the practice bali

If you get excited on hearing about traditional yoga teachings and perfecting the tools to becoming the most magnificent version of yourself, roll your yoga mat to The Practice Bali. The Practice is an international school and training center for passionate and dedicated yogis and beginners alike. It is a place to bring the real yoga back to yoga, to its original meanings and traditional hatha yoga teachings. It’s a space to practice the art, science and philosophy of authentic yoga and the breath.

Where the rolling waves of Bali meet peaceful serenity and lush green countryside, The Practice Bali yoga studio is nestled quietly between rice fields and tinkling temple sounds by Canggu’s Batu Bolong beach. The yoga center is a stunningly beautiful design of sustainable bamboo construction, delivering a simple yet effective native touch; a casual concept that focuses on the light, colorful contrast between the garden, the interior, and the natural elements. As you walk into the yogashala it reveals an incredibly high rooftop space overhead whilst overlooking the rice paddies.

The Practice Bali was born as a result of love and passion for sharing the true meanings and experience of yoga, delivered by carefully handpicked instructors who regularly share their knowledge to practiced yogis and beginners alike. Octavio Salvado, Wanda, Micheal, Jyoti, Rob and Carl have dedicated themselves to sharing their values to bring authentic yoga teachings back, practicing them both on and off the mat and serving them to the community. They have created a space dedicated to the science of Yoga, conscious community living and true yoga practice.

The Practice offer teacher trainings, private classes, workshops, retreats and four daily drop-in classes (as well as a weekly free community where all levels are welcomed) and compelling event every Tuesday evening. All walks of life are welcomed to The Practice, many of which leave wearing simple yet effectively branded ‘Practice’ shirts from the in-house boutique store. If you like focusing on a slow, dynamic movement and pranayama technique in your own practice, you will enjoy Fire and Moon Hatha, taught by alternating teachers each morning, and also Yin classes.

In all classes you’ll have an opportunity to chant and learn something new whether about philosophy, mantras or mudras. The staff are warm and welcoming, and classes are uplifting, inspiring, filled with love and spirituality. There’s a general lighthearted, non-competitive vibe to the place that really adds to the true yogic experience. A full monthly schedule of classes and workshops can be found here.

It is certainly a place to experience in Canggu and to take yourself on a vital journey, whether it is for a single class, workshop, training or simply connecting with other like-minded people.

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