further distort perception. This binary view fails to recognize the harmonious equilibrium between the two energies.

By probing the artistic and philosophical dimensions of the Dark Feminine, we can start to perceive it as a harmonious equilibrium, a mirror reflecting the very quintessence of existence. Recognizing and challenging these cultural biases allows us to embrace the full complexity of the Divine Feminine, opening the door to a more nuanced and empowering understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Invitation to Explore 

The inquiry into Dark Feminine Energy transcends mere intellectual curiosity; it’s a soul-stirring and metamorphic odyssey. It’s a beckoning to venture into the hidden realms, to embrace the entire spectrum of femininity, and to engage with the elemental forces that sculpt our being.

Encouragement to Engage with Dark Feminine Energy 

dark feminine energy

To embrace Dark Feminine Energy is an act of valor, a stride towards genuine authenticity and empowerment.

It’s a pathway that summons you to probe your inner universe, to commune with your authentic self, and to find equilibrium in the ballet of luminosity and obscurity. We urge you to take this leap, to engage with the hidden facets, and to unearth the sagacity, creativity, and fortitude that dwell within you.

Tools and Techniques for Exploration of Dark Feminine Energy

The expedition into the wholeness of feminine power through Divine Feminine Energy and specifically the Dark Feminine Energy is an intricate and gratifying journey, and we’ve compiled some tools and methodologies that may support you. These techniques are not merely practices but pathways to a deeper connection with the self and the universe.

Here’s a closer look at some of the tools and techniques that can facilitate this exploration:


Through various forms of meditation, you can quiet the mind and tune into the subtle energies within. Whether focusing on breath, visualization, or guided meditations related to feminine archetypes, meditation can be a powerful tool to connect with Dark Feminine Energy. Or, on occasion, to connect with Dark Masculine energy; bringing in the light and dark side of yourself.

During your next meditation, visualize yourself in a Void – and fall in love with the Darkness.

Reflective Writing and Journaling:

Writing can be a form of self-exploration, allowing you to articulate thoughts, feelings, and insights related to Dark Feminine Energy. Journaling prompts or reflective exercises can guide you in uncovering hidden aspects of yourself and embracing the transformative power of the Dark Feminine.

Consider the following Journal Prompt: “What would it mean if I said that I enjoyed the Darkness?” or “What is my own Dark Feminine Energy?” or “How can I bring to light the dark feminine traits that need to be recognized?”

Artistic Creation:

Engaging in artistic practices such as painting, sculpture, dance, or music can be a way to express and explore Dark Feminine Energy. These creative outlets provide a tangible means to connect with the primal forces within, giving form to the intangible.

Try getting a white sheet of paper and use dark, soft charcoal to sketch whatever you see in front of you. Allow yourself to really embrace the use of BLACK. Allow yourself to feel into the Dark Feminine Traits that want to come through your art.

Ceremonial Practices and Rituals:

Rituals, whether simple or elaborate, can create a sacred space for engaging with Dark Feminine Energy and forming or deepening a healthy relationship with the Dark Feminine. From lighting candles and setting intentions to more complex ceremonies involving symbols and archetypes, rituals can deepen your connection and understanding.

Investigate creating your own “sensory depravation tank” at home, filling your bathtub with warm water and saturating it with Epsom salts. Light a candle and turn out the lights. When you’re ready, submerge your ears under the water and if you’re brave, snuff out the candle. Enjoy the sensation of being fully supported in dark stillness.

Therapeutic Modalities:

Various therapeutic approaches, such as psychotherapy, art therapy, or bodywork, can support the exploration of Dark Feminine Energy inside. Working with a skilled practitioner can provide guidance and support in navigating the complexities of this journey.

Ask your coach or counselor if they specialize in “Shadow Work”, a form of support that guides you into identifying the parts of yourself, the “Shadow Self” that you have judged or rejected as shameful and reconcile yourself as whole.

Reading and Study:

Engaging with literature, philosophy, and scholarly works related to Dark Feminine Energy can provide intellectual insights and historical context. This study can complement experiential practices, enriching your understanding.

We highly recommend Debby Ford’s book “The Dark Side of the Lightchasers” as a starting point for your personal study.

Community and Group Work:

Connecting with others on a similar journey can provide support, encouragement, and shared wisdom. Participating in workshops, retreats, or community gatherings can foster a sense of belonging, encourage and deepen a healthy relationship, and collective exploration.

If you’re interested in going deeper, we offer quarterly retreats where we go deeper into our clients’ wounds, fears and shadows as a means of unlocking greater creativity, peace and fulfillment. And yes, we support the Dark Masculine as well.

We present these instruments as conduits to deepen your comprehension, to interact with the primal energies within, and to set forth on a voyage of self-revelation. Each tool offers a unique perspective and approach, and you may find that a combination of these techniques resonates with your personal journey.

Embracing these practices invites you to explore the equilibrium between illumination and shadow, to engage with the transformative might of the Dark Feminine side, and to embark on a path of self-discovery that is both profound and empowering.

Invitation to Begin Your Journey 

Your entire being – whole, complete, unlocked – awaits on the far side of this exploration.

The dance of light and shadow, the clasp of the hidden, your nexus with the primal feminine – all these treasures lie in wait.

We extend an invitation to commence this journey, to probe the Dark Feminine Energy, the Shadow Self, and to uncover the profound wisdom, transformation, and empowerment it bestows. Join us in this ballet, and let the exploration of Dark Feminine Energy cast light upon your path.