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desa seni

desa seni

Published: 14-04-2011 - Last Edited: 12-08-2021

desa seni

If there is a place outside yourself that can make you feel blissful, peaceful, serene, radiant and meditative, would you like to know where it is?

Now you may have heard that “It can’t ever be something outside yourself, that is causing true happiness and true joy of Being.” yet the beauty and wonder of this eco-friendly village resort does come very close to doing just that.

Desa Seni – The name means “art village,” and you could make a case that the village itself is the artwork here, offering its guests a little taste of Indonesian rural life — those rice fields that surround Desa Seni Yoga studio and retreat center aren’t just ornamental – those are real farmers hauling around bushels of grain. Desa Seni doesn’t just look like a traditional Balinese village, it is a sprawling assortment of original antique-style Indonesian houses, peaked roofs, stone walkways and all. 

Each guest house is given a name, and the attention to details given to decorating the space can only be described as meticulous. 

The gardens are enchanting, the energy of the entire place is simply breathtaking, and staff is incredibly friendly. Everyone is always smiling and pays a lot of attention to the “possible” needs each customer. So very professional. So very sweet. Beautiful on both the outside and inside, their graciousness is omnipresent. 

The Jewels of the Crown:

Fresh homegrown organic very yummy vegetarian food that is extremely delicious and the Trimurti Yoga Studio.

It’s truly blissful to step into this space to meditate and practice yoga in the open air to the sounds of Nature.

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And the best part: Desa Seni is open to all. Whether you are a resort guest or a day guest, Desa Seni eco-village welcomes everyone to chill out at their pool, get a massage, have lunch or dinner, or practice yoga.

How to Get There? Nestled in the middle of a rice field plantation in Canggu, Desa Seni is only a short stroll to the beach, 10 minutes to the bustling hub of Seminyak and 25 minutes from the airport.

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